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  1. They have multiple toys they share, they know how to take turns and watch. They also know how to fetch different toys at the same time. I would just like to add a new element to play time. I would like to teach them to play together, I feel like it would help them bond. It would also switch things up from time to time.
  2. ^^ This! Sometimes dogs are much smarter than people give them credit for. Much of their behavior with each other is about avoiding conflict. I totally agree with your post. I believe a strong leader doesn't tolerate consistent conflict. My dogs know not to fight with each other. Every now and then the dogs get into a small barking match over a treat on the ground. For the most part tho, the understand to avoid conflict and give each other their space while eating. People do not give dogs enough credit for avoiding conflicts. Part of being a social animal that lives in a group, is knowing how to avoid conflict to survive.
  3. 1. My dogs are very well at taking turns, while playing, eating and training. I need to teach them when it is ok to both be active doing the same activity. I have seen many dogs running after the same toy, racing and chasing each other. 2.I already taught my dogs to chase different toys, I have also taught my dogs to take turns chasing the same toy. 3. I understand what you are saying about competition, neither of my dogs have ever showed any toy aggression and both dogs get reward equally. It doesn't matter if they are the dog to bring the toy back or the that ran out and came back with nothing. As long as the are running for the same toy together.
  4. I was going to actually look into this. Is there any special kind you recommend? Does it clean stained teeth? What about deer antlers?
  5. Do you use a plain tooth brush? One of the dogs I adopted has dirty teeth and the tooth brush didn't seem to do much. I only tried twice though. Maybe if I brush more often and start a routine.
  6. I'm sure someone on this forum does bike joring, or ski joring. My dogs are pros at biking with me. The run in the heel position and know to stay on the left of me. I have just started to teach them bike joring and I have a few questions. How do I teach them to actually pull me and not slow down because I' not peddling as fast? I have 2 dogs, sometimes they start to pull me pretty fast, one dog is a natural at pulling. The other one starts to, then stops pulling once I stop peddling. I have to teach him I want him to run out in front and pull. How to teach the dogs to run in front? They do run out in front, sometimes. They also go to the left in the heel position, other times they run to the left out in front. This actually isn't that big of an issue. I was just wondering if anyone had tips on how they got their dogs to stay in front of them. A list of commands you use for bike joring and a short explanation on how you taught it. As always thank you in advance!
  7. So some peoples dogs may fight over toys. My dogs simply wont play together with a toy. When I throw it both dogs start to run, then my one dog Anthony stops and lets Jay fetch the toy. He stops after a couple steps, once hes sees Jay running as well. I feel like I taught them to take turns too well. I feel like that is part of the problem. How do I teach my dogs to race for 1 toy and race back? Border collies are smart dogs, I know they can learn this pretty easily. I'm kind of struggling for ideas as a trainer though. Any advice, help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Any homemade ways, that are safe for dogs, to whiten their teeth and also kill bad dog breath? I was just interested in hearing what people have come up with.
  9. So I have a border collie and a border collie/aussie mix I'm teaching tug of war. I had to start by teaching the dogs its ok to grab the rope out of my hand. They were taught to wait for me to give them the toy. The border collie/aussie is a natural when it comes to playing, he is highly toy driven and catches on pretty quick. His problem is he stops tugging after about 5 secs. How do you teach him, I want him to pull longer? My border collie has learned a lot about playing in the last 9 months or so. He was found a stray at 1 and is a little slower learning new games. The bright side is when he gets a new command or rule, he has it. Unlike my other dog, who naturally likes to play, but catches on to rules a little slower. (normally a day or 2 behind) I have read you shouldn't let your dog win tug of war, because it brings out dominance issues. To teach my dogs its ok to pull the rope, I had to drop it and click when they tugged. It seems to be working, at least they clearly understand to go for the rope when I'm holding it. (they would just sit and look before) The border collie that was a stray, doesn't quit get I want him to pull the rope. He puts his mouth on it, for 1-2 secs on lets go. I still reward him, so he knows to go for the rope. How to I encourage or teach him to pull the rope. I feel like they are coming a long, at least they are learning the first part of the game.I feel like I might need to switch up the training soon or try a different technique. How did you teach your border collie to pull until you tell them to stop or at least pull for 15-20 secs at a time? Also has anyone taught 2 dogs to play tug together? How did you accomplish to teach them?
  10. Thank you for all the help, Anthony has been catching Frisbee for a while now, he catches all of his toys and plays fetch. I also adopted a 2nd border collie/aussie mix that knows all the same things as Anthony. The 2nd dog Jay was a natural at catching Frisbee even though he was severely over weight when I adopted him. Jay is no longer over weight. I think some of what you were saying was right, but i feel like Anthony needs to learn some things, other dogs just know. I believe this may have to do with him being a stray at a young age. (found at 1 year old) Anthony actually started catching Frisbee about a week after my last post on this thread. Besides Frisbee, both dogs do amazing biking. We bike anywhere from 15-60 miles a week. (srping/summer/fall) Ill make some videos and upload them later on! Thanks for all the help and advice.
