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  1. I can say at petsmart there were only 6 of us, and most of the time 5 showed up, but I was not impressed and it was in the store all the time, the room small.


    I am signing up with the first group for the classes that begin the first of November. I liked that the trainer knew all the dogs by name, spoke to all of them, encouraged one lady that did not think her dog would like the water to give it a try and see, after six weeks she seemed to feel the dog would really like it, and she did like it and wanted to go back around again, so she seemed to really know the dogs not just their names. She said if I felt any time I was not getting something I could also schedule some time with her after class and we could work on it individually.


    I would like to find one where we can stick with it and get good training, have fun, and not be switching techniques. I have confused her I think with now using the collar instead of the harness. She had been trained to stand at the door and after I put one foot in the harness she would actually lift the other and put it in and wait for me to click it. We only used the harness when going out, I did not leave it on her all the time. I had moved her back on a shorter lead as she had become lapse in listening to commands the first time, and I can say with the flat collar a slight tug is all I have needed to correct her if she does not listen the first time to my commands and she snaps to it whereas in the harness she was ignoring me more it seemed so for now I will use the flat collar. We had used a harness in the past on our daughter's yorkie because he pulled and would not stop in a flat collar and would actually choke himself so I guess I just thought with Pet smart that it would protect their throats from being injured but it does not seem to be a problem with Mya so the flat collar it is.


    Taking the Novice class will be a good refresher and then we can start signing up for the others. I would like to do the swimming with her as she seemed very leery of water this past summer, and I really think she would love the scent class as we hide her toys now and let her find them and she does so way too fast I think LOL, so it may even help provide us with some more mind games for her.


    So for now we will work on our training here at home for the next couple of weeks and then hopefully be able to get started on having some good fun around other dogs. I want her to have good dog manners especially. She is not afraid of any dog and wants to play with them all.


    Thanks for the tips and advice. It is kind of hard sometimes to judge just seeing something one time but since the second trains german shepherd guard dogs and insisted on that collar before I could even take a class I did not think it was for us. I have not had any experience with that type of prong collar but I did not think it was something I needed for Mya.

  2. Good luck - I would love to hear how your consultation went, what the facility was like, etc.

    Well, I don't know if I know more or are just more confused than ever now!! When we took the classes at PetSmart, they told me I needed a harness which I did not understand because Mya has never really pulled while on lead, she usually glances to see where I am especially if on the long lead and I let her go on a head a bit.


    The first one with the swimming pool, I did like that we were in a room by ourselves at first with the consult and she just wanted me to let Mya go around the room and people walked in and out during the consult. I assumed she was seeing if Mya would be aggressive and bark or growl which she did not. She would be one of the trainers we would have, there would be 3 in a class of 15 dogs. She took me around the whole place, all the different things they offered, let me observe dogs going into the swimming pool and how they do it, observe a class, and answered all of my questions fully. She did tell me to not bring her in the harness and to just use a flat collar for the training so it would be easier to just give a tug on the collar to correct when necessary, she seemed to think that would be all Mya would need. We must take the Novice class first and then we could go into classes where they literally go to the streets to teach dogs, and have a complete off leash class. They also do the scent training, dock diving, swimming classes (they actually have life jackets for the dogs) as she says this boosts their confidence also, and the cart pulling. I had to fill out forms everything about Mya and any issues I wished to deal with. I would have said at first the class I watched I was kind of not impressed by a couple of the dogs not doing near as well as I thought until I talked to the owners afterwards and the lady said when she came six weeks prior her dog would not even walk into the building (her dog was terrified of other dogs) and she was so surprised and happy that her dog came up to Mya and was friendly with her. So as my mom always says don't judge a book by its cover so to speak, this dog had come leaps and bounds in six weeks and even went in the water for a swim which the lady thought she would never do. I was impressed how the dogs listened to the trainer but the trainer was friendly and always smiling. The dogs were learning but enjoying the experience. She was also up front and open stating they could take the dogs and train them for people but honestly the training will not stick unless people are also willing to work and train their dogs at home also. They also have agility here for just for training, they do not enter into competitions; however, the lady that would be our trainer says she enters 2 of her dogs for competitions and trains them there.


