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  1. How long til it goes away? i've already been trying to clean my house and I've quarantined the pup to her crate. I feel so terrible, she doesn't know why! I don't want to keep her in her crate for the next few weeks! The vet appointment is in an hour so I guess I'll get more answers then. The thing on her tail looks to be a "kerion" from what I've seen on google.
  2. Hi everyone, remember Molly? Well the puppy blues just hit a whole new level. I think she has ringworm. And I think my poodle and I have caught it. Please, advice, anyone! We have a vet appointment today. This could not come at a more inconvenient time.
  3. I will for sure I'm sure once I get her in puppy classes and my life's equilibrium is restored I'll be singing a different tune. No pain no gain!
  4. Thanks everyone. I am going to keep her. I'm sure she will be a great dog.
  5. Here she is the day I got her at 8 weeks, then her sister and brother:
  6. Also, I have crate trained her from day 1. She is doing great with the crate.
  7. You guys are right about her unknown parentage and getting her from a shelter. I picked her because I could see all of her brothers and sisters and they certainly looked more border collie or aussie, one of them even had fluffy spotted fur and a tri-coloration that suggested aussie, and she happened to be the most calm one (at the time). I just figured she got a different mix out of it, and I didn't even consider the fact that she could have a different father than the others. Also, at the time her face looked NOTHING like a pit bull face. On top of this issue I am having a little bit of
  8. I understand...but this dog slept in the bed with the owner, went running with him, had spent lots of time around other dogs. There was just no warning, no rhyme or reason. I don't know.
  9. As I've said, I REALLY hope she's not a pittie I know someone who had a pit bull with no signs of agression, and one day it was left with a friend's dog alone and when they returned the friend's dog was torn to pieces. Like a crime scene. With my fragile 15 pound miniature poodle in the last years of her life, I cannot deal with that breed. I owe it to her to give her a peaceful and stress-free last few years.
  10. Alright. I will try to get more strict, and yelp louder when she bites. She is also starting puppy preschool next week. Thanks everyone!
  11. Yes I've been doing that. It hasn't sunk in yet.
  12. Well thanks for everyone's input! Just now she was playing with me and she kind of play attacked my arm (yeah not good....I'm working on manners with her and starting puppy classes next week). My mom was like "OMG, she must be some breed of guard dog!".
  13. PS is snapping a normal trait in all puppies? (dumb question, I know.) She will go around snapping her jaws like a little shark or a snapping turtle! She has plenty of chew toys. It's pretty hilarious. Except when she goes after one of us or the poodle...
  14. Any breeds in particular? I am googling hounds and spaniels. I definitely do see some beagle-ish features in her face.
  15. A little better: Edit: i suppose webbed feet does not necessarily indicate lab then.
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