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  1. Yes, it's ring in the corner. In our law there is a mention that employees can't be inside RTG workroom, while doing photo. So if you want to do photo of your dog bones, you just have to bring two adult people (of course healthy, not pregnant etc.) with you to hold dog (this is what vet said to me). I will need a little time to read the whole discussion She's 15 months old, so I don't want to do registration of score in pedigree yet (this can be a reason, why vet done a bad photo... because this isn't photo for registration... ).
  2. So like in the title... I went with my dog to wet, because i want to do RTG photo of her hips. It was supposed to be information that her bones are ok, because we do some dog sports, and I just want to be calm about her health. Vet after seeing a RTG said that her hips looks good. But in home I look at the photo, and it turned out that it's not quite good quality. I mean dog don't lay quite straight. So I wonder if vet can give me a diagnosis based on that RTG? Hips of my girl:
  3. Anyway thanks for response! Actually we doing some frisbee, and we take participation at camps. It is totally true that when she doesn't have some work to do, she's trying to find some other way to relieve tension. As a result, she present a bad behaviour.
  4. I just want to say that I almost deal with our problem. My breeder gave us so much help. In her case we just have to use correction, to give her a sign that it is a bad behaviour. And now I can go to a normal walk with my bc. So I hope that this would be a motivation for other bc owners. Sometimes you just have to find a correct method for your dog.
  5. Yes, when she is a little more out of this whole energy, she act better, but she is still reactive. I will remember that I have to burn some of this excitement before walk. On video she is over treshold, because I just want to show how she act On normal session I always trying to have her under the treshold. Yeah I feel pretty guilty. I just know that not only me but also my dog is just tired of this situation, because she can't handle this whole emotions when she see other dogs. So I just want to help her Thanks for your support!
  6. I've already seen some of Kikopup films Thank you for all advice's. I will try doing all these things, and I will let you know when there will be some effects of our work.
  7. Generally this depends if she have good/bad day (but I don't know what decides about that, maybe when I get tired her a little before walk by fetching ball she is more calm ). For example there are some days, that she can pass dog who barking on the opposite side of the street (of course she is really exited, but she just can look at the dog, and go on), but there are also days, like today when we were standing in place, where 100 meters away are dogs and she know about that, because we passed this place in past (and also she can hear barking of this dogs, but she can't see them) and she begins to be highly excited, barks and pulls on leash. At this point I try to keep her under the treshold, when she don't see dog, but she hear barking near, or when dog is in quite big distance, but she still can see him. Some people say to me that she just have get used to dogs but I don't think this gonna work. I think that this will make things even worst. I live in small village.
  8. Hi! Maybe for first I will introduce myself. I'm Klaudia from Poland, and I have 10 months old border collie. I know that there is many topics describing reactivity, but I just have feeling that I have to share this with someone. I hope that you don't will be angry for that I ask for behavior which is in so many other topics. So I have two dogs, but this is my first border collie. I was waiting for this dog over two years, preparing for new member of my dog family. But polish forums don't have much information's about reactivity, to be honest probably I haven't find any information of this behavior. So I wasn't really prepared for this situation. It's probably my fault that she act like that, maybe it's a lack of socialization or something like that, but when I get my dog in the same time i started to have some personal problems. I co-owned her with my breeder, and I can't deal with feeling that I really have disappointed her by this situation. I planned to go with her next year to dog shows, and some frisbee competitions, but it's impossible right now. But this is not the worst thing. The worst is that I can't even go to a really simple walk with her, because she is so excited, and she barking at every dog that we pass. Dogs can be at really big distance, sometimes, she even don't have to see them, but when she hear a bark, then she starting something that I called "border scream". It's not even barking it's......just terrible scream. So I know that I probably have to teach her, that she have to gives me more attention, because she have a problem with that, when we are on walks. But can you give me some examples of exercises to teach her that? Now we trying some BAT, but we after just three sessions, so I can't tell if that gives some results. Can you give me some tips? I just want to have a normal walk with my dog someday, and don't be stress about that other people, and my breeder think that I'am irresponsible person, which can't deal with her own dog, because I really trying to do something with this, but I think I don't exactly know how to behave in this situation . I have some videos, where you can see what is the problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqkGCWQ7fQk&feature=youtu.be Sorry for all the language mistakes that I made, but english is not my native language.
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