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  1. Our state only does that for retailers and businesses. Lots of loop holes. Just researched it but great thought. Also no go on a puppy lemon law, another great thought. We brought him home at 7 weeks, and put a deposit down on him at 5 weeks. Just to let you all know, we have decided it was best for all concerned, including all those GREAT pets out there without a home, that the buck stops here. Its the right thing to do.As I wrote someone earlier, perhaps we will have saved some other poor child/adult getting attacked by a dog. Our son still has his scars.... Can't see the poi
  2. This has come on slow...thence my also slow progression in change of approach. When we picked him out, I lifted him, and gently held him like a baby for just a few seconds, didn't want to alarm him, and he instantly sorta snapped of my hand, then settled, not in play and I thought'hmm, willing to snap when stressed, huh?)I was thinking of the kids, and also stockwork for timidity(maybe not an issue, really don't have much experience with a whole lot of herding), he also shied first time I knealt down and asked him to come up. I thought he may have some fear issues a little, and then started lo
  3. MrSnappy- Thank you as well for you experience with the resource guarding...more of a newer thing for me, but I have dealt with it a little. As I said, I don't want to take him to a shelter, a shelter is where I want to rescue a dog, not take it. Nice to know I don't have the only crazy pup out there, SADLY I hoped maybe a rescue might have some insight I didn't but honestly am not real hopeful by now.... just felt it was the right thing to do to try I guess I gave them this thread, as I believe in treatin others as I want to be treated. It does me, Colt or them no good to hide inf
  4. Tess's Girl- Thank you for your insight..it actually brought tears of relief to my eyes. I guess I'm questioning myself and sure not above owning if I was wrong.I actually hoped I was in the beginning, so I could change and fix it! Thanks
  5. I hope this isn't normal bc behavior? I mean,the breeders mom said they are harder to raise than other dogs like GSDs or aussies, not that we have an icecubes chance in the desert in getting another pup/dog right now, but are they really that "touchy"? I mean, I really tried to control the enviroment and I felt was perhaps hyperviligent to protecting him and forseeing possible behavorial issues because I heard they were a bit more sensitive and probably even smarter than aussies...did my hyperviligence do this, spazzed him out ? Did the extra cuddling/petting I did give him a big head?Are they
  6. Well I think I offically have SUCKER on my forehead. Contacted breeder, no refund, no take back(even for free), no take back and find him new home.The breeders mother said if it was the pup, it would have showed up before 9 weeks(yes even heard from mom?) That I must have tramatized him somehow, or the kids did(would proposed tramitize even cause resource guarding?)...if I didn't care about the pup or didn't want him, I'd have saved a lot of trouble and just sold him before this started happening! That the kids should have been around him more(uh, no.)That I'm too soft(see previous advice), b
  7. Thank you for your kind words... It really is heartbreaking...I really wanted this to work and tried really hard and invested lots of time and emotion in this pup. Never taught a dog the names of his toys.. that was cool, had hoped to teach him to track my son if there ever was a need.It was a leap a faith trying this with our situation, but we thought it could work getting a puppy if we worked together.Wrangler's been gone 2 years and he was my friend, guardian,and canine partner in all things around here. A true velcro dog..couldn't even go to the bathroom with out him desiring to be th
  8. I couldn't agree more it about not worth the risk!!! Frankly, I just can't believe how this went with him. Wow.Really trying to figure out if its us or the pup, thinking its the pup. I don't like feeling threatened by a puppy. It's silly.And I'm not even being abusive or anything!I really have been trying hard with him! I absolutely love my dogs and hoped to continue on herding with him. UHG. How disheartening. Thinking of trying to return him, don't know if it will fly, not hopeful, but could be wrong. Really don't want to lose that sacrificial money from my husband, but the childre
  9. Howdy from the OP! Thank you all for your responses... I can't tell you what it means to know someone cares enough to read and respond!!! Had a chance to cool down , regroup and put alot of analytical thought in this situation and pup and have some thoughts. But first I want to add, while I do truly have my hands full, I'm a organized,high drive person myself so we are doin' okay on that. I get Colt up at 8-9 in am, and he is in our large kitchen dining area with me till my DH goes to work at 4:30. He will move to other rooms with me as I need too, the house is divided into 3 sections with g
  10. Hi! First time posting.First let me say, I have been reading here and it has been very knowledgable and I feel blessed that there is a place like this to ask this question! Thank you! Okay, here's the deal( and please, I beg your mercy as I am also learning and know I've made mistakes ) we got a 7 week old puppy a few weeks age named Colt....Wales ancestry.. who we really love. He loves to be close to me and follows me everywhere! Very sweet( normally!)and smart as a whip- knows down, sit, names of some of his toys, etc..I've had dogs for a few years now and was raised with German Shep
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