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  1. Hello from Minnesota (I know my username says Vermont lol). I use Musher's Secret in the winter when the conditions aren't so cold/harsh as to need booties. Yes, you want to trim the hair that grows between paw pads, but only cut it flush with the paw pad. This will help with excess snow build-up between the pads. Apply a liberal coating of the was on all paw pads before going out into the snow/ice. It will protect the pads from ice burn or super cold snow, as well as salt/deicer. That's what I use it for, not as a conditioner for the paw pads. I haven't heard of it being used to condition the pads or toughen them up or soften them up. I would use something like udder cream for that purpose. Since I only apply it when going outside for long hikes, I don't have the problem of my dog licking his paws. If you do have salt/deicer used a lot in your area, be sure to wipe down your dog's feet with mild soapy water when you get in. If they lick the deicer off their paws and injest, they can become very sick. (Depending on where you live, some townships use nontoxic chemicals for deicing roads. Others do not. I choose not to risk it and just take my dog on hikes out in the country and not on roads). If conditions are harsh, wear booties. Keep yourself moving forward and go for a half hour or more duration. She/he will settle in and soon ignore the booties. Hope that helps! Just info on what I do. Danielle
  2. Update! Mica is doing fantastically well. Strategy on the hikes is working great. Socializing with people is going great too. Thanks again for the advice.
  3. I am so thankful for such detailed replies. We now have a game plan! Thank you so much. I will let you all know how we progress :-)
  4. I should also mention that all of his training has been positive reinforcement. I try to put him in situations where he will be successful and increase his confidence.
  5. Hello there. I could really use some advice on insecurity and aggression. My 10 month old male BC is insecure around strangers. We do obedience and agility training, and I am always working with him on something. I think the long winter of limited socialization has made him very unsure of strangers. If we are on leash, he will retreat and bark if someone approaches him directly. Understandable, yet it becomes a big issue if people want to say hello to him. If we are on leash walking among people there is no issue. Worse yet is his behavior off leash on trails or around the house. He will charge people, get all ruffled up, bark at them and circle. This is the part that is beginning to border on aggression and has me concerned. I know that BC'S are not golden retrievers and tend to be more cautious. We have gone to being on leash all the time but I want my dog to be social and understand that new people are a good thing not scary. He is very dog friendly and highly socialized there. If these people strangers come with dogs they are automatically cool people and he loves them. Also if we meet new people at historically fun places (our training facility, where he goes for daycare, etc) then those people must be cool too. Any advice on how to deal with the off leash behavior would be great. Or stories on skittish, fearful, brash BCs. We are working on improving our recalls and I often carry one of his toys when we are on the trail. I'd hate for him to be on leash forever or for this to turn toward nipping or biting. Thanks!
  6. Yep, those are the trials I attended. I feel odd just calling up random people on the Breeder's Directory, but it is a place to start.
  7. Hello! I have enjoyed reading these forums for a few months now. I have a 6 month old BC pup, and I have loved every minute since I brought him home! I would love to introduce him to sheep (just an initial hello, what are these things) in the next few months, and I'm also keeping an eye out for someplace I can take him when he gets bigger for some coaching/mentoring (I'll be the first to admit I don't know a thing about herding). I've been to 2 trials in the Northeast, and I at least want to see how he takes to sheep. If anyone knows of places I might go or people I might talk to, please comment! I live near Burlington, VT but I would be willing to travel. I don't know if I've been bit by the bug yet, but I at least want to give him the opportunity. :-) Thanks so much! Danielle
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