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  1. We are blessed with this problem at the moment. Being a dog trainer myself doesn't help much with the progression really. My pup is 5 months old now. At 3 months he wanted to chase but was also nervous when cars went by. I started long line work to get him focused on me on walks. (Not car related but helps with off leash and engagement training). He started to be able to handle cars at a distance. I walked him on the road and when a car was coming I would pull him aside and down him. He learned this quickly and would walk off the road and down on his own. (Impressive but not an end goal). We did some flooding type training where we found a field near a busy road. We did a nice walk on the long line (working on our bubble of space to stay in) and then went 15 ft from the road and played tug etc. I downed him and we sat in the grass 10 ft from the busy (constant traffic) road for 45 mins. Yes he's a super smart little pup and didn't try to get up once but watched them. Then I released him and he walked around sniffing things with free liberty to chase if he wanted to but didn't. He is now 5 months and we are doing leashed walks next to a car going 5mpr etc and then that same car doing 5mph past us. I think with Herding type dogs there is a little of the "it got away!" Or " I pushed it away" working. So the constant exposure to a slow moving car helps. I'm not against a firm correction and we may go that way as he gets older but a few things we are doing now that have helped if anyone is interested.
  2. Yeah I've been puting them in when they wake up and not letting them play etc till they go. After they eat and then I hang around to catch them when they wake about an hour after eating. I can't catch them while at work. They are alone about 4 hours then feed lunch and in the litter box then about 3 more hours and overnight I get up twice but still there is smeared poop all over. I just don't think they are coordinated enough yet. I won't worry to much about it. It's just the smearing it all over everything that gets frustrating. Haha. Wood shavings help some if they go in the box.
  3. So overnight you just cleaned them up in the morning? I don't have the same set up sounds like you had a good method though.
  4. I picked up 5 abandoned 4 week old puppies for a rescue. They were in front of a apartments office building in a box. So there is no way of reuniting them with their mom. I have taken care of puppies before but these guys were only 3 weeks when they came. I just made a new set up (as they weren't moving around much at first) I have a crate for bed area, 5ft by 2 1/2 ft potty area about 5in from crate and a play area on the other side. Set up pretty much like any misty method type pen. The problem is they have most of their teeth, are eating softened food very well, pawing things and walking around and otherwise seem on Track expect for the potty area. I've tried paper and covering up stool so they smell it but they all just slide around in it if I don't see it right away. I closed off the play area until they start using the potty area. I also put in wood shaving as the poop doesn't slide around if they walk on it as much and I can cover with more shaving to keep smell there. At this age what are peoples experiences. I don't mind cleaning the mess but am trying to set them up for success. They just seem to wonder around walking through it without a care. I'm changing the bed area 2 times a day to keep it clean but am afriad they are falling behind in the bathroom understanding. Any helpful hints or advice. Again I am fine with cleaning them up etc but want to do the best I can in getting them ready. I put them in after eating and waking up etc.
  5. Isn't it crazy!!! I get BC and other herding breeds who have not even a tiny off switch through foster because people don't make them stop. It's interesting though because once we create a calm dog when we ask them to be it still requires us teaching the adopter because if we don't they go right back to crazy lol
  6. I've used one before that had a short vibrate and a longer one I can't remember where I bought it. The long was for recall and the short was to get their attention. Then use hand signals. I bet you could find something that would give short ones that could mean different things. Make combinations like a whistle. That I'm not sure on. As for clicker replacement I'm not sure I don't use one.
  7. Funny I've never gotten negative feedback for working with a rescue. Unfortunately the dogs I work with are usually afraid of cars and people and need a lot of rehab. I'm doing as much now and putting my energy and knowledge into helping dogs. I can't see not having a foster to travel hours away. Now if I have my own dog and get into herding I will def travel but I cant turn down a dog because a trial 5 hours away is happening in a few weeks. That's all It doesnt mean I'm not greatful for the advise. Wish I lived closer to the action! I am a huge fan of watching trials and I have been to a few just love helping these dogs out and while I'm dog less and I'm okay with waiting once I find a breeder for a planned litter I am going to help as many as I can. What is funny is a BC rescue told me to foster BC to get an idea and now fostering them (now that I'm hooked) is holding me back from getting my own. Haha Thanks for all the advise I hope to make connections soon. If anyone is going to the fetch gate farms trial in July message me! I will try others but the drive would require a overnight stay. Not sure about planning for that yet.
  8. Haha with a dog less house slowing down fostering would be a bad idea. Then I would be even more anxious about not finding a breeder. I will of course not foster when I have my own puppy! I will start fostering again when my dog is around 6 months. This will give my dog a chance to meet many dogs and people. I don't plan to foster as much as I do now with my own dog. I can't see not fostering this summer to go to a few trials and come home to no dogs! To sad haha. I will get out to the July one near me though. Thanks everyone.
