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  1. When will it ever stop. :wacko:

    I don't know, it is so sad and it seems here in Indiana they have confiscated so many this past year it is staggering, even from the Amish which really surprised me that they would treat their animals so poorly, could not even tell what those were.


    I saw a few of these pups and they were so cute, one was black and white and just as cute as could be, looked just like a full blooded bc.

  2. Isn't it amazing how dogs seem to know instinctively what we need from them and give it freely?? Congratulations to both of your for coming through your hard time. Golan is very handsome and looks well loved. He may not have gotten the exercise you think he deserved but he seems to know he got the love.

  3. Mya is 8 months old and does not bark to go out. She will go stand at the door but if we don't notice her she will come back to where we are and give us that stare to will us to know she needs something LOL...but it works. Usually if she is out of the room for a period of time I check on her to see if she is standing at the door and I usually will just periodically ask her if she needs to go potty to prevent accidents.

  4. Mya has been on the bed since the first week we had her at 9 weeks. She has done wonderfully with no accidents. Slept all night until i or my husband got up in the morning. If she needs to go out for any reason she goes to the door and barks, which is rare but occasionally when she has not felt well. We do not have the door shut so she is free to roam if she wants (she is almost 8 months now and I trust her completely) but I don't think she ever has. She generally stays curled up beside me except occasionally when she lies across my legs and then I have to move her, feels like I am pinned down and I don't like that feeling. If she has to go out before we wake up we get kisses and once I let her out if I go back to bed she usually goes with me but expects to play heartily once we get up LOL.

  5. Bless her soul and yours. I am so glad she is out of that cruel situation and loved by your. You both are very fortunate to have found each other. And I hope as you said these people turn their neighbors in if they start beating on the puppy. Too many people stay quiet and say nothing.

  6. From everything I have read weight varies on average from 25 to 45 pounds and height can vary like 17 to 22 inches or so. There does seem to be a big gap in what they can be.


    By the way your dog is gorgeous. I think the colorings are remarkable. Mya is a mix and a smooth coat although when we brought her home she was a puff ball with a whife fuffy chest like your dog. She is probably like yours. Outside in the sun she has a reddish glow to her but inside or in the overcast sky she looks dark brown...

  7. Our American Eskimo certainly had a mind of his own. We had never had a dog we could not train but that dog knew what you were asking him but he rarely did it as a pup anyways. He would get out of anything and everything we tried. He loved to run. Enclosed fence did not keep him, he chewed through a steel cable. He knew how to open the door to the house. He watched my husband screw the metal thing in the ground to attach a chain to and as soon as he left, used his mouth and walked the opposite way to unscrew it out of the ground. We called him Houdini and if you called him back or tried to catch him the harder he would run the other way. He did not like to play like other puppies either. He would get his toys and circle them around him and then lie in the middle but he did not play fetch, tug of war, frisbee nothing. We would just have to wait on him to come back when he escaped.


    The only way my husband finally got him to stay somewhat close to him in the yard was by putting a log chain on him (yes one like you would pull a car) and attaching to himself and walk him around the yard. Eventually he just attached the chain and Blizzard drug it around the yard following my husband thinking he was still attached but was not.


    He was the best darn dog otherwise though. He never barked unless there was something you needed to know about. He was so quiet you would not even know he was in the house. When my husband would come home he would go sit in from of him and make bear like noises like he was talking to my husband, it was so sweet. Lost him at 15-1/2 going on 4 years ago and still miss him. He was a big teddy bear.

  8. We are keeping Mya on a 15 to 20 foot leash at all times right now. She is 7 months old. She knows to come like you said but the puppy in her takes over and she is off sometimes. Took off after a bird one day and ran out in the street with my husband in the yard. I saw her out the window and about had heart failure. So no more freedom from her until we know she will not take off or at least stop and return immediately upon command. We are working with the long leash. Gives her room to be away from us but a line to grab if she does try to take off and is not listening to her command to come back.

  9. I have had it done both ways. For the shots or blood work they have done it in the room with me. I held her for the shots but the tech said she needed to hold for the blood work in case she jerked with the needle and i was fine with that, I was still there petting her to calm her.


    However, when they had to drain the fluid off when she swell up after being fixed they did take her back to the back room and she was fine. Next time we went in for her flea medicine, she walked right in and even let the tech come around and pet her so it seems no harm was done being away from me.


    I can see both ways, if I had been very anxious and nervous watching them stick the needle in to drain off that fluid Mya would have fed off of that and I can see that it might have actually taken longer. They did it very quickly in the back and she was back to me in no time. Also they said she expressed her anal glands when they put the needle in and left a nice stinky mess so that part I am definitely glad I missed LOL!!

  10. Just so you know there is a company called MAJORDOG that makes them in like a rope with material over it and the squeaky is in the center. They make them in all sizes for small, medium, and large dogs. Amazon has them in packages of 3 toys, but the site itself for the company you can just get the frisbee.


    This is the site for Amazon http://www.amazon.com/MAJORDOG-Squeak-Toys-Doggie-Medium/dp/B00EDGZX1S/ref=sr_1_10?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1399652145&sr=1-10&keywords=


    Here is the majordog website http://www.majordog.de/en/home/?lang=1

  11. Sounds like a specialist probably needs to be involved. I know about the human aspect and how these things work. I have two herniated discs in my neck. There is a big difference in herniated and ruptured discs, also in where they are herniated at and could possibly be putting pressure on the nerve root or even the spinal canal itself, which I might be concerned with since he cannot walk at all you say. Usually if it is the nerve root it is painful but not to that degree unless it is severely compromising the nerve root, then complete loss or partial loss of use can happen. The problem is the longer the problem goes on the more comrpomised and damaged the nerves become and even after being repaired, you may or may not get the nerve feeling back. It is a very strange feeling not being able to feel you limbs. If it is ruptured or putting any pressure on the spinal canal itself, probably surgery may be the only option. X-rays can diagnose the herniation but an MRI is probably needed to see how it could be compressing on the canal or nerves.


    If it is just herniated it can be extremely painful from personal experience there. However, there is probably nothing you did or could have done to prevent it, sometimes (at least in humans) these things are hereditary so I would assume could be the same in animals. I have been conservatively treating mine for 7 years but I am on 2 medications a day and have to go periodically for shots in my back and neck (anesthetic shots to help ease the pain and help the muscles surrounding the discs to relax). I don't know if they do corticosteroid shots (which help ease the swelling) or not for dogs but do not let them do these in excess or too close together in time. Too many corticosteroid shots can soften the bones and make matters worse in the long but an initial shot may be helpful. I stay on arthritic medicine daily along with a muscle relaxer to help ease mine and there are still days when I cannot feel my hands, they are just numb.

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