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  1. PS your Mia is an absolutely adorable girl and it looks like she has fit right in with your lab already.
  2. Mya (9 months) is a BC or bc/mix we got from a shelter, also a smooth coat. She is our only dog at the moment and does absolutely fine at our home. She is wonderful. I play with her before work in the morning (I work from home), then she takes a nap and plays with her toys or chews on her deer antler, at lunch I play with her again and take a walk, then again she is good and naps or plays during the afternoon on her own. then in the evening when done my husband walks her or I do and we play ball or blow bubbles outside for her to chase. We also incorporate the training while playing ball and bubbles each day. She usually crashes around 7:30, gets up to potty before I go to bed and then she is out for the night. She is a wonderful pet and companion. We have had dogs before, our 15-1/2 year old American Eskimo we lost almost 4 years ago now and our yorkie who also was 15-1/2 almost 5 years ago now. These dogs are very smart and learn very quickly. I don't know how yours is but I have found Mya does not respond well to the sound no if she done something wrong. if doing something I don't want her to it is better to redirect her and show her what I do want rather than the sound but firm no like we did for our other dogs.
  3. I would say crated at home would be better depending on where you live. Here in Indiana they have had a phone number on the news regularly telling people who see kids or dogs in cars to call and give them the location and license plate, make and model of the car and then the police contact the owners. It is just too hot here to leave a dog in a car even for a few minutes. Also a lot of dogs have been stolen here in this state over the last year, between the hoarders and dogs going missing it is crazy. I would hate for you to come out and your dog be missing. Three hours on a college campus would give thieves ample time unless security is really good there. My son had 2 bikes, wheels off of his car, a stereo and all of his CDs stolen while parking at a college.
  4. Our dogs have always been our companions and family members. I do not think of my dog as a human because to me she is much better than humans in many ways. She never judges me, she is always happy to see me, and she gives love unconditionally no matter what mood you are in (and seems to know when you need it most). I think us humans could learn a lot from dogs. On the other hand, I do feel she is my responsibility until her life departs, not just during the cute puppy phase but during the digging the yard, chasing the baby bunnies, barking in the middle of the night and eventually getting old and sick phase, NOT to be dumped in a shelter phase just because they got old. All phases are a wonderful part of the dog's and my life. They are dogs, not humans, but somehow together we form a wonderful pack/family where each member seems to know their place and what is needed of them.
  5. That is an excellent idea too...thanks. We went through the obedience training where they used the clicker so even if I pick it up she comes and sits in front of me. I will have to sneak it into my pocket for walks and then try that. She does know also that if we do the clicker she will get treats. I have also done some training without the clicker too, some training exercises I just don't have enough hands for and she actually does well without it too if she is paying attention.
  6. Yeah she did awesome Friday and Saturday. She is even realizing commands as we walk which I treat her for. She is on a long leash and when she is getting to the end I can tell her slow down which she does. I don't want her in the road when we are near it walking so if she starts to wonder that way, I just no road and she moves back to the grass. When cars pass, I say stop, she stops and stands still and then we move on. I really like that one. I can now get her to sit and stay while I go across a 21 x 20 foot room inside. Outside not so long yet but we are working on it. Then my daughter came up with her dog that is half german shepherd and half husky who likes to play by biting which I try to minimize when I am in there with them as Dixie can put her whole mouth around Mya's neck which she does. So anyways yesterday and today we have been working on the training which she seems to find fun again but also had to go back to working on the no biting or nipping again also. It is a work in progress every day. Thank goodness she catches on quick once she realizes what we want.
