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  1. Hey all, as you know, I have a 16 week old Border Collie, now I was wondering with regards to walking, how much is too much in one hit, as I want to take him on a longish walk, but I don't want to push it. Cheers!
  2. Hello all, we have our 16 week old BC, Loki, he has a thing for trying to chase cars whilst he's on the lead, is there any way we can teach him not to do so? As it would obviously be extremely dangerous if he was off the lead! Many thanks!
  3. Hi all! Just wondering how, and when we should start to train Loki? He's 9 weeks old today, is pretty much toilet trained (Still has the odd accident) and has learnt to fetch a plastic bottle, but asides from them, when can we start to teach him some fairly simple commands such as "Sit" and "Leave it" ? Cheers!
  4. Thanks all! The little terror is in my picture, he is our first BC, and I absolutely love him to bits! While he may bite us now, it's so rewarding when someone walks in, suchas mum when she's been out for like, 20 minutes, the love he shows is amazing!
  5. Hello all, new here so hi! My question is, the biting with puppies, does it end?! Snapping at ankles etc, he's only 8 weeks old so I'm wondering if there's anything we can do to stop it? Or do they grow out of it? Many thanks! Mike
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