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  1. Thanks guys for the information!! I will check into them. I never had insurance on our American Eskimo but he was not going to get hurt unless you tripped over him and fell on him LOL.. He was the laziest dog I had ever seen, like a big white shaggy carpet on the floor, even as a puppy. Mya is definitely not going to be like that.
  2. I just did not know if anyone had any dealings with any of them, like if one refused to pay or something.
  3. I will try to look into that. I just know that Mya does not walk anywhere, it is running at full speed it seems and jumping like crazy. I have read that these dogs can get a lot of joint and muscle injuries from their love of running and jumping. I thought about the separate savings account too, but I did find one that will pay for the flea medicine, yearly exams, and vaccinations also. It is like 38 a month but her flea medicine is like 20-25 a month (has the heartworm medicine in there also), so really it is only like paying 13 a month and it could take a while of savings at 13 a month to pay for even one necessary surgery if needed. Wished i had checked into it before now, it would have paid for all her puppy vaccinations and spaying that I already paid for.
  4. Any recommendations or which pet insurance may be a good one or any that you may have had issues with? I think you need to be a lawyer to read some of these things. Geesh!!
  5. Yes she has so far but we also have a 45 minute trip there and back too. We have to go through the obedience before getting into agility later on, she's too young right now from what I understand. It is 6 weeks for now, 1 hour every week. I was a bit nervous not knowing how she would react to the dogs but she was wonderful. She did not bark in class at all and for the most part did well. The lab and her got distracted now and again wanting to play but for the most part she did very well.
  6. Yes it is for now, but I did find another one I am going to check into for after this. They have been training for 25 years and do agility and all of it. They even train for the competitions and a lot of their dogs have won awards. We are not considering competing right now, but feel agility would be good for her down the road. She is only 7 months right now. Oh I think the socialization since we live in the country is good even if we did not learn anything but I am sure we will along the way.
  7. I just meant the basics well enough. Makes me wonder a bit with her having to keep referring to a book throughout the class. And I look at it as money not wasted anyways because I think the socialization is very good for her not only with dogs but with the people as well. We went last Saturday and walked around a pet store and she did not even want to walk in but last night she just walked right in so it has helped already
  8. Had our first session of training last night. Wow what a class, there is a german shepherd, husky, golden lab, boxer/pitbull mix, and then there is Mya LOL, the little peanut in the group. She made fast friends with the lab right away. (I need to keep her from staring at the german shepherd, he is a barker and he did not take kindly to Mya looking at him). We were going over the clicker training and the trainer was teaching each on how to do sit with the clicker. Every time she would tell the other dog to sit, Mya would sit, I think she has that one. I am not so sure about the trainer though, she says she has been doing it for years but kept referring to a book??. I was cautious about how she might react to other dogs as she is the only dog here but she seemed to want to play with all of them and was very friendly. Even went up to the assistant trainer too. She did very well riding the 45 minutes over there, just sitting on her pillow and smelling the air, no barking, no whining. I hope all the sessions go this well and the trainer is actually good and teaches us all we need to know. Below is what she looked like when we got home and after she had her dinner LOL!! One tired puppy.
  9. welcome and thanks for giving Harvey a home. Happy running together..
  10. sorry typo above 16 inches I believe she is.
  11. Luna is beautiful, how big is she now? Mya is only 17 inches tall and 21 pounds. I have been asked if she is a mini bc also. She is almost 7 months. I was hoping she would get a bit taller too.
  12. I would not rule out rescue either, we got our bc mix pup at 9 weeks and love her to death. But here is a breeder in Hemlock, Michigan who has pups now and due the end of April it seems. [Link deleted by moderator] and here are some more [Link deleted by moderator] Edit: I very rarely edit a member's post, but while I'm grateful for Mom of Mya's kind intentions, it's not a good idea to recommend specific breeders or lists of breeders without first-hand knowledge about them. --Eileen
  13. I hate to say it but he probably was not concerned over the elevated BUN and creatinine because being on the prednisone can cause this. We had a Yorkie with an auto immune disease, Found it when she was 6 months old. Hers started attacking her ears and turned them a blackish color on the inside. They wanted us to keep her on the prednisone indefinitely too but I refused to do it as it can damage the kidneys to be on it indefinitely (this was 20 years ago before there were natural cures like now, all kinds of natural remedies out there, just search the web). They also wanted me to bring her in biweekly for expensive blood tests so they could document the disease and send it off to a special laboratory but they wanted me to foot the 500 bill every 2 weeks, which I could not afford. We kept her on the prednisone for a bit but she was doing worse on the medicine than before, drinking all the time, peeing all the time, having accidents, being lethargic, so we just stopped it. We decided her time would be how it would be and we were not going to dope her up, her life was miserable on the meds. The vet told us she could live 2 weeks or 20 years, no one knew much about it back then. It was fairly new evidently being found in dogs. She had a few times when she got pretty sick but we did the antibiotics and a special food for a bit and she recovered. Cuddles was 15-1/2 when she passed 4 years ago and many people including the last vet's office thought she was still a pup from the way she acted. She passed from mammary gland cancer, that we were informed we could or should not have operated on at her 13 years of age because of the auto immune disease.
