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  1. Billy is beautiful! Congratulations. The fun has just begun. Puppies can be a struggle but they can light up your heart as well. I will be excited to hear his progress.
  2. Mary, I am so sorry for your loss. This makes me cry for you. My heart is sad for you at losing your best friend. As many have said before me, they always seem to let you know when it is time. Hopefully you can draw peace from knowing that you took the very best care of him you could and it was the kindest thing to do for him. Sending healing thoughts your way. Teri
  3. Just a short update. Worked with the vet and the behaviorist on the food issue. Have gone to Nature's Balance and hand feeding. Some mornings she will eat...other mornings not. Almost every night though she eats and the vet is fine with that as long as she isn't losing weight and she doesn't appear to be. She said that she can go 7 straight days without eating before causing harm to herself...but I would never let her go that long. Because as you can see from my posts I tend to freak out about that. The most important thing is drinking water every day and she seems to do that. I ask my mom to keep an eye on her and make sure she is drinking. We are back to a nightly routine of her getting a dental bone (she has to find it) and when she is done with that she always goes and drinks water. The Prozac, I think, definitely had an affect but Jade was not eating prior to the Prozac and the behaviorist and I were having discussions about it. My house is in a mess right now as I am having it painted so this does affect Jade. We have decided to wait until the house in back in a normal schedule and things are in their place again and give the Prozac some time to get built up. The vet says it will take about 6 weeks to get her at a therapeutic level.
  4. Thank you Cass C and Blackdawgs. Jade was having issues with eating several days before the Prozac was started. I will do some research on the wet food. Jade is not on the maximum dosage of Prozac either. She wanted to start as low as she could and see how she does on that.
  5. Hi everyone. I need some help with getting Jade to eat. For the last three-four weeks she has all of a sudden decided she does not want to eat. She will go three-four days and possibly eat 1/2 cup of kibble. Since we have started her on the Prozac and a holistic chew that has remained the same. I give her the Prozac in peanut butter and she laps that right up. I have tried 6 different kibbles, combining kibbles, adding yogurt which she liked at first, now turns her nose up, putting peanut butter on the kibble which even though she will take the Prozac, wants no part of it being on the kibble. Maybe I shouldn't worry but I do. This morning I tried wet dog food by itself and she ate that. Is just giving her wet dog food bad for her? Somewhere, and I don't know where i got it, it seemed that just wet food wasn't necessarily a good thing. Or does it fall into, whatever she will eat? Thanks in advance for your time and your responses.
  6. Quick update- The sterile urine showed no growth so no more antibiotics. Paula came yesterday - she had to cancel Sunday due to weather issues..she lives quite a ways a way from me. Since the last time she saw Jade she saw a huge improvement. She watched her with interactions with the other dogs, with herself, and her fear. Today Paula is going to talk to the vet(vet is apparently on day off today so may take a few days to get back to Paula) about what drugs to try and treat Jade with. We may also look into some holistic including some Chineses herbs. Paula believes that Jade has come as far as she can on her own...that we have hit a wall for improvement without some type of chemical intervention - tradional or nontraditional. She left me two indepth training videos for reactive and hyper dogs that I have started to listen to. (Listening to them on my long commute to work) and then I will watch them. Helps me to listen and then watch so I don't focus so much on words when I watch. Talked about bringing Jade to work. Paula believes that we have to teach Jade to make correct decisions. Which I know is what everyone else wants as well. I won't be bringing her to work in the very near future but Paula believes I need and should be doing that with her. We have a plan in place to protect Jade and to protect the guys and make sure that they don't cross the lines of where Jade is comfortable. Also hoping that the meds will help ease some of her anxiety so she can think things through better. I understand that Jade may never be any better than she is now but Paula does think we can build on where she is and get her more comfortable in her own skin and possibly get her fears to be in better control. If not she will be put down. Since the incident with my boss I have been trying really hard to figure out what the trigger was and could be in the future and it is speed. If something moves very fast, this puts her into high gear freak out. He walks very fast. Where I really got connected with the "speed" is at home with our shitzpoo and her reaction to him going like bat out of hell across the linoloeum to get outide(he hates putting his little tootsies on the linoleum). So that is an area where I will try to start working with her. Thanks for listening, all your advice, and trying to keep me on the right track. Teri
  7. I am trying to remember where I read about a fear bite...and when I find it again I will post but paraphrasing it did describe exactly what I described Jade as doing. And both the behaviorist and the 4 trainers from the rescue felt that she intended no real harm or the bite would have been much worse..noise or no noise. Hopefully after Sunday I will have some of my questions answered and we get going on the right track. It is hard for me to determine what is helping and hindering because there is so much conflicting ideas out there on what to do and not to do. And myabe I am just kidding myself and she needs to move to someone else to help her.