  7. Just an update, it seems they are slowly getting adopted or fostered through a rescue group and getting the care they need. Here are a few pictures of the ones they are still advertising. I can hardly stand looking at them, i want to go get one so bad, if only my husband would agree ;( https://www.facebook.com/MistyEyes.org/photos/pcb.659200094148104/659199890814791/?type=1&theater I love that little Pepee. That face is so adorable. https://www.facebook.com/MistyEyes.org/photos/pcb.658017334266380/658016990933081/?type=1&theater The little black and white one or the white headed one with black on its back is just too adorable. I don't know being that white if it would need checked to see if it could be blind or deaf. These are not all the bcs or bc mixes that were taken in as a lot have gone to foster or rescues but there are several on there. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151879693825787.1073741825.257802110786&type=1 And it has been stated that if you wish to adopt them that they will need to go to foster first and be rehabbed, so thank goodness that will happen before being given to people who may not know how to handle how scared these animals are
  8. I was told the ear thing had to do with their teething, that they change all over the place, up down etc. while teething. Mya held hers up straight for 2 weeks but then she has let them halfway droop again and she is 8 months and I would think done teething so I guess that is how they are going to stay. I was hoping for the prick ears myself but she is cute no matter. She really has not changed much at all since about 6 months. Maybe grown another 1/2 inch and added a pound or so in the last 2 months but barely anything.
  9. Thanks to you all for all the great tips. I have changed it up a bit. We play before training and actually add play to the training. She loves chasing bubbles, so I get her to sit and stay, then say ready and blow the bubbles to let her chase them. After she has caught some, I give her the call back to me. She still doesn't answer her name every time because as you say she is distracted. She notices everything going on around her at all times, it is amazing to me, she even notices a moth that moves across the yard. But we are working on that more, especially inside the house and i am treating her for coming when I call her name and I also have put treats throughout the house where I can just grab them easily when she does come. Also I move them occasionally and don't leave them where she can get them because she sure learns fast where they are. I have to remind myself not to repeat commands. Interestingly, my husband made mention this weekend that I had taken to calling her baby girl a lot which I had not even noticed, i guess like a nick name. He said to say baby girl and i did and she perked up so i guess a part of this is my fault as I could have been confusing her. I am trying to pay more attention to calling her by name instead of her pet name I guess I had started calling her.
  10. I am assuming they decided against surgery, so are you just treating with rest and prednisone? What was the final diagnosis they gave you on it?
  11. She gets treats and told she is a good girl which she seems to love usually, and I try to limit the training to no more than 10 minutes at a time. After we are done we play with her choice of her toys. In her choice I mean I tell her to go get a toy and she picks one out and brings it to me and we play, whether it be frisbee, ball, one of her squeakies, her rope for tug of war, whichever. If we are outside she usually chooses between her ball, frisbee and bubbles. She loves to chase bubbles. But she will usually go to one and indicate to me which she wants to do. Am I doing wrong by giving her the choice?
  12. Thanks I will try to remember that, i guess i was relating it to when my kids were in the "terrible two phase or teenage phase" and thinking maybe she is going through the teenage phase for a dog or something? I don't know when they seem to do that. It has been way too long since we had a pup for me to remember.
  13. Mya did great during our first obedience classes but this past week she seems to be ignoring things whenever she wants to even her name when called? I know I don't want to keep repeating it over and over when she is ignoring it. Any ideas on the best way to get her attention when she is doing this? I have tried clapping to get her attention and also changing my voice tone and it does not seem to work. Also we learned rollover which she was doing quite well and then all of a sudden last night whenever I tried to get her to do that, sit anything she just tried to grab the treat without doing it. She is really being obstinate this week for some reason. I have also tried changing the training to a different time in the day thinking maybe she was just too tired to do it in the evening. I should add she is 8 months old if that helps or makes a difference.
  14. My vet told me it was okay to walk Mya after the first day. i kept her on a short leash and did not walk far but just around inside the yard to help her relieve some of the energy she had. She even had swelling because of an allergic reaction to the stitches used that we had to take her in and have drained and when I asked them he still said she was healing great and a walk on a short leash so she could not jump or run hard was fine. She has healed fine and is doing great. You can barely see her incision now.
