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  1. Well I just wondered because I am not normally stressed around dogs either but my husband can walk Mya out even without a leash and she does fine but with me she is different so he watched one day and he told me I did look uncomfortable. I guess I do worry about her running off and getting hurt (more like a mom I guess than a dad).. So now he is walking with me in the evening together so I am more relaxed in doing that with her and it has helped. Maybe it is just like people, some are more serious than others, so dogs could be like that too. we got my daughter another Yorkie when her 15 year old one passed and he is completely different than our first dog. We attributed it to the first being female and the second male but maybe that was not it at all. The second one was around 4 other yorkies in the puppy phase and the first only around 1 but the first female was outgoing friendly and loving. This little male has always been so serious and fearful. We have taken him to parks, etc. He just will not socialize with other dogs. My daughter even got a new female puppy (half german shepherd and husky) now that she has her own house and he will not play with her but if another person or dog is threatening to her he thinks he will go up and protect her (totally funny watching a 10 pound dog protecting a 40 pound one LOL). so maybe your marley girl is just the serious one of the family. Good luck with all of them.
  2. Evidently you are a very strong person and can handle a lot of stress and I commend you on this. Maybe we should look at this from another point leaving the pup entirely out of it for now. I feel (and this is just my opinion) that our dogs tend to feel what we are feeling and react to it. Could it be that you are feeling stress when walking Marley Girl and therefore she is reacting to your stress about it? You may have a higher stress level than you even realize especially with two dogs and a child to deal with. I don't know anything about your life, maybe your jobs are easy and your child is wonderful and doing this seems so easy for you but I am thinking that there must be some level of stress there for her to be reacting too. Has your specialist you hired indicated anything to this yet? If we get frustrated or stressed then I think they also do the same. Now for the pup I have to agree with the above, I think that the stress and Marley's problems should be worked out first and then another pup could be brought into it. Mya is 6 months old now and I cannot imagine dealing with another pup right now. She has been wonderful and easy to train thus far but overnight she seems to have become a holy terror (think we are hitting the terrible twos YIKES)... She is into everything, biting our feet and running, pulling at socks, pants and running again, etc. shredding papers, books, and mail if it falls on the ground and she gets it first. Seems like everything naughty she can do she is trying and I am sure it is just testing us like every kid does. We also contemplated getting both she and her sister at the same time. We did a lot of soul searching and finally decided for all involved it would just be best to work with one pup first so we could give her our full attention. Since you have both dogs and are determined to deal with both, I give you my wholehearted best wishes for dealing with all the stress you are headed for and that it all turns out for the best for all involved. Good luck to you all.
  3. I can say it is probably good that they are so strict and ask that you fill out adoption forms and go through the process. I have heard about several here in Indiana that people adopted and then moved and actually left the poor animals behind by themselves. Thank goodness they were found and taken back into the system so they could be adopted out again but I cannot imagine how those poor babies felt. I cannot believe people could be so cruel to such sweet souls. There is nothing more loyal or loving than a dog I believe. Bless you again for giving a good home to one. We will be looking forward to pictures when you decide which is right for you.
  4. Sounds like going and being able to see many at the same place would be good but bless you for doing a rescue, there are so many dogs out there that need a home. It breaks my heart, I wish I could take them all but alas financially I cannot do that and give them all the proper care they would need. You will know the right one when you see it. We lost our beloved American Eskimo 3 1/2 years ago. I have been looking every since but my husband could not bring himself to get another yet until we saw Mya's picture. I had shown him many others that I liked but the moment we saw her picture we knew she had to be ours. We went to see her and knew she was the one to bring home. So let your heart lead you to the right one.
  5. Thank you, I will research that. I guess we have just been commercialized to believe dog food is the way to go for best nutrition but with so many being recalled and killing dogs or giving them horrible diseases I have been searching into other options. We do have a meat market in town and a farmer close by that sells meat so it may even be convenient.
  6. I don't know what you are looking for, but Eli is very pretty in utah. https://www.allpaws.com/adopt-a-dog/border-collie-mix/731827 I think you would have to just contact others outside of your area or check out their website. Some definitely say they will transport and there is an extra fee or you can come and pick them up. Others just do not do it, I think most in Illinois do not. My daughter's fiance wanted to get an australian shepherd there and we live in Indiana less than 3 hours from the place and they would not let him have it. He even told them he would drive the dog back every few months at first if they needed him to, his parents even live in Illinois and they still would not let him have it. That dog lost a very nice home unfortunately.
  7. sorry on that first one it is not right, I thought it was for Phoenix arizona, but it is south carolina!! why they would name their rescue place that is beyond me.
  8. Don't know if any of these are interesting?? http://www.prbcr.org/prbcrDogs/prbcrdogs.html I would so have to check out several of these if I were in Arizona. Brodie looks absolutely fun!!! http://www.adoptapet.com/dog-adoption/search/50/miles/85284?is_family_specific=0&family_name=Border+Collie&family_id=21
  9. so it is okay to feed them chicken bones? I had always heard that chicken bones splinter and should not be fed to dogs..when you are saying feed them raw, do you mean don't even boil the meat, just plain raw chicken and bone? My pup is only 6 months old, so how should they be before you start doing that?
  10. How long are the smooth coats hair? Hers was very short but now she has like two ridges by her neck and on her back, and it is where she is getting longer hair than before. It is like 2 to 3 inches in length there now I would guess at length. but still short elsewhere, Her tail does seem to be getting thicker, she is getting fraying or fringing on her hind quarters and around her ears.
  11. Do you have any Newfies around your area?. My niece has one and that face reminds of her dog definitely and he is huge, 200 pounds.
  12. Thank you I thought sure with the little puff ball we brought home, I would have a beautiful puffy dog, I didn't realize there were two different kinds and one was a short smooth coat, but we she is a wonderful dog (most of the time, she is starting to get into her michievious period I believe
  13. I rescued Mya at 9 weeks, she is now nearly 6 months. She may be a mix although we were told both parents surrendered were bcs. She was the runt of the litter and I don't know what is average at this age but she is 15-1/2 inches tall, 17-1/2 inches long and weighs right under 20 pounds. She definitely does the crouch and gaze and is smart as can be. Although at the moment she seems to be having a crazy hair period, almost like a ruffle around her neck and it looks like a hump on her back but it is actually hair. The hair on her back also seems to be turning a reddish brown color instead of the dark brown she has been up to now. Is this normal? The white on her tail is starting to get much longer and fuller underneath also.
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