  8. I understand that there will be ups and downs...some of which I have already seen. Since day 1 I have been told to try and stretch Jade and work on her insecurities and try to build her confidence. Since I am not dog "savvy"...not a trainer...just a person that loves animals and wants to help....I was doing what I thought was right. Bringing her with me, to acclimate her to men...which there are none in my household currently...and work on the socialization. I guess I get confused about how far that means to go...especially when she shows no true aggression or what I have seen as true aggression. (other than the one time here..which was the textbook definition of a fear bite) Everyone at my work is very aware of Jade and her insecurities and of the bite. When Paula comes on Sunday we will have an indepth conversation of how I am to proceed. We are working on the muzzle but she is not the least bit comfortable with it, no matter how many treats I have given and worked with her. And I dont see just putting it on her and making her freak out about it being there as beneficial. "There will be a point in which you want to intentionally slowly expose the dog to scarey things but it may be too soon." Actually I thought that is what I had been working on all along with her. Collar, leash, boxes, waste baskets, loud noises, other dogs, taking food from my hand... Having to bring her to work I felt it was a good time to have a good experience. And maybe I misinterpretted her body language but there was absolutely nothing that gave me any angst while we were there. And most of the contacts were really initiated by her walking towards and wanting to sniff. None of them made any effort to touch her when she made that move. They just let her walk over, while I had the leash, sniff them and then walk away. If I had noticed anything in her demeanor that I felt was threatening I would have intervenned. But I felt like it was a positive thing that she would even go up and want to sniff them. So I am confused about this....When will it be a good time to let her seek others out and sniff at them? If this isn't the right time and I am reading her wrong...how will I know the difference? Are there specific things I should be looking for that I am missing? She wasn't cowering. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I don't want to put her in a backward spiral because I have seen her come so far. Thanks Teri
  9. Wow. It sounds like I might have really screwed up here. I made it very clear that moving at all towards her would not be a good move on their part. I did not have a choice yesterday as I live 30 plus miles from where I work and the vet is. I kept her on a leash near me. I try to be cognizant of what freaks her out the most. And we are not at a point where I put the muzzle on and leave it on. She won't be coming back to work with me. I appreciate you all taking me to task. I will remember. The behaviorist did know she was coming with me due to the vetting situation. We didn't discuss the fact that the guys might have to come into my office.
