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  1. I would really like a pen, I just haven't seen any over 48" high which would not be enough. Finding something like that was my reason for starting this thread. Are there taller ones available? The issue really is just keeping him in the area. His behavior was great for 2 weeks inside that setup. He just grew a little more and really explored his options one night when we had a visiting puppy over that we were separating for a bit. The next day is when he figured out his escape because of what he had probably learned the night before when he REALLY wanted to get out. I really appreciate the replies and I hope no one thinks I'm blowing off their ideas. I've just observed since having him that as long as he is in a small inescapable area he does well. He just gets bigger though so I have to redefine inescapable!
  2. When he's left alone in a small enough area this isn't a problem. He just started doing it once I started leaving him in a larger area. My main motivation for leaving him in a room is so I can slowly expand his area as he does well so he learns things like not going potty when I'm not around. I think it's also helped with the crate training because it directs him to choose the crate since it's the best spot to lay down and sleep in the containment area. I just like the idea of letting him be able to make choices while I'm gone. Leave the crate to chew the bone in the corner, go chew on the kong, don't pee, go back in the crate for another nap, etc. And as I am able to leave him in larger areas he gets more choices to make. Just the conclusion I've come to based on the stuff I've read and seen. I'm sure any method is fine as long as it's consistent.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I'm still not 100% sold on crating all the time but will definitely look into doing it more. The room he can escape into is also blocked off and puppy proofed so he is not in any danger of getting ahold of anything dangerous to him. He just uses the bathroom in it because it's too big.
  4. My only concern is that he'll start to associate the crate as the place he goes when I leave and start to not like it as much.
  5. My BC pup (6 months) is officially an indoor escape artist. I've tried multiple rooms and blockers yet he still gets out. The only thing that keeps him in is a pressure gate (stacked 2 high) that is braced against the door jam. The way my house is set up though, just blocking entryways with door jams gives him too big of an area (He started going potty indoors with the large area). I thought I had him contained in a good area with the back of a couch blocking the first 4ft of height and chairs and a cargo net blocking the rest. I learned today that was an extremely naive setup as he chewed through the net and made an accurate jump through a space between the chairs (and had the audacity to be back into the area I wanted him to be in when I got home!). He does have separation anxiety issues that are getting better. He hasn't done his usual freakout when I leave in about a week but he is obviously trying to get out. He does like his crate but I can't stand the thought of leaving him in there for 4-5 hours at a time. Any suggestions on containing my beast?
  6. Thanks for posting this and all the replies. I'm currently raising a pup with a very unpredictable schedule as well and have been a bit worried that it might negatively affect him. I travel 3-4 days at a time a couple times a month and have my roommate and friends take care of him. When I'm not traveling I work really short days so he gets spurts of spending a ton time with me and then short periods where he doesn't see me very often. Glad to see that others have been through similar situation and made it through successfully.
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