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  1. We certainly don't allow that behavior. Our Aussie, and most other dogs, would not tolerate it and I don't want unnecessary vet or doctor bills Our son just likes to crawl and cuddle into him while he is laying down. He doesn't put on his spurs and hat and jump off of the couch onto him with lasso in hand
  2. Thanks. No he holds no grudges yet. Berkley doesn't hold grudges either when Falcon tries to ride him like a horse either lol.
  3. That's true. I'm almost scared to get another one some day. He's been the best.
  4. We used to worry about it but they play all the time and it has not happened yet. Berkley is a lot more gentle than our Australian Shepherd.
  5. If we don't have a ball, Berkley will bring us anything else. Anything from a 2x4 about 4' long to a 1" diameter peice of mulch.
  6. Hi everyone, I've got a 16 month old son and him and Berkley, my 6 year old BC, are total best friends. I've had a lot of people ask me how border collies are with children and I caught them playing a game on video so I wanted to share. Berkley is very gentle and playful with Falcon. He's been the best dog for our family.
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