  10. Sterile urine was obtained today and culture...so hopefully we will have a few more answers in a couple of days. Jade has been with me at the office today...not one of her favorite places but I brought her high value treat to work on and a kong with frozen peanut butter so she has been engaged some. She really doesn't like the guys. She will go up to them, give them a quick sniff, turn around and walk away. They all get on their knees and try to engage her from a distance but she is having no part of it. Leaving that for another day to work on. I did want to report that we have not had one snarking incident in the house for well over a week. And she actually has been playing with the challenged shitzpoo in the house. She will roll over submissively and let him bark at her and then try to play tug of war. Don't want to put too much into this but it feels good to not have to be on pins and needles all the time with the other dogs. Was trying to take videos for Paula when she comes Sunday but smashed my phone today so what I have uploaded to the cloud is probably all she is going to get for awhile! Hope everyone is doing well. Teri
  11. OK - Just got off the phone with the vet. Scheduling a sterile UA and culture. Hope to get it done tomorrow but may be a little later in the week. That also means whatever day it is she has to come to work with me. My boss won't be here so I am a little less stressed about that. The behaviorist is coming to the house on Sunday and we are going to work at least twice a week with Jade. She wanted to wait until Jade was through with this round of antibiotics and see if that helped her demeanor if she was feeling better. I will say that since she has felt better we have not had nearly as much snarking going on. That does my heart good. Thank you all for standing by and giving me things to think about and do and for just being here. Teri
  12. Just as a thought that Root Beer mentioned. When I got Jade she absolutely refused to come through the door to the house and it was January and it was several degrees below freezing. The behavriorist I was working with recommended to put a leash on her and leave it on her..then as Root Beer suggested...high value food. Jade's was hot dogs. Just small pieces dropped outside the door and a trail into the house far enough that she had to come all the way in to get them, then quickly shutting the door behind her. One of the things I learned with Jade is that she had a price...and if you didn't reach the price (number of pieces of hot dog to entice her) she wasn't coming in. And it seemed each time the price was different. The leash was left on so that in case she was in harm's way I could grab her and help her in the house. And actually the first few weeks she was with me, I actually had to pick her up and carry her out. I also set up a pen on my deck...which was covered with snow so that she was close by and safe. It is not easy with a rescue dog...and I have learned that BC's are extremely sensitve and take much more patience and time but they are so worth it when they start to trust and become the dog they can become. This forum has taught me so much and helped me to help a dog that I might have otherwise given up on. She is still my foster and her year anniversary in the foster home is rapidly approaching. When I look back at the road we have traveled it makes my heart happy with her progress. I wish you the same as you move forward.
  13. I agree with everything that has been said and I will add one more thing just because Jade has taught me that not just one thing and sometimes it takes a combination..that you have to figure out and you have to work at. In order to get her comfortable with a leash, when I finally got her OK with a collar, was to put the leash on her 24/7. I didn't pick it up...I didn't act like I knew it was there. It took her stepping on it and tugging it to learn it was not going to hurt her. This took us some time but now, she doesn't run from the leash and I can put it on her and she will walk semi-nicely...my fault..not done enough loose leash training yet. Wish them luck. Keep us updated on how the pup does. Teri
  14. Just dropping in to leave a short note. I haven't posted in a while as things are quiet and we are waiting for Jade to get through the antibiotics and have urine retested. The Behaviorist is out of town and won't be back until Friday so we haven't started any work....I am pretty sure she wanted to wait until the UTI was better anyway. Been working a bit with the Barkerville muzzle. Just giving her treats while I hold it up. I want to move to trying to actually strap it on and give her treats this weekend. Hope everyone had a good new years!
  15. I have to take some responsibiility here. I probably didn't question as much as I should have regarding the frequency. When I actually took Jade in and had a face to face with the vet, she and I are on the same page. She feels we did not clear it up the first time. She wants to give these antibiotics a chance to work...if they do not...she will go the next steps. I might agree that sometimes working with rescues if you are not vocal...which I don't think I was ... in the beginning the path of least resistence can be taken...not always. But when I finally put on my big girl panties and said we need to do something different, the rescue and the vet were way accomodating. My sister works with a different rescue and she says the same thing. Put on the big girl pants and fight for the dog...the rescues that we are working with always and I mean always have the dogs interest at heart. BUT when you are working with 150 plus volunteers and anywhere from 150-200 dogs at a time...things can happen. I try to be a part of the solution and not part of the problem. I am sorry Blackdawgs that you had such a horrible encounter with that rescue. Good fosters are so desperately needed...and I don't just mean...fosters that take the dogs in and just let them be until they are adopted...I mean good fosters that really work with the dogs and take care of them as they are their own. I commend you for having done that. It isn't easy. I do hope that the bad taste goes away and you can someday find a good rescue to work with.