  9. Yes the exact breeder I want to stay away from! That's why I am here asking you guys that have all networked who is breeding litters of well breed working dogs. I am trying to get to trials but all are 3-5 hours away and I will have two litters of puppies coming into my house from rescue this summer. Can't leave them for 11 hours to go and maybe meet someone. Once I get a puppy of my own I will slow down the fostering and get into this world easier. I hopefully will get to fetch gate trials in July it's two hours away. Just have to find someone to let out the pups.
  10. I would say to practice control when there are no dogs around first. Walking by your side and interacting with you on the walk will help when you want to get her attention later. Work on loose leash walking at your side or behind. You can't get control of her when something interests her if she's not paying attention at all. When you encounter other dogs etc say at a distance until you have that same at your side control as without dog. Then bring it closer and closer. If you have to get close to another dog turn around and walk a little the other way. If anything it will break her focus and if you've done the first steps without dogs around right she will start to remember what you are asking her to do. You don't need tons of treats etc when she's walking nicely by your side and looks up at you give her a "good". She will learn its more fun to walk with you then ahead of you. Everything else is easier once you have this relationship.
  11. Another thing that might help is to put a light blanket over the crate. A dark color but light material would work well. This might help block off more light and create a Den type feel that might make her settle down quicker. At night you shouldn't have to use it if it's dark in the room. Another thing is sometimes people trick a dog into going in after a treat and then they shut the dog on them. So when they turn around they are stuck in something. Stay there a second and close the door when she has relaxed a little and isn't trying to get out. It's just a mental thing if she's trying to get out when you sit the door she will fight it more when you walk away. Just sit a second when she sits and relaxes put the blanket over the door and step back a little. Just something that has helped here sometimes if they are worried about whats happening outside the crate.
  12. I'm planning on attending a trail in July so hopefully I can meet someone who has a litter planned for next spring. It's hard because right now I'm dog less in the sense that I don't own any. I don't want to rescue a dog as an adult or adopt a puppy. Have 7 BC mix coming in June. I fall in love with many dogs but just really want a dog that I have put a lot of thought and research into. I want to support the working breed much like I support the rescues everyday. That being said it's hard for me to drive 3 hours away or further for a trial if I have 7 puppies here lol I also don't have a dog to work on trials with to be seen by breeders. I'm going to have to be a pest and chat with lots of people to find those that breed I plan on taking about 5 months off fostering when I get a puppy but if I'm dog less myself I can foster around 25-30 dogs a year. That means house training, crate training, leash, manners, behavior problems, learning the stairs, discovering how to play and so on over and over again. I love it but its hard to get too involved in trials until I have my own dog to focus on. If it's between taking a 3 hour drive and being gone 12hrs or spending the day hiking or meeting with an adopter right now thats a no brainer. When I have a dog I can slow down the fostering and spend time with my OWN dog! so excited already haha
  13. Oh the crate would be a great idea also. It may make him feel more safe while your away. Outside he's kind of looking for you the whole time. Also practice leaving. It's great you only leave him once a month etc but practice does make perfect. If you put a command to the crate they learn to go in freely and always make sure he is calm before shutting the door. Think about it this way. If you are put into something and you are fighting to get out (physically or mentally) your mind is still fighting to get out once the door is shut, but if you lay down and relax your mind isn't in escape mood anymore. This has really helped dogs love their crate here.
  14. I have worked with a lot of dogs who have issues walking through fostering. One thing that always work (will make your walk twice as long in time and you may only get down the street) is to just stop and walk a little bit the other direction. You can also just stop and ask the dog to circle back around you till they are by your side. You are not teaching heel but loose leash walking. If your dog looks up at you give a "good" for showing you that they do in fact remember you are walking them It does not need to be a super exciting task and I tend to stay calm as most of the dogs that need this are excited or nervous. When they realize they walk longer the less tension on the leash they tend to learn quick. Now if they are really having trouble and you stop and they just sit at the end of the walk without coming back you can turn around and walk the other way. If your dog doesn't pull except when seeing something then a prong collar (used Properly!) has helped me also for excited dogs. I also use this when I start off leash walking near me. Once they walk well I do the same thing without a leash. I usually teach a "free" command or something if I want them to run off and play. It's super cute too if they are walking along off leash by your side and you say free. I've had dogs just sprint away and stop and look back like come on. Then "with me" or whatever to come back and Heel if you want them to actually heel. Just some fun words I've put to things lol
  15. Please don't be to hard on her. What is a little frustrating is we all want to preserve the breed (which I agree with 100%) but it's also a secret club in that no one will give me one!! haha I'm going to try to call a few breeders again tomorrow and see if I can get in contact. I have 6 BC mix puppies coming this spring and they will all find great BC smart owners that I approve of and I sit without my own working BC. Ahh how the world plays games with me
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