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  1. I would recommend attending one of the upcoming trials listed on the TSDA page. There won't be any more until February, but I'm sure the members will be more than happy to help you in your search. My mom, who was looking for a puppy to start trialing with, came out from CA and went to a trial with me this summer. We talked to a few people there and were able to find a great puppy for her that I took out to CA a few weeks later. I know that at least a few of the members also have friends or relatives who are into agility, so they might have some good connections for that also. The TSDA folks a
  2. Hi Ellie44 - I'm glad you enjoyed the thread. Everyone who I have come into contact with so far in this herding journey has been so helpful and kind. The folks here on the boards as well as those I've met in person have been very generous with advice and encouragement (as you can see with the many replies to my questions in here)! I haven't updated this in forever (I've always been pretty terrible at keeping up with updating social media) but things are going great for me and Sam. We actually just completed our final Novice trial last weekend, and will be moving up to the Ranch class as so
  3. Our Second Trial! Last weekend Sam and I competed in our second trial! I was hoping (of course) that it would go well, but more than any other part of the run, I really hoped that her outrun would be good, since that's what we really struggled with at the first trial and that's what we've been working on really hard for the last month. Saturday evening we were the last to go. The sun had gone down already and it was getting pretty dark. I remembered my stick this time (which I forgot last time, but really need more as a security blanket for myself than for signaling to Sam.) The trial was
  4. Thank you all for your advice on the outruns! There's so much to think about from all of your posts! To try to sum it up, It sounds to me like the consensus is that the most ideal run very much depends on the situation (whether the ideal run is pear-shaped or otherwise) and that a good outrun is mostly about feeling the sheep as the dog covers the terrain and/or obstacles to get to the top of the sheep. Also, it sounds like one of the most common problems dogs have during an outrun is the dog being too tight at the top, not the shape of the run before getting there. In a practical situati
  5. Although it'd be a lot of work, one idea is to install tile around your posts. Home Depot has backsplash tile on netting - you could cut sheets to the width of the post to keep from having to install individual tiles (which could be extremely tedious!). It's not a very practical idea, but it sounds like that isn't the main goal of the project anyway. You could use wire that is used in making rabbit hutches for the window screen material. We used to make and repair rabbit cages pretty often, and the material was pretty sturdy as well as easy to work with (the smaller mesh sizes were espec
  6. Mr. McCaig - Thank you very much for your advice. I worked Sam again yesterday evening, and she did exactly what you are warning me of here - her outruns seemed to be plenty wide, but they were much more of a "C" shape than a pear. I will definitely stop walking between her and the sheep and will try what you suggested with downing her if she cuts in. Hopefully I haven't done too much damage yet! I also appreciate your advice to down her the moment I am suspicious of her tightening. I often find myself debating whether or not she's cutting in (especially as she goes from ~9 o'clock to ~11 o'c
  7. Thank you for the tip Samantha - We have one week left until our second trial, and right now we are working on getting her to do a proper outrun as far out as possible - hopefully we'll be practicing farther than the trial length by the end of the week! Outruns! - And what exactly is an ideal outrun? Outruns, outruns, outruns! Over this past week, Sam and I have been practicing lots of outruns! We've been mixing a little bit of other work in as well to keep it from becoming too predictable and boring for her, but we've been focusing on outruns. I'm still trying to determine what a "perfe
  8. A friend of mine has taken in a 14 Month Old Border Collie named Meg. She is a short-haired, black and white, unspayed (I believe) female who was bred for work (I think she's registered with ABCA). We don't know exactly what happened, but too much force was used on her when she was started training on sheep, and now she is scared of most everything - people, dogs, venturing out of her kennel. She has been in her current home for about a month, and exposed to sheep several times. She shows interest for about a minute, then starts searching for a way to escape (if she's not in an enclosed pen, s
  9. @Camden's Mom - Our next trial is in two and a half weeks It sounds like there are only two left here before there is a break in the trials for the (very hot) summer we have coming, so I've got to get them in now (that's my excuse anyway! ) Catching Up My husband and I just returned from a wonderful trip back to CA to visit family and friends! Sam and I had two training sessions last week, so I need to catch up on those before we work again this week! Tuesday - This was our first work after the trial. We had pretty poor outruns at the trial so I wanted to keep this lesson really sim
  10. Our First Trial! Sam and I competed in our first trial over the weekend - and it was awesome! Was it perfect? Absolutely not! But it was a ton of fun, and I sure learned a lot! The first day we had to outrun, lift, fetch the sheep to the pen, and pen. The second day was the same, with the exception of fetching the sheep to the post, settling them there, and then penning them. On the first day, Sam began her outrun - straight up the field toward the sheep . I asked her to get out (which didn't work), then to lie down (again, didn't work), then to come bye (which didn't work either). She was
  11. A Hole in the Fence I got a call today while I was at work, which was a bit....terrifying - someone said they had found Sam. The problem was, Sam wasn't lost. We left her in the fully fenced backyard with our lab earlier today... What on earth was going on?! I asked the person who found her to describe her to me - sure enough the description matched exactly. He found her wandering the streets six blocks from my house. I asked if there was a yellow lab with her - nope, only the border collie. My husband and I grabbed our things and took off from work (we work together and share a car). Thank
  12. Thanks for the advice in your replies! Although the trial will be small (Novice, Ranch, and Nursery) I'm definitely looking forward to watching and learning from everyone who's there! @Northfield Nick - oh, wow what a first experience ! And, although I hope we are able to finish our runs, I plan to call it quits on any run if it's turning into a mess (hopefully I have enough foresight to see a mess starting!). Hey, What's Over There? Yesterday we worked on practice runs: outrun, lift, fetch, pen. It all started out really well! Then, (picture me facing away from the pen) the sheep kept be
  13. Understanding vs. Obedience The last couple of lessons have brought up the question of whether Sam is not understanding what I'm asking or if she's choosing to disobey commands that she knows. As my first trial is coming up next weekend (I am now going for sure! ), I've been practicing "standing at the post" for the first time. Also, as we've just recently begun to pen the sheep, I've been standing at the end of the gate during parts of the last several lessons. This standing relatively still is causing me to use my body a whole lot less when giving Sam a command (instead of walking a fe
  14. Hi everyone. I've been lurking on these forms for a few months, and have learned a great amount from all of your posts - thank you for all of the information you all share! I want to start this post to record training my first dog for her first trial. A while back I read the post on Kelso the rescue dog. It was so neat to read through his journey that I've been inspired to record my own dog's journey (albeit a very different kind of story). My hope is not only to be able to look back at her training as we progress, but also that (maybe!) this can help another newbie in the future learn from al
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