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  1. I have seen Mya do this, it is gorgeous to watch. I have also seen her stalking something and moving so slowly I swear it looks like she is in a slow motion film LOL. She can also stand completely still forever it seems watching something and will not move a muscle while holding a paw up. It seems so amazing to me.

  2. Mya has all kinds of balls, frisbees, etc. but the thing that she loves the most is an old half deflated volleyball that was our daughter's that she found outside. She loves that ball to death but wants it half deflated. My husband tried inflating it and she did not like it at all then so he deflated it again and she is right back to playing with it like crazy.


    Also I don't know if you have tried them but Mya loves the blue buffalo chicken treats, they are grain free also. She won't have anything to do with the salmon or duck ones but she loves the chicken. They are so funny aren't they as to what interests them. She also loves whipped cream in the can. You get that can out and she will do almost anything for it.

  3. Yorkies are also very fast just like collies, Mya and dixie neither one can catch dash right now if he does not want them to. There are a lot of yorkies in agility classes here and do fantastic so if you are going to consider agility you might think of it for Pippa too. .

  4. Sounds like you are doing great and having fun. . I know people here in the US are ruining the yorkies a lot by treating them like babies. They were bred to be hunters and are made of good stuff. Just because they are small people tend to forget that and treat them like puppies. Pippa will stand her ground. . Our neighbors 8 pound yorkie flipped a German Shepherd over and had it by the throat because it growled at his people. . They are small but they are dogs and yes Pippa may cause some upset but she's telling the pup the pecking order and she was there first. . Lol.

  5. I would agree to go back to the vet. Was your dog in the water too and did not get sick? If not, I just wonder if maybe she could be eating something at your friend's house like a plant or something that could be toxic to dogs. There is some mulch that is out there that has caused many dogs here in the US to be sick. Just a thought.

  6. Did any of the above help you out? I am really surprised that your Pippa is not being more forceful. I don't think I have seen a yorkie that didn't stand their ground and she can make Mable yelp when she decides to. My daughter was up this weekend with her 2 dogs (male yorkie 8 pounds almost 5 years and female pup 11 months 60 pounds mix of german shepherd, husky and lab). When Mya and Dixie were getting too rough, Dash got down in between them and broke them both up!! He made them both back off in no uncertain terms. Probably not a good place for him to be in between those two girls but he didn't hesitate. When he has enough of Dixie pestering him, I have heard him mean business and bit her somewhere that made her yelp and back off and leave him alone. Mya keeps an eye on Dash at all times and does a down position when he comes at her for now.

  7. We have had 3 yorkies over 27 years all under 10 pounds. . For 15-1/2 years we had a yorkie 4-5 pounds and an American Eskimo 45 pounds. . It sounds like you are doing pretty good monitoring them. One thing I would do differently when the pup is playing too hard pick pippa up and ignore the pup totally. . It shouldn't take long before the pup realizes playing too hard loses her the play, playmate and your attention. . By picking the pup up and giving her attention you reinforce the bad behavior because she gets your attention. . Also by picking pippa up you reinforce to her that you are the pack leader and you will protect her. Now if pippa is the one who becomes aggressive or snippy reverse it and ignore her. .


    Also pippa was mature well before being a year old. Yorkies go through the puppy phase very quickly. So give pippa some time away from the pup and with you on her own. . Maybe when you put the pup in the crate for a nap. Or do you have a x pen or possibly a play pen or even a pet gate. Something where the pup could play but where pippa could still have her space too and not have to deal with the pup all the time if she gets tired of it and wants to get away from it. .

  8. My daughter's Yorkie has pancreatitis, has had several flares and actually the vet told us not to feed him anything but cooked chicken (I usually boiled it) and rice for a while afterwards to even keep off of dog food, was best to settle his pancreatitis down, so the chicken part should not be a problem I would not think as far as the pancreatitis goes. She still supplements his dog food with some boiled chicken every day and it does not make his pancreatitis flare up.


    Sure hope everything is okay and it passes soon.

  9. OUCH!!! Hope you heal quickly and that Max learns very quickly to how he is supposed to do it best for you. I have to say had I seen my husband do that I probably would have had to laugh first too, then checked to see if he was hurt badly or tried to whip out my camera phone to take the picture as I asked if he were alright :D

  10. Mya's hair has always seemed to be thinner there but not it is almost like she is bald there. The skin is not irritated and she does not have any sores or anything there. She has been shedding a lot and that is where her harness goes but it is a very soft plush harness and it is not extremely tight. What can I do about this or is there anything to do about it?


    Hopefully if you click on the picture below you can see the spot I am talking about behind her front leg. She has this same spot on both sides.


    Thanks for the advice.


  11. Hmm maybe an idea for someone as a business to start a drive through dog wash! I have a double rake that I will try. Never even thought about that but I have rakes from our American Eskimo. That's what I used on him. . If I did him at least twice a month he was good except spring time then I had to do him at least every other day of the week for about a month. I had forgotten that since it's been a few years. .Wish our area had a car wash like that gentle Lake that would be awesome. Hopefully she will be done soon. Hers is some loose and some in small clumps.


    I do know what you are talking about with those little hairs Gideons mom. We used to have a toy fox terrier probably 27 years ago now, beautiful with white body and black ears. We used to have white hairs everywhere then. .Everyone was scared to death of our little 10 pound Toby. . My dad said I should have called him ears.lol Mya's hair is different than that hers is much softer and not so coarse at least for now. At 9 months do they have their adult hair yet?

  12. This July my neighbor's golden retriever is shedding like nothing I've ever seen before. There are literally balls of his fur lying about the ground. It's almost unnerving... petting him and his coat falling off in my hand!

    Our American Eskimo we had did that but it was his undercoat when he got his summer coat. I literally could cover our yard in white with his undercoat and the birds loved it for their nests cause it was like cotton balls and so soft. My son showed him in 4h one year and he was shedding while walking around the ring in clumps even after being brushed.

  13. I've always heard blowing coat to refer primarily to females after a litter, when the loss is really dramatic.


    My dogs are shedding more than usual this year as well. I suspect they grew denser than normal undercoats in response to the extreme cold last winter.


    They sure must have. I guess I just assumed a smoother short haired dog wouldn't lose so much.

  14. Well Mya has already been fixed and she isn't naked but dang you can't pet her or hold her without being covered in hair and even if she shakes you can see it floating everywhere in the air. . Even using the deshedder brush I got hasn't helped a lot. . I knew our American Eskimo lost his in clumps but he probably had 10 pounds of hair. . Not like her. . Geesh.

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