  16. Patricia, That is so awesome to read. I have been wondering about you and Logan. I am so glad for all of you. And what a wonderful job you have done with him. I hope that you give yourself some well deserved kudo's for not giving up on him and continuing to have faith that he could do it. I so remember your first posts and apprehensions about him. I am sure he feels (felt) your confidence in him too. Have a Happy New Year. Teri
  17. Jovi, I was also a bit disappointed that they didn't do a culture. I am willing to give them this chance to clear it up, but if it is not I will request a sterile specimen and a culture. I really believe it never ever got cleared up from the first round. The put her on the same antibiotic until this time and there was only about 5 days between the end of the antibiotic and the retest this time and she was full of red and white blood cells and some bacteria. Hopefully she is getting better. Her disposition seems a bit better, she isn't licking quite as much, and Mollie is not nearly as interested in that area of Jade as she was before the start of this antibiotic. I also will look into your suggestions of at least giving her the cranberry. I know it works pretty well in humans. Happy New Year!
  18. GentleLake, Thank you for saying the words I could not...Even though I have been cranky about my rescue that I work with, they absoluetly go above and beyond the call to make sure that every dog has every chance that they can have. In all my frustration the last weeks, the owner wrote me when I was doubting what rights I had about Jade and said " I would just like to start off by saying that I may have legal custody of Jade, you are her mom, her handler, her advocate. Therefore, you have an enormous amount of say in what happens to her. You know her far better than I do. I trust your judgment with her and see my main role here as a support person for you and voice of reason if needed." What more could I ask. There are resuces and owners that would have already put Jade down....and I do not believe that is the right answer for her. I believe I just have not done enough work on my part and/or found the right behaviorist/trainer to work with her. I see so many good things in her that I just can't allow that decision to be made just yet. And i know that my rescue does not want that either. My resuce actually spent thousands of dollars on a deaf dog, sending him to Florida for training so he would not have to be put down. He is now with a family, a totally changed dog...and he was what some would call aggressive, but it really had to do that he wasn't able to let people know what he needed. So I agree with Gentle Lake...I hope you don't let that one rescue spoil the pot. There are so many deserving dogs that need our help. And all of you have so much to offer all of us that need help. I am so grateful that all of you have taken the time to read, respond, give comments and advice to me...because maybe without it I might have given up on her. Have a Happy New Year! Teri
  19. Blackdawgs, I was thinking the same thing about the anxiety drugs to be started after the antibiotics and I think that is how it will actually work out by the time the holidays are over and everyone gets back into a routine. She also doesn't need anything else to suprress her appetite. I am getting her to eat some with plain yogart slathered all over it. Even though I sound crabby about this rescue I do think I am fortunate that if I speak up loudly, they do listen and they are very good about letting me take Jade to the vet or to get her the same kind of assistance I would give a dog that I had legal ownership of. But like all rescues, they are so inundated with dogs and puppies that I have to stay on top of things to make sure things get done. I never realized how many dogs go unaltered and how many puppies need rescuing. It makes me sad. Any toy with Jade is high value I have discovered the last several days as I closely watch her. Doesn't matter what it is. The boxer and the boston terrier get fed in the same room and there is absolutely no issue. The Shitzpoo in a different room...not because of a problem with good guarding but phobia about having feet on slick surface of any type. Jade is fed either in her crate or downstairs with me. So feeding doesn't have opportunities to guard. Been working with her on the Barkersville muzzle...only just holding it up and having her put her nose through it to get treats. I plan on working on that for several days before I ever try to strap it on. I tried working with the gentle leader across her nose and that sort of freaked her so I want to go very slowly with the muzzle. I can see why everyone recommended it over the other ones. Thanks to those who recommended.
  20. Blackdawg, So far no cultures. They have been treating her with the same cheap antibiotic that they have at the rescue. She went to a different antibiotic (supposed stronger) and for three weeks instead of two. Then she will investigate further if she is not clean. I gather Jade's urine in a laddle. first of the morning, so it never hits the ground so I know I am not contimainating it. She just said she can't evaluate on one quick visit, even based on what I tell her, that she needs anti- anxiety meds of any sort. She wants a behaviorist to evaluate and tell her that it is necessary before she will even consider prescribing as she is aware of all the issues in prescribing these drugs for a dog. Paula is going to write up her recommendations to the vet and the rescue. She has known Jade for the same amount of time I have, and I have kept her very much in the loop about what happens with Jade. Paula recommended several months back that we try anti-anxiety drugs so that Jade might be able to focus and not be so scared. I need to go back and look at what others have told me need to be the criteria for a vet behaviorist and see if there are any in Iowa that would be willing to not charge three arms and a leg to work with the vet. I know they paid a lot of money for their education and I respect that, but when you are working with a foster dog I would hope they would be a little kind.