    The second one I went to where you can get a year round pass to use the agility equipment, not so much. the consult was done by a young girl who barely looked at Mya. The class would have 25 dogs in it, with 3 trainers the first week or 2 and then only 1 trainer for 25 dogs!! They insist you buy an 18 dollar collar with prongs on it and you cannot take classes if you do not. I know my daughter uses one of those on her dog but she is 65 pounds husky/lab/german shepherd mix who will not stop pulling when on a leash. I watched part of a class and the dogs did seem to be obeying very well but they were literally pretty much on top of each each in the room and it looked like an old war movie with the german shepherd dogs marching, all the dogs seemed stiff and mechanical. So I think that one is definitely out. I want Mya to be trained but I do not want a guard dog. I want her and I to learn and have fun together while we are doing it. They also require the owners to come to a 2-1/2 hour meeting before even starting the training without their dogs and then will have at least 2 hours of homework a night before the first training class. I cannot imagine making Mya train for 2 hours a night at this point just turning 1. We do training while playing for like an hour but then she seems tired of it and does not want to do it anymore and is ready for rest, but maybe they didn't mean it would be with the dog all 2 hours. It just seemed more like an army camp.


    But anyways I have been to 3 different training places now and have been told 3 different things to put Mya in, basically 3 different training techniques and styles. Talk about having your head confused.

  3. I am so glad to hear this. Having worked with shut-down dogs a fair bit, and having fostered and helped a very shut-down puppy mill dog, I know they cannot go to just anyone. To be fair, I did not know, when I first took Kelso to foster, what I know now, and I needed, and was fortunate enough to get, a lot of advice and support, much of it from people on these Boards. But I was 100% dedicated to helping him, and he was my #1 project.........perhaps I should say my obsession........for a year and a half. I thought about him all the time, what I could do to help him, and people around me would attest that when asked how I was doing, I would usually respond by talking about how Kelso was doing! I kind of doubt that most people wanting a dog are interested in going through the whole process I did on a daily basis to bring Kelso out of his shell. I would recommend it to some people -- it is an amazing experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. But it is not for everyone!

    Bless you for doing that and yes I was glad to hear it also. I have seen a couple photos of some of them actually that were getting put of for adoption, it seems like it was some of the more adult looking younger dogs. I could not believe the change in them, it was remarkable so whoever got those few that I have seen did an awesome job. I am sure the older ones may take a bit longer that sustained the abuse much longer.

  4. Thanks for the replies, I have written those items down. And yes both require proof of being innoculated by the vet.


    I felt best about these 2 I am checking out today because they actually ask you to have a consultation first, meet the person and the dog, see how Mya will react during the consultation to get an idea of what they think would be best for her. They did say we could see the facilities during the consultation also and to make a list of any issues I specifically would like to address.


    Also the one that has swimming also has hydrotherapy which could be good if she gets injured jumping. I just thought this could be good for her and me both to learn the training and have a fun activity while doing it.

  5. Mya seems to be going through a second fear phase now that she turned 1, even a leaf dropping on her from a tree made her jump. She does not get a lot of exposure to a lot of different things other than I take her in to town and we walk around the Home Depot, Pet store, and park. Not a dog park so I cannot let her loose. So part of it will be for socialization as well. She is not fearful of any dog but people are another story.


    So therefore I am going to check out a few training places today, got some consultations set up so I can actually see the places.


    I just don't know how to tell which will be better. The ones I have set up have a variety of things you can take besides just obedience. They have swimming, which Mya does not want to go into any water it seems, dock diving, agility, scent training, and cart pulling to name a few. They have trainers of varying degrees with a lot of years of experience. One lets you use their agility center inside and outside for a yearly fee that is quite minimum I think.


    I don't know that we will get into anything like agility but if she seems to really like one and takes to it we may you never know. My husband also would like to see how their equipment is built as he is planning on making her some things in the back yard once we learn how to actually do it properly for her to run on them, jump, etc. and now that she is 1.


    Any suggestions?


  6. Do you have any relatives close by that can care for the puppy? I know some cat loving people that are just not comfortable around dogs, could your roommate be one? (Nothing against cat people here being said, I love both but not all people do). Not that they don't like dogs but are just not as comfortable around them as they would like to be. Maybe the puppy is feeling that. She might have played with the puppy fine while you were there but feels stressed with the puppy with you gone. My future daughter in law likes dogs but she is really stiff around Mya. She says she does not know how to tell what they are thinking or how to treat them and you can tell Mya feels it. She is cautious around Megan.