  11. So I adopted my first border collie in October. Besides my mini poodle this is my first pet. In February I adopted a 2nd border collie/aussie mix. I can feel both of my dogs bones although you can't see them. Are my dogs underweight? I have thought they were fine, but friends and family have made comments. Anthony was found as a stray at about 1 year old, the family I adopted him from, had him until he turned 3ish. When I first got him another border collie owner said he looks lean or skinny compared to hers. I thought nothing of it, she was a bigger lady and I'm a lean man. I just thought the dogs took the shape of their owners. Both are very active dog, we bike anywhere from 5-20 miles, up to 3 times a week. We also play fetch and go for walks. My other dog Jay is a Border Collie/Aussie Mix. He has the border collie shoulder blades, he also has the border collie tail. (Aussie have small hidden tails) Jay I adopted this February, he was in a abusive, neglectful home. When I got him he was a good 25-30 pounds over weight. He was also really dyhadrated , with neon pee. He wouldn't drink water, I would put kibble or beef broth in the water to make him drink. He also stayed in an overly excited state over mind. This combined with him being over weight caused heavy breathing/panting. (so loud, words can't describe) Anthony has gotten a little bigger, Jay has gotten a lot smaller. Both dogs have made a ton of progress and have a lot of energy. (We bike 15-60 miles a week not including walks and play time) Check out the pics and let me know what you think. Anthony: Black, White, Brown Jay: Black and Grey
  12. I feel like the extra praise has re-ensured him on the stuff he already knows. I don't feel like a lack of trust is the issue at all! My dog trusts me. I even noticed the times we trained yesterday and today/tonight he seems less afraid of the Frisbee flying and more eager to see where its going to land. I try not to throw it directly at my dog, for the fact I don't want to hit him in his head, and let him have a bad experience with the Frisbee. There were a couple throws that went about 6 inches over his head and he simply turned to see where it went. This is a huge improvement. Also I have seen improvements on how quick he gets it and brings it back with added praise. I have also started a training exercise with the "get it" command. Where it is on the floor, and I have him get it. Then he follows me as I walk away from him. I click when he gets to where I stop at and he gets a treat. Then we go back to the old spot or a new spot. (I never touch the Frisbee) Here are a few short videos, because it will be easier for you guys to help if you see the dog in action, instead of my words. (keep in mind he has improved in the last 2 or 3 nights, after taking a few days off and extra praise) Sorry for no sound and and the orientation of the video, the only thing i had was my phone and the mic doesn't work. I was using a clicker and a lot of praise. http://www.youtube.com/embed/fYztywBqxpI http://www.youtube.com/embed/x1U4u_1qgZI
  13. Thank you that is great advice, running away works to get them to come back faster! I started doing that today/last night after I posted. I also kind of did keep away as well. I'd act like I wanted him to take it from my hand, pull it back, fake a throw and then throw it and he did run towards it! I will take you advice and do some more keep away before I throw it.
  14. 1. I don't think he is clingy at all, he just likes to be by me. If I tell him to stay while I leave the room or house he'll just lay down until I get back. He looks at me as the leader over my mom or sister. (he is my dog) 2. I also have a mini poodle, that dog didn't know fetch, he was possessive over his toys and would bite. We adopted him at age 6, from a lady with 15 cats. He had no rules and thought he was a cat! All his bad behaviors are gone now besides 1 or 2 small things. This border collie is an angel compared to the mini poodle when we first got him. (turning 8 in march) 3. I will be patient, I'm not sure if slowing down with the disk is right. I think its to soon to try outside with distractions, I think our indoor training sessions will make him more confident over time though. I'm not frustration normally, it was that one time outside where he was laying and wouldn't get up or come. (do border collies lay when they herd, i know they crutch and do the collie walk) 4. I love my dog for who he is no matter what! He is doing extremely great if it takes 3 months for a dog to readjust. I'm not worried he doesn't get a enough exercise. I just want other outlets for him to burn his energy off with. Sometimes he does 2 running sessions of 5 miles. (day and evening with plenty of food sleep and water in between) 5. You could be right about that, he is picking it up, but maybe not as quickly as i would wish. I feel like he made big progress last night and again today. I didn't play with him for a few days and just trained him and ran with him. 6. I know its not the end of the world, he is going to learn Frisbee, he picking up, he just seems a little unsure at times. I also switched a couple things I do myself when teaching him to play Frisbee. Its a learning process for the both of us. I also plan on having him do some agility next summer. I know its not the end of the world and I love my dog no matter what. 7. He is developing at his own pace, that is the only way to teach a dog. My mini poodle didn't know how to play fetch, he would run with his toys and hide under a bed or anything and bite you if you tried to get it. This dog doesn't bite and actually brings it back to you when you say "come or bring it." I'm sure he will get it! I just wanted a few tips and techniques from people who may have ran in to these problems while training their border collie buddies. Thank you though, I appreciate the advice.
  15. 1. I will take that in to consideration! I will try to slow down. 2. He would keep tugging so I let him keep going. I said let go and he let go, he doesn't bite it hard the next time though. I thought maybe he thought I didn't want him to tug anymore. He will go run after it when i throw it and start shaking it. He still shows interest in the rope. I will shorting the tug sessions though. As far as the Frisbee sessions I would say they go for 5-10 min. (way to long haha) He actually did really well last night at a longer training session. I feel like he would have kept playing, I did stop it before he got bored though. (I did multiple different things with the Frisbee, I didn't want to be to redundant) 3. I agree he might need more confidence, this has also crossed my mind. Any tips on building a dogs confidence? Is it bad he follows me around? I thought that was a good thing. He is getting better at not ducking his head or stepping aside like he did when we first started. He just stares at it and watches it fall most of the times. (the last few days) I think he is happy to play though, I think hes just unsure of all the rules. When we were done last night he was panting and wagging his tail. 4. I don't want to sound cocky, I don't think my throws are the problem though, I'm a athlete and I also play ultimate Frisbee. Throwing a Frisbee is something i have been doing for a while. (i agree though, bad throws aren't fair to the dog) Thank you for your input, I truly appreciate it. If you have any tips on building up a dogs confidence I would love to hear them.
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