  14. First I have to say I have gotten some awesome advice on this board. Even though we feel Mya is a mix of bc and something else, everyone has been very kind and helpful, and their advice has helped me immensely, because she does not respond like any other breed we have ever had. It is hard with just reading words sometimes to know where a person is coming from or exactly what the situation is. I do feel that maybe Jin is feeling your frustration even if you don't realize it and is probably reacting upon that to release his frustration, thus the shredding. If it is not a medical condition, I agree maybe a trainer with some classes could help you bond more with your pup and give you some insight as to what they see is going on between the two of you and ways to correct it and it might only take just a few classes. Mya is 7 months old and does not respond well at all to any kind of using the word "No" or dominance over her. She has in fact when my husband used it before (because that does work with other breeds of dogs we have had) waited until he turned his back, went and got his new hunting magazine he just got off of his chair and had a hey day so to speak shredding it to all kinds of pieces all over the floor. I got some good advice about getting a deer antler and letting her chew on that which has worked wonders with the chewing and shredding. She has had one now for about a month to 6 weeks and barely made a dent in it. And instead of using the no or showing dominance, we now just use a hmmppff sound like we are disgusted and turn away from her for a minute or two. Then we try to let her do something again and she is much more likely to try to please us by doing it and when she does we praise her a great deal and give her treats. She is much more willing to try to do what we want that way rather than scolding or trying something else. Mya also likes her walks but she loves brain games. We have treat balls we hide and she has to find them. She really does not like fetch at all but she loves if you get a toy and play keep away from her with it and then we let her have and we chase her a bit. I do feel just from what I have read that there is probably some kind of feeling going on between the pup and you that is not good and needs to be somehow resolved. But like I said I am new bc owner myself and learning the ropes too. I hope possibly any of this may have helped.
  15. I don't remember who told me about it, but a deer antler to chew. Mya has had one now for about a month and a half and has barely made a dent on it but she chews it a lot and saves her chewing on other stuff. Also we got a gate for doors when we wanted her to have run of a room but not the whole house at first. like in my office when I am working so I don't have to close the door. It looks like a baby gate but actually has a door the human can walk through and also a smaller door that the dog can walk through too. As she got older I moved it to the end of the hallway so now she could explore a bit in 3 rooms and the hallway but I knew where she was and all rooms had floors easy to clean. I went to a outlet store like Big Lots and bought a soft baby blanket to bring her home, kind of like a security blanket that is all hers. We take it when she rides in the car or truck when she goes with us to have to sit on now. Also a plush stuffed animal for her to sleep with the first few nights I thought but she still a lot will go get it and bring it to bed with her. Suppose to simulate their siblings or mama being there with them to snuggle up too.
  16. Glad the walk helped your husband. Dogs make our lives so much more fulfilling and I think a kiss from a dog and a hug can make a world of difference in our attitudes. I agree that this site is extremely helpful. We have a bc/mix rescue that has been a dream some days and total exasperation some days LOL...We have had many dogs before but I can say a BC is definitely different than any other dog we have had. They do not react to the sound NO like other dogs. I have learned a lot and still learning every day.
  17. Also I have a dog groomer friend right now who has 2 cats and 2 dogs and they all sleep and play in the same room together. She just sent me a picture the other day of the cat sleeping with her dog in its' bed.
  18. I actually had a cat and dog growing up that slept in the same bed together. They were extremely bonded to each other. After the cat had kittens, the dog carried them around just like the mother but more than the mother did. Then the cat, dog, and kittens all slept in the same bed until I gave the kittens away to neighbors (we lived out in the country). Then the silly dog would go to the neighbor's houses and carry the kittens back home again!! It was comical to me, my dad not so amused..
  19. With our first yorkie for our daugther there was no choice she wanted a female and there was only one. With her second, she wanted a male and we went to check them out. One ran up to her immediately and cuddled up to her so Dash came home with us. With our American Eskimo, the breeder said it was an unusual batch of pups as they all wanted to be aggressive and have male dominance. Bliz had been bitten on the head and had a scar and no one else would take him but it didn't bother me, he was just going to be a family dog and he came home with us. All of the above have been excellent dogs. With our last, I have to admit I had never gone on looks alone before, but like Gary and Karen, Mya is a rescue pup. I saw her picture and fell in love immediately, even knew what I wanted to name her. When I went I did look at her sister too though but Mya was the runt of the litter, half the size of all of her siblings and the rescue people said not many people want the runts. Between the two Mya came right up to me and crawled into my lap while her sister was busy running about ignoring us. My dad used to raise pointers and I remembered he always said he kept the runt because if they had the strength to fight and survive they would be excellent dogs. So far Mya has been a truly wonderful girl. So two of our dogs were actually picked because the dogs pretty much picked us.
  20. My sister's dog developed an allergy to flea bites, so even if she didn't see them if one bit her when she was outside pottying she was scratch all her hair off. She had to give her desensitization shots. I also had a friend whose dog developed an allergy to grass of all things.
  21. I agree with above, I am so glad you got her back, it does not sound like she would have been treated well at all. It would be nice if we could live in a world where everyone was trustworthy and just told the truth, unfortunately they don't.
  22. Mya has an evening walk and play and then usually crashes at least around 7:30 to 8:00. She naps until we get ready for bed. Whichever one goes to bed first which is usually my husband she goes off with them and is let out for her potty break before bed. Then she usually is good at sleeping until one of us gets up, again whichever is first. If my husband has an early morning, she goes out to potty and once he leaves she comes back to bed with me until I get up.
  23. We bought beef ones with a bit of meat and Mya loves them
  24. If they have kennels usually blankets or new sheets are always appreciated
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