    Is there a doggy day care for part of the time, the roommate can take the dog too? It does sound like maybe a boarding situation or maybe you could find a dog walker to care for the puppy or something before you go in November.

  7. We had a yorkie, first for a year, and then an american eskimo (female 5 pounds and male 45 pounds) for 15-1/2 years. That little yorkie when we brought the eskimo in right off the start showed the pecking order and we were told to let them work it out by several people but the size difference always scared me and I did not do that. I always tried to put the yorkie in her place as well as the eskie. He was very laid back and never really showed any aggression at all until he got older and sick with arthritis but I sure did not want to take any chances. It did become an issue once when our daughter moved out with her yorkie and then back in again. At that point, the eskie was showing her the same way she did him at first that he was now the dominant one, he growled at her when she tried to approach my husband, and we had to tell him to back off as it could have been very disastrous so we watched them every time they were together in the same room. I have read recently of a lady who had 3 schnauzers that had lived together for like 6 years and then one day the two younger ones took to the older one and killed it. Schnauzers I never dreamed of, but they are dogs.


    You have to be on guard but since there has been one provocation already I would be on extra guard. I know in obedience classes we took the trainer told me I had to stop Mya from the staring gaze thing because the other dogs did view it as aggression even though she was just wanting to get them all together to play. I try to be on guard and watch it also when we are out in public walking around stores or walking down the road. So many people out here just let their dogs run even though it is against the law here in Indiana and I am afraid if one gets she is being aggressive we could have a dog fight going on.

  8. Very interesting read. I will say one thing for Cesar Millan and that is at least he is using his celebrity standing to help save the pitbull. No i don't want to start another argument or discussion about pitbulls (which here has a lot of dogs included in this breed, boxers, staffies, etc. I don't think I have ever seen an aggressive boxer). No I do not believe just anyone should have one, no I do not believe just anyone should breed them, but NO I do not believe any breed of dog for any reason should be put down at the rate of 2000 dogs a day because of human stupidity.


    I admit I am not a trainer, just tried to work with my own pets for my home only so I am not qualified probably to jump in on some of the rest of the arguments. Mya has nipped me and brought blood several times over the last year, mostly when we are playing and she jumped for the toy and missed or she and I both went for the toy and she got there first because she is faster, and I admit I probably should have calmed her down before that point so it is my error as much as hers. But she knew immediately when she did it and stopped immediately and even came over and licked where she bit and then put herself in a down position. I do not consider that this made her an aggressive dog or a biter and she and I moved on. Now that she is a year old she seems to be watching how she jumps for the toy more when we are playing and even on a toy I can say easy and you can see her jaw relax immediately.


    I guess i just don't see where I would have the need to grab her by the scruff of the neck, and I hope I never have too.

  9. Mya was doing this and I take treats out with me, then when she gets the frisbee I tell her to come and when she gets to me I tell her to drop it. Then she sits and gets a treat. It has worked to get her to bring the frisbee to me with the treats. I have not tried it yet without the treats but with the treats it works.


    I do not do the agility though so that may not be a correct thing to do. I don't know.

  10. I don't know if I am reading this correctly but did the dog not know it had done wrong, sent itself to its crate and came and tried to make up later by coming to her. It seems that the handler is afraid of their own dog here, just my take on it, and I think definitely needs some help with that. Maybe the dog was feeding on of the handler's emotions of fear when it bit after being grabbed. Too many variables but it sounds like maybe both the dog and the handler need a fresh set of eyes (whether that be trainer, vet or behaviorist) to help identify what may or may not be going on there between the two and help correct it. It seems like the handler should have done something (I am not sure what) when the dog put itself into the crate and then tried to make up later and was ignored. I am not sure ignoring the situation would be the way to deal with it. But i also don't think I would have put myself in the middle just to save a bug (that may sound harsh) but Mya plays with out crickets all the time. Their jumping seems to fascinate her.

  11. You could also try some of the coban tape over the top of another dressing or even by itself. It is stretchy. It sticks to itself but not to the skin or wound. They use it after surgeries and athletic trainers use on players with injuries. They used it after removing a tumor from my daughter's dog leg. We didn't think it would last long but it did until she took it off. He chewed at it a little bit but never really chewed it off.

