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  1. I don't have any hurt feelings. I really want to thank you. I think it's super cool of you to take the time. Also you didn't just go "EWWW NO GO AWAY" you were able to explain what your concerns were. Not turdy. It does give me a lot to think about. I think the fit might not be right. A few jumps too far from known territory on the energy/sensitivity levels, if you know what I mean. I appreciate your honesty.
  2. Thanks everyone. I can totally see the argument for a breed that's biddable but not as "on" but I don't see myself going down the Retriever road. It's something about the temperament. I don't mind other people's, but I don't click with them on a personal level. It looks like in addition to lurking on boards I should start lurking at dog sport/training stuff IRL? I always have this image of really creeping people out, accidentally, kind of the canine equivalent of a crazy lady lurking around the daycare going "your babies... I love your babies..." But it won't offend people? I kind of
  3. Yes, I'm open to an adult rescue. Mix would depend on mixed with what, really. I really appreciate your honesty, arf and flamincomet. That is why I love breed forums more than talking to breeders. I have spoken to some breeders in the past who were very much trying to sell me a dog and that's not what I'm looking for yet.
  4. I grew up with rescue Akitas. Lovely dogs in their way, but all wrong for my life now. Had a rescue Bouvier that had brain-damage, not really looking for another but he wasn't a fair example of the breed in any case. Had a rescue staffy, good little thing but not clever (in either the Border way or the Akita way... which are very different...) and my husband doesn't like staffies. I'd like a dog that doesn't blink at me like a cat and go "I know what you said, but I'd rather take a nap." My husband is not very dog-experienced at all and I think an Akita or Chow is too hardheaded for him. P
  5. Hi everyone. I'm a newbie. I've been lurking though. About the title, my dad is a grumpy old dog man. More fond of dogs than people, he'd tell you this to your face. What he always said was the worst, scummiest thing you could do, was get a dog of a breed because its cool/cute/on tv/in the shop and then get rid of it or hurt/punish it for doing a completely predictable thing for the breed. Dropping terriers because of digging/barking, Danes for being big and clumsy, things like that. In his view most dogs end up in pounds because lack of diligence in research. My needs/wants are diffe
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