  15. Not a problem, the dogs are being tended to thank goodness. It was just such a great number and I know the county that took them in is starting to get a very good number of people and organizations that help them regularly but they are still quite small themselves. I guess I did probably start it with my bad assumption and statement. I guess i would like to believe that people are good but we are seeing so much mistreatment in this state lately it is so disheartening. My daughter lives in a town where some juveniles have hurt more than 30 cats but no one will speak up who is doing it because they are juvenile!!! Juvenile delinquents that need to answer to the consequences of what they have done...
  16. Thank you so much, I am so glad to know that these dogs are being sent out to where they need to be.
  17. It baffles me too. I love my pets but would not want to take on more than I think I can financially handle to give them a proper life and I could not mistreat anything let alone something that gives love unconditionally like a dog. I believe they have 2 rescues involved now but I did talk to one lady over one of them and she said that a lot of the dogs would need a great deal of work probably to be totally rehabbed and ready to be adopted so I believe they were working on getting the proper fosters to do this.
  18. I am not sure i understand this post. I was not trying to bring religion into this, I was just trying to get it posted that there are a lot of dogs that need rehoming. The dogs are the important thing here to me.
  19. That is so awesome, so glad to read a wonderful story with a wonderful ending. Here in Indiana they just took in over 55 bc, aussies and mixes from hoarders. I hope they all end with just as wonderful of a story. Bridget is beautiful. Thanks to all who helped this wonderful dog have a wonderful life.
  20. My daughter bought one for her Yorkie who is scared of thunderstorms and it did nothing to help him. The melatonin helped more. But it could just have been my daughter is also scared of thunderstorms and he could have been feeding off of her emotions.
  21. We got Mya from a rescue but she was only 9 weeks, so I did not have this issue. I have not been in this situation and I am sure it will take time but I just wondered maybe watching you call Scout to you and Scout letting you hug him and give him treats, maybe that will help with the new little guy. If he has warmed up to Scout and he sees that Scout totally trusts you then hopefully it will help with the new guy to trust you too. And maybe after a few days in his new home and becoming accustomed to it maybe he will even start following Scout up to you too. He is so cute. It would be hard not to want to pick him up and hold him and tell him everything is going to be okay now. Mya was hesitant about coming to us though and I did get the good suggestion as above of getting down to her level, offering a treat and then actually backing up so she still had her space and letting her come to me. It worked wonders. She is 8 months now and still does not like people coming at her to pet her but if they ignore her she will go to them. She still likes to meet people on her own terms and not have them come right at her.
  22. Mya threw up a few times after we got her home too. We did not get meds the vet gave her a shot that was to last for 24 hours for pain so I assumed with the pain shot, anesthetic, and all that was why she got sick. I can tell you my vet told me to put ice in Mya's water and to let her have just a couple sips at a time, the ice seems to help nausea, don't know why . She was back to wanting to run and play the next morning and wanting to jump on everything. That was the hardest part to try to keep her calm. She did have an allergic reaction to the sutures they used though and started swelling. We had to take her back and have that drained off but she healed quickly after taking the sutures out. Like I said our hardest part was trying to keep her calm and not running everywhere and to keep her from licking. I asked about a cone but they said I would not need it, but i wish they had given me one. Mya was in heat when we took her in to be fixed and had started licking before going in. I thought she might be but was not sure, she was only 6 months old.
  23. I guess I just assumed that being Godly they would take care of God's creatures!! It was so sickening to see those dogs. I guess I am too kindhearted or something, I couldn't do that to my worst enemy more or less something that gives unconditional love and loyalty.
  24. I really do not know at this point. They just got them and are so over crowded and were trying to get organized. They are going to have a big adoption fair at the State Fairgrounds soon and were hoping if they could get them fostered maybe they could get them all adopted then. They know the puppies are going to go very quickly without doubt. If you go to the page I indicated above I believe you can contact them and ask though. I am on the other side of Indianapolis right now and cannot get over there today. I grew up in Hendricks County but now live east of the city of Indianapolis. This is the Humane Society who actually took them in info, the above is someone at a rescue helping them with it. I think you can message them or call them if you are interested in helping Thanks so much for offering. http://hendrickscountyhumanesociety.org/
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