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  1. Hey all, I've got an issue hopefully yall can help me with. I've searched all over google and didn't find anything but "funny" vids of dogs on trampolines... Jack goes bats**t crazy when the kids get on the trampoline. He exploded from my side full tilt and slammed my arse to the ground trying to get to the trampoline. **pain** I can't believe sometimes that he's only 4 months old. I took him all around the trampoline (when the kids were in the house) and even put him up on it to sniff around - under my control of course. He's completely fine until somebody gets on it. He also snaps the
  2. Well I was just so darn tired. I was almost embarrassed when I went back and re-read my own post. LOL Yesterday afternoon I put on 3 pairs of wool socks, my snow boots, sweater, jacket, 2 scarves, gloves. I took Jack and a tennis ball out in the snowfall and just started rolling the ball, rolling the ball. After that I changed my gloves out and we walked a while, til the snow stopped falling. I introduced him to "kill the snow," where you pounce on it and bite it and chase it around. He hopped and jumped and killed every snowflake in the yard. After dinner he started falling asleep on my fe
  3. I swear every post I read I am thankful again that yall are here. Jack has been bratty alllll day. Brat Brat Brat starting with waking me 3x last night barking and digging in his crate. What do yall do when the brat starts barking at night waking the whole house? Ignoring him doesn't do anything, and it's only at night. I'm getting frustrated. He's started that spazzing out thing when I take him to potty, and nipping/biting the back of my legs as I walk. BTW we're currently in a snowstorm, and I can only stand the whipping cold for about 10 minutes at a time. I know I've only had him a few d
  4. I love reading these posts! After our visit to the vet yesterday I started second-guessing myself BIG time. Y'all know the spiel, about how these are working dogs and how it's cruel to try to turn them into house dogs, hours of exercise and mental stimulation, horror, horror, fear, etc. I'm trying to find that fine line between happy puppy and exercise-aholic! And as far as "on the furniture) we don't want Jack on our furniture either- I don't want to fight to sit on my couch. We have a cushion for his crate, and a cot on order for when we start mat/place work. I AM thinking seriously o
  5. Jack is having this very same problem. it started yesterday and has progressed to vomiting. We have his vet appointment for today anyway and I'll be picking up rice and pumpkin later. It's just pumpkin in a can, right? I've never tried this before. Hope it works, I've been up most of the night with him. ::tired:: Thank you.
  6. This is so cute! I watched it yesterday morning and Jack ran all over the house looking for those barking puppies, it was too cute. I laughed my butt off.
  7. He's awesome! And learned "leave it" in 5 minutes. I took him to the kitchen and commanded the family to leave us alone-- he kept going after my daughter's pom-pom's (she's 4 1/2). He now ignores that particular toy and dropped another toy and ran to me on another. Such a sweet, smart boy. We're still working on the default behavior, but he's settled down about 50% since that first night I brought him home. I love this boy! I think we're both in heaven, LOL. And yes-- there is mischief there. I believe if we weren't in tune he'd probably get in a heap of trouble! ;P I ordered a couple
  8. Here he is! *sigh* and I don't know how to turn the images either, since I uploaded them from my ipod :/
  9. My pics are evidently too big to upload. Going to go work on that.
  10. Jack noses my camera every time he sees it. Maybe later I can get husband to hold his leash while I try it again. He's such a quick student. I'd read they were smart but my goodness! He's already learning that mama's not going to give him what he wants if he's jumping around like a lunatic. I'm not going to get much one-on-one time until Monday though, when the kids go back to school. I'm really happy with him. There are a few things that need attention with him but I think we can work through it. One is having a fit when I crate him to eat. I guess he thinks he will stay in there forever
  11. Thanks, guys! I introduced him to his toys this morning, and he's one happy boy! He was crying and wagging for the first little while that he played with his kong, and watching him pounce a tennis ball is just a joy. Nap time soon for him while I run my daughter to the doctor. I will certainly praise him when quiet. Starting today! I attempted to take his picture earlier, and by the time I got set up where I could see him without trying to "set" him in a pose, my batteries went dead. HAhaha, I'll get one sooner or later. Then I'll start researching that "off switch."
  12. Hi, I'm Kathy and I've recently "adopted" a 4 month old named Jack. He's beautiful and it was of course, love at first sight. He is sweet. And WILD. The previous owner, methinks, did not or could not do much with him. Which is why he is ours. Little Jack CANNOT sit still. I am hoping that it is just excitement at being in a new home environment. I also think that he had been previously crated way too much. The only other thing (yet) is that he values food (any and all) above everything else. He goes bat crazy at the sight/smell of food. He's very curious at things, it's very funny to watch
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