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  1. I am worried it's something like that as well. I just let him out and he is happy as ever wagging his taiL as he watched me make his breakfast. I did not pet him though, so sad, I was just afraid I will be bit. I just talk all sweet and happy to him and he wags and jumps in circles for his food. I am so upset. Will call vet first thing when he opens up.
  2. Zeus is my BC male 4 y.o. who has always been my go everywhere buddy. We also have three other dogs a BC, Nova Scotia DT Retreiver and a papillon. Dogs get along great and life's been good. My Pappy who just turned a year has suddenly become the Alpha dog of the house. Zeus has accepted this but still grumbles once in awhile. My problem is about the same time this transition of power happends Zeus started attacking car tires. No one can pull on our drive way anymore if he is out. Now I have about 5 acres fenced and the dogs make good use of it and they do get interactive play as well. If Zeus is not out side he is a cuddle muffin and couch potato....the perfect house dog. He also goes in the car to work with me and everywhere else. Here's my problem. My pappy chases him off the bed now, but he comes up for cuddling. I was putting hid side of his face he was loving it and in an instant he looked at me crazed ears perks and snapped at me. I was shocked. I let it go thinking he must have a injury and would check when he calmed down. Couldn't find any issue. He did this a couple more times stare, growl air snap. Then a couple days ago he growled at my daughter and wouldn't let her out of the bathroom. He also did the air snap to my other daughter. So yesterday I took him for a long walk brushed up on obedience thought I would remind him who is boss, things went well. He jumped in my car we went to the store I called him in the front seat petted him and sure enough growl air snap. Okay this is Saturday night, I am thinking we need help on Monday morning. I wake up last night around two. Zeus is over hubby's head growling and snapped as pushed him off the bed and he went running. Okay this is super serious, I have always had multiple dogs. Trained them, and never had a situation like this. I an scared of this dog. I would never show it but I truly am. What could cause this kind of behavior. I cannot fathom loosing him but if this doesn't stop I can't wait to hear bites my kids or someone else. Please help with any suggestions.
  3. My dog is awesome.... Because he gives the best kisses on my cheek, He loves me and gives me a hug when I need one. Because he poops way out in the far end of my prperty in the woods so I never have to clean it. He comes up and cuddles in bed the sleeps in the window keeping me safe at night. He is so cute eating corn on the cob. He sits in the passengers seat all prim and proper looking around like he is so cool. He is a good boy and never makes a mess with his food and water. Definatly knows turn it off in the house. Jumps up in the bay window and just watches life go by, and planning the next days doggie day outside. Makes me always smile even on a bad day. Never chews or potties in the house. My dog is awesome because he chose me.
  4. I think you maybe right. I know my dogs bring out the best in me and I put more into their training and activities because I know they love it and need it....and I inturn am a better dog person.
  5. I was really lucky when I was young 19 ish I had the honor of working and being mentored about dogs by this great lady who owned a kennel. She worked her way up the ranks of the kennel herself to one day own her own and breed some great dogs. She taught me grooming, breeding, training and gave me first dog I ever titled. The one thing she taught me is you stay and comfort your baby when it's time to let one of your babies go. I can still remember when I put my first dog down...I brought him to the vet and laid a quilt on the floor and just layer next to him an pet and cuddled till I told them it was time. My vet got down on the floor with us and it was so calm and sad but I know Frankie felt loved and was in a better place. I have told my daughter this story and told her Frisbee might just slip away in her sleep or she may get weaker and weaker and one day you may have to make the decision it's time. I told her I would help her decide but it will be her call. I also told her dogs have a way of letting you know its time, you will know. Hopefully our vet will be able to come to our house if needed. She understands, and I also told her it's not all doom and gloom, one of the very best dogs I ever owned died when she was 15 months. We never got to compete together. She was sick alot at the end. (Cancer) but we packed more into that time than any other dog I've ever owned. We were unseperable and we just had alot of fun together being best friends. Gracie will forever be in my heart and even though the whole ordeal was tough I wouldn't have traded our time together for anything.
  6. We will see how it plays out, hopefully longer than we think. Actually the tough thing is the pap is mine, the bc is my other daughter's and the duck toller is dads. Everyone has a dog that they have and train. We are doing obedience with Fris with her instead of more intense types.
  7. Thank you all, I just wanted an affirmation I was doing the right thing. I have kept my daughter up on what is happening and what will happen. She has been to every vet appointment. The cardiologist allowed her in for the procedure. My girl is tough and there has been tears but still lots of hugs and love. I had never dealt in all my years with a dog with heart murmure so I took the breeders word that it was not so bad, my fault. We were given 400.00 off to have the cardiologist visit. The breeder says she'll give her another puppy when Frisbee passes. I think I will pass her offer and get one before that time comes. Buy the way we are really working hard on tricks. Right now Emily is sure she can get her to pick up toys and laundry clean up.
  8. We are a big time dog sports family. When my youngest daughter turned 10 she wanted her own dog. We went to a highly recommend breeder and she picked out a puppy. So for 10 weeks she visited the pup, built a bed for her pup and fell in love. On the way to pick up the pup breeder calls me says pup has heart murmure. Emily started crying and said sh don't care puppy needs a home and she loves her. Now after the cardiac evaluation and testing the pup has hole between bottom two chambers and a bad aortic valve. They say nothing can be done and she is already at 16 weeks showing enlargement. My delema is this dog rocks, she knows so many tricks, she wants to run and play constantly. She lives to please and also never sits down....like a border collie should. Cardiologist says keep her confined at times only a couple passes at fetch and no really running just take her for walks. This is the kind of BC that is hyper and athletic she needs to get her ya yas out. She is crushed when not allowed to play (we have another BC, a duck toller and a pappilon) so you can see she is going stir crazy. What would you do, let her run, play and enjoy life going out with her boots on, or confine and take her joy away and live a bit longer. Vet gives her a year to 18 mos. I looked at the cardiologist and said I think she should live to her ability, she definatly didn't like it. Am I wrong? By the was she said did not appear to be a hereditary defect.
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