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  1. Hi everyone, thanks for your advice and kind words - it's much appreciated. However, I'm worried I might have painted a more extreme picture than I intended. I should first give a bit of history about the dog, he was re-homed three times before we got him from the Dog's Trust, and he was only 1 year old. As a consequence, he was very mischievious when we first got him, and he still is now, but to a much lesser extent. My mum wants to get the shock collar to try and correct these bad behaviours - such as, charging up the stairs when he knows he's not allowed to, stealing food off the kitchen c
  2. My family dog is a young collie, about 2 years old, who seems to be suffering from extreme anxiety. In the house he is fine, but taking him out for walks is fast becoming impossible. He seems to stop when provoked by nothing, and cower, constantly pulling in the direction of home. He is very scared of trucks and motorbikes and will become stressed if they drive by, but it seems just being out is scaring him. He has been attacked by other dogs a couple of times in the park, and he has actually attacked another dog, even though he wasn't threatened. If another dog walks past him while he is
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