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  1. That is actually really good advice. I think I'm going to do that. Thanks! Yeah I think I'm going to take a bit more time with the leash. I was just dead set on getting the collar on him because sometimes my roommates leave the front door open and MOST of the time I'm there to shut it, but Dexter has gotten into the front yard twice already. I have no gating in the front so I'm just scared he's going to run off. It was more of a safety thing. Sucks that he doesn't understand haha.
  2. Glad I could help So I'm starting to introduce the leash again and he's deathly afraid of it; even more than his collar. I brought it out about an hour ago and he's been hiding in my shower for the past half hour. I think I'm going to try to pile a bunch of his toys around it and see if he'll come up to it and grab a few. I just want him to be comfortable with it around him on the floor first, which currently he is not. Hopefully he'll get over this fear quickly so we can go explore the streets of Riverside! On a good note, we've put a couple new tricks in the bag. I've gotten him to
  3. ^Thanks for the advice! I was going to give that a try if what we were doing didn't work, but today I was able to get the collar on him. He definitely didn't want to, but there was little resistance. He didn't snap at me or anything either. Once I got it on, I tried to give him lots of praise and lots of treats, but he wouldn't take them. I think he was too freaked out. Soon after I had my buddy come over with his dogs to play and that pulled him out of the gutter. Since the collar is on now, I'm going to start working with the leash. I think I'm going to just clip it on and let him drag it ar
  4. Collar update: So just right now, I called Dexter over and picked up his collar right in front of him. He didn't move! Then I kind of put it towards his neck, and there was a small reaction. Just a little backing up, but no sudden movements. While this was happening, his ears were still up and front and no whale eyes. I only did this for a brief moment, but gave him big praise after this. I have yet to try to put it around his neck though, but it does seem like he's getting used to the presence of the collar. Once I get it on him, I'm going to do the same for his harness and leash. Hopefully i
  5. You guys know what? Coincidentally, I was playing catch with him inside the house last night and I got a bit tired so I hid the ball. As he was staring and waiting for me to throw it again, he sat down! I had to throw the ball for that. I tried it again, and he did it again! He got really good at it actually started doing it almost instantly he gave the ball back to me. He learned it within 5 minutes too. I try not to give free throws. He's got to give me SOMETHING before he gets a throw. I think that's why he prefers to play with my roommates over me haha. But nonetheless, he had it down last
  6. Haven't updated in quite a while, so here's a little progress report on Dexter. Haven't had any accidents inside the house in quite a while. Actually haven't had any since the last time I posted on here. We got a pretty good schedule down. Still working on the collar very very slowly, but he's getting used to it. Once in a while I'll clip it to one of my belt loops on my pants and he'll come up and sniff it a couple times. I've gotten him to give me his attention when we're playing with the ball as well. That's a big big big distraction for him, so even getting eye contact is pretty tough. Som
  7. So I've been keeping an eye on him the last couple days and he's doing well with the potty. Like you guys said, taking him out relatively often to do his business. I'm also happy to say that all of the fetch inside the house paid off. He's learned how to properly fetch outside now as well. He brings it back almost every time. It's going to be a lot easier to get in some running now. I'm still working on introducing the collar though, and I'm having a bit of trouble. He knows what the collar is and if he sees me pick it up, he'll go into scared mode right away. I left the collar on the ground o
  8. I don't give him any unsupervised time in the yard. I'm always out there with him just watching him. I do praise him when he does do it outside and I'm even with him 95% of the day. Just that 5% of the time when he's by himself, like when I go to class or go out to get groceries, I come back and it happens. His poop from previous times are still sitting in the grass in the yard and once in a while he'll go by it and sniff it, making think he'll do it, but a lot of times he doesn't. His poop schedule is pretty random though. I noticed that he only goes when no ones looking, so I can never catch
  9. Hopefully it's because he's getting more comfortable. I believe he's also due for a vet check up for his 1 year some time next month. I'm going to have to start introducing the collar and leash by then. Hopefully I can get that done in time. The weird thing is that the spot doesn't seem to bug him the least bit. My dad always said if it doesn't bother him, there's probably nothing wrong. Not too sure how much he knows about dogs though haha. Anyways, I'm going to keep an eye on it. I'm happy to say that he's getting the high five down outside of training sessions! I can put my hand up and
  10. Ohh okay I'll give that a shot. I'll let you know how it goes. One concern I'm having right now is this spot on one of his front paws. I noticed a little bald spot about a week or two ago and just looked at it right now and it seems to be getting bigger. The only thing different about his behavior/lifestyle is that he's not drinking as much water as he should be for some reason. He urinates multiple times a day, like usual, but he doesn't drink his water. His stew seems normal to me as well, not abnormally soft or hard. It doesn't seem to bug him since he doesn't bite, scratch, or excessiv
  11. Oh I see what you guys are saying. So it's actually not a bad thing that he's growling at unknown things. Could actually save the house from theft haha. I'll try to keep the clicker and treats on me more often. He actually gets super excited now when I bust out the tupperware of his treats. He doesn't seem to get bored of it either. And I actually tried what Sue and JVW said and kept everything calm on my end while giving him a neutral 'it's okay'. It worked a lot better than my firm 'no'. He didn't stop right away, but it also didn't intensify like he does sometimes. One question on train
  12. Hi TD Foster! My BC was in a very similar situation. I actually posted the thread that GVC recommended. If you have time, you can skim through it and see all the advice I was given. This is actually my first dog so all of this is new to me and I don't know how much advice I can give, but definitely, hands down, the most helpful advice that was given me was go at her pace. Give her plenty of time to get used to being in a new environment and new people, especially since she's a fearful one. It took me about 3 weeks to get Dexter, my pup, to let me touch him and about a month to let certain othe
  13. Haha you gotta taste every piece of food you give your dog right?? Haha just kidding. My friend ate a piece of kibble out of curiosity and let's just say he's not going to do it again, ever. Dexter and I are making some SERIOUS progress on clicker training. I was able to get him to 'paw' my hand instead of 'nosing' it and I started adding cues ('five' for the paw, as in "high five"). Also we're working on 'down' and 'stand'. I was scared this was going to be too much for him too soon, but to my surprise, he's getting it down! I'm not too sure he's getting the cues just yet since there are
  14. Just finished up another session and he's still got it! I even tested him by putting my hand high enough that he had to jump and, sure enough, he jumped to touch that hand! This is really awesome I can't explain how happy I am right now. I can finally get some mental stimulation going for him and it amazes me how fast he learns too. I'm really looking forward to getting to some more advanced things, but of course, small steps. My treat basket that I prepare before each training session always has a couple different treats. Since I ran out of the Zukes, I been putting cheese pieces and hot
  15. WAHOOO just did a short clicker session and we got the touch down! He was pretty interested in the clicker so we just started out with just looking at the hand with the clicker, to touching the hand with the clicker, to moving the clicker to the other hand and he was still touching the same hand! It was pretty awesome. At first I could tell he was fishing around to try and get me to click and when he got it down, he got it down. Going to try again in an hour or so and see if he still remembers it. Will update you guys. edit: Oh and I keep forgetting to mention that I do cut all my treats t
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