  21. Maxi, Thanks for the post. The vet very definitely thought the UTI was contributing to the cranky side. She said since she had had a UTI recently, she had much more empathy for the animals who had them and she wanted to get it cleared up. This makes the 4th time she has been treated since January. So hopefully the stronger and longer antibiotics will finally kick it. I figured the reason she wasn't eating was the antibiotics. I know how they make me feel.
  22. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Update on Jade's vet visit. Most blood work was within normal limits and the couple that were a bit outside were not concerning to the vet. BUT she still has a UTI with lots of blood and white blood cells and bacteria. So they are changing antibiotics and a 3 week regimen rather than normal 2 weeks. Jade also has stopped eathing any kibble or wet food. Tried 4 different kinds. So...started putting plain yogurt on it to get something in her tummy. She will take her antibiotic with peanut butter but since she gets that twice a day did not want to add peanut butter to the food. She is eathing some so will take that. Important to get something in her tummy with the antibiotics. Jade did fairly well over the holiday. She did spend several hours in a separate room from people Christmas Eve night and 4 hours in her crate in her normal sleeping room Christmas day. We had no snarking of any kind until yesterday. And after closely wathcing for the four days I was home, it is definitely resource guarding of toys and humans 95% of the time. The rescue has agreed to let me work with the behaviorist we started with. There was a comment that the inconsistent response time from the trainer was concerning to the rescue owner...so that made me feel a bit better about my gut regarding the trainer. Paula wants Jade to have some anti-anxiety medication started before we start actual work. She will have to write me a note to forward to the vet and the rescue owner as the vet does not want to prescribe anti-anxiety unless a behavorist/trainer specifically tells her it is needed. Guess I understand that but seems to extend the process to me. Have a Happy New Year everyone. Will try not to burn up the forum so much this week. Teri and Jade.
  23. Merry Christmas to you jvw. I am going to take a break for a few days and just try to focus on family and Jade. Will touch base next week unless I have more free time than I think. Thank you all again.
  24. Thank you all for your comments, suggestions, and advice. I know I have some huge decisions to make over the next several weeks. One of them being if I want to make the committment to keep her for the rest of her life if the decision to not put her down is made. Unless a trained person became interested in her I don't think I can just let her go to any home, no matter what. I am 62 and the reason I went to fostering is because I didnt' want that 14 year committment to an animal that I didn't know I could keep until the end of its life cycle. Felt that fostering was most likely the best of both worlds. I personally did not think it was a good idea to turn her over to anyone else while we are dong the drug therapy but I wanted to make sure I was not missing something. We have our vet appointment in the morning. And this vet works very closely with the rescue and is quite honest and upfront regarding the dogs so I am looking forward to his input. I don't think he will have problem telling me or the rescue that Jade has no chance if that is what he thinks. As much as I would totally like to restrict all contact with the other dogs in my home, that is not feasible so the very best I can do is keep them apart as much as I can and be as diligent as possible in not allowing Jade to snark Jet. Jade does not initiate the fighting with Mollie the Botston. We are working on figuring out what trigges Mollie and we have a couple of things already. Everyone who reads this or contributes to it, Have a Very Merry Christmas. Thank you for all your support. Teri and Jade
  25. Thank you Blackdawgs...this will help me in my discussion with the Vet on Wednesday. I knew that there needed to be a build up in the system to get the maximum results from most of the drugs...just didn't know the time frame. The trainer is aware that we are talking about this and I am to call her when the discussions have been had with the vet. I am just going to throw this out here. Does anyone think it is a good idea to just turn her over to a trainer to have full time while the drug therapy is being initiated so they can do behavior modification more than one session a week? Teri
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