  12. I hug Mya occasionally but not often, she gives that look of do you have to do that some days, and others it is okay! However, she does not mind when I come up to her and tell her she is a good girl, scratch her behind her ears and kiss her on top of her head. She is definitely not a lovey dovey dog at least not right now, she would rather be playing, but she just turned 1 so probably heading into the teenage years or the gross having to deal with parents stage.


    She is still pretty leary of some people, I ask people if they wish to pet her to let her come to them. I learned that from this site it is okay for your dog to not be in your face friendly with everyone and it is okay to stand up for them. So far any dog is okay and people with dogs are okay it seems though but still she would not want strangers hugging on her.


    Our American Eskimo we had definitely did not want anyone hugging him. He allowed me to because while I was doing his ritual brushing which was a good deal of the time I would pet him and hug him so he tolerated me doing it but that was it or my husband but that was more of a arm around him saying how you doing old man. Kids always would come running at him because he was so big and soft and I would stop them and say the same thing as above, he bites, don't do that, especially as he got older and more grumpier.


    Our daughter's little yorkie, our daughter kissed and cuddled her all the time and she did not mind at all. In fact she usually sought out people's attention. Her male Yorkie she has now, she will hug and he wants our attention as he lived here for quite a few years but no one else would be tolerated. And people run up to them all the time especially kids saying oh what a cute puppy!! I would have to say they are not puppies, but full grown dogs.


    I would never just walk up and pet someone's dog without asking first if it were okay. People used to make me feel like there was something wrong with Blizzard, our eskimo, not wanting their attention, but I don't let them make me feel that way anymore with Mya. If she does not want their attention, then she should not have to take it, it is as simple as that.

  13. Yep Mya needs a nail trim and has been accidentally scratching me when we play. So yesterday I just said Mya those nails are sharp and hurt. Then she came over and licked my arm where I showed her. I swear after that she has been more careful. . Then outside with the cooler weather she has not been wanting to listen to her command to come. I walked over took her face in my hand and said girl don't ignore me. . Now when I say don't ignore me she actually looks up. . Amazing to me.

  14. Mya has been on destruction mode for months it seems. . She shreds all her toys (luckily nothing else she shouldn't like furniture or shoes). I even got one of those heavy braided knot ropes someone said she couldn't destroy. She had it shredded in like 10 minutes. . I have no idea what toys to get for her now. . She will be 1 on 2 weeks. .

  15. This is so funny, a friend sent to me on fb and I thought I would share it for anyone who wants to see the bc sneak/creep LOL!!


    Mya does this to me. I have never had such a quiet dog in my life. She scares the beejeebers out of me when I realize she is standing behind me...LOL.



  16. I don't blame Ziggy I don't like snakes either, YUCK. I am glad Mya only killed a chipmunk the other day and not a snake. She has been chasing the million chipmunks we have and at last caught one. She put it down and nudged it wanting it to take off and run again but alas when she scooped it up it was to run no more.


    We do have rattlesnakes and copper heads in some areas of Indiana, I have not seen one here but does not mean they are not here so i am glad she has not run into that yet. I have seen other snakes around the house and my daughter's yorkie came up carrying a 4 foot snake skin double YUCK!!! playing with it.


    CMP I don't think I would be taking her toy box outside LOL!! Or my husband would have to check it. My brother's dog brought him home a baby deer one time and put on his porch. :)

  17. Mya has been going nuts it seems the last week we have had so much rain, and actually started going on our concrete patio instead of the grass, I could not figure it out, and my husband went out and said she is hearing worms in the ground, there are a ton of them in the ground, so maybe yours is hearing something too. I would never have thought of such a thing. He said there are even crawdads out in the yard from an overflow ditch behind our house. Who knew, not me LOL.

  18. When he is in the house with you does he want to be in the same room or does he wander around the house? If he wants to be in the same room all the time then maybe I would think separation anxiety but maybe he is just doing it because he is getting what he wants by doing it. Have you tried ignoring him when he does it the first time and see what happens?


    I have not had a dog do that so i am not sure what you would need to do.. I do know my daughter's dog does this when she wants in, she will butt the door hard with her head until she has literally popped the door open. It will be interesting to read what suggestions you do get on this.

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