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  1. My vet told me to just free feed when Piper was really little, but I know that won't work for everybody.
  2. Thanks guys, I'll be sure to check those books out! ~Becca
  3. Hi everyone! So I've said this before, but I am completely new to the world of sheep herding. I'm wondering if anyone could recommend some training books, dvds, videos, etc. that I should look at. Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!
  4. Hello! I am moving to the Texas panhandle (Lubbock area) soon and I'm looking for herding lessons for my dog Piper. Both of us are totally new at this, so if you have any recommendations regarding books, websites, random info you think would be helpful for a newb, I'd appreciate it! Thanks for all and any help ~Becca
  5. Piper likes all dogs, but he really has a thing for golden doodles and labs. It's the funniest thing!
  6. Thank you all so much for the insight! I'm glad I've held off. I'll probably wait until he is two if I even get him fixed at all. I know I won't give him any opportunities to mate anyway, so I'm not so sure it is even necessary. And you are defiantly right about being a first time bc! He keeps my hands full but he is a great pup and I sure do love him.
  7. Hi everyone! I've gotten completely different responses from two different veterinarians. My boy is 7 months old, should I get him neutered now or wait until he is older? And if older, how old? I'm a first time bc owner so any input is much appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Puppies AND kitties?! I think I've died and gone to heaven! I too, am a new bc parent. My little guy Piper is 6 months old and a total goof. He's wild and he always keeps me on my toes, but he really is the best dog. I know I'm not the best trainer as I am a pretty novice dog owner, but we work on it everyday and it's always fun and lots of laughs! In a few days we are going to start dog scootering, which I can't wait for, and we have already started laying the foundation for triball. I live in the suburbs so sheep are kind of out of the question! Your dog Scout is absolutely perfect.
  9. Thanks for the tips. And Festering, thank you for the pics, the Lurcher one is hilarious!! I'm going to try some vitamin e and a soft brush today, hopefully he doesn't Mind it and it helps.
  10. My 6 month old bc pup had a run in with a ton of ticks. Took him to the groomer to help me get them all, she shaved him. That was about a month ago. Is there anything I can do to help his coat grow back in normally? It feels just terrible now, and he has little bald spots under his arms from where his harness was rubbing... he hates the Furminator. I just don't know what to do. He had the softest coat in the word before it was cut. She shaved his tail and everything. How long will this take to grow back out and is there anything I can do to help the guard hairs? I'm definitely panicking a little... PLEASE SOME ADVISE!!!
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