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  1. On whale eye - BCs and similar breeds (e.g. Aussies) show more of their scerlae than most dogs. That lab getting hugged looks stressed as hell, but that's a normal amount of white for a BC's eyes. Unless you see a HUGE amount of white, it's probably not whale eye for a BC. Just a small fact for people who might misinterpret their dogs' eyes. I've attached a pic demonstrating BC whale eye. My dog gets scared when cats touch him.
  2. It seems like a double-ended problem. Not all dogs like it, but I think ALL dogs should be trained to tolerate it, the same way ALL children (and people) should be taught to respect other dogs' personal space and ASK before doing something so invasive. I wouldn't own a dog that would bite a human for hugging it, but you're a shitty parent if you let your kid hang on dogs because not everyone owns the same kind of dog. If your kid gets bit because it was being disrespectful, it's your fault as the parent IMHO. I do wish more people in the USA took pet ownership more seriously and trained and desensitized their dogs more though. My dog doesn't love hugs but he likes gentle hugs from adults and tolerates them from polite children. If a kid touches my dog without asking I pull him away and tell them he's not friendly so the parents get the idea they should train their damn kids to ask first.
  3. He loves swimming but it's not an option more than a couple times a year. It's already in the 50s here. His arthritis is currently asymptomatic now that he's lost weight and gotten fitter. Should I increase protein? Increase food intake? Will he slowly gain muscle from daily walks and jogs and leaping for frisbees? Thanks again for all input.
  4. Thanks for all the awesome feedback guys. Any tips for gaining muscle? He's pushing 10 and has arthritis (that gets worse in winter) but I'm open to anything. He currently eats a 32% protein kibble with the occasional raw egg. He runs, jumps, and gets walked daily.
  5. Haha yeah, I definitely have been brainwashed by all the fat labs I see walking around. Good to know he's not underweight (and I feel silly for thinking so). I'm building him up to running condition - should I go ahead and take another couple pounds off? He's not very muscular.
  6. When I got him earlier this year, he was 55 lbs and noticeably fat. I guessed he should weigh closer to 45, which is about where he's at now. I couldn't easily feel his ribs until this month, so I figured he was good... until today, when I sprayed him down to get mud off. He looks so skinny to me, but I'm also used to fat American dogs so I thought you guys would know best. Age: 9 Gender: neutered male Height: 23 inches Also, according to his medical records he weighed 40 lbs at age 2. Do dogs typically gain weight after 2?
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