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  1. I've been waiting for my 14 month old male BC to settle down but am wondering if that is ever going to happen. He spends all day, that's ALL DAY pacing around the house. He does not sit or lie down on his own accord. What is up with this?!!!! And what do I do? It is starting to drive me nuts. He runs with me 2-3 times a week, 5 miles, goes to the dog park every other day to chase the ball, goes on walks 3 times a week and does agility once a week. We have a younger female BC that he plays with constantly (until she has had enough of him). He does sleep through the night though.
  2. I fell into #2 above and exercised my first BC like crazy: walks, 5-8 mile runs, doggy day care, the park, throwing the ball... And he turned into an exercise, must do something all the time addict! Now with the addition of my second one, I alternate dogs and activity and neither get as much. The second one seems perfectly content with a :30 walk, the exercise addict is 'learning' to settle down a bit! I couldn't possibly keep up that level of activity with two BCs. Now they also have each other and spend many hours playing bitey/kissey face!
  3. Well I had asked the question about how much running is ok in a different post but didn't get an idea. My boy runs with me twice a week on dirt trails and he runs 5-6 miles. He sets the pace (which seems to be fast pretty much the whole time). I love running with him since I taught him to be off leash and on voice command and he seems to love it too. He is so good only running about 15-20 feet ahead and often looking back to check in with me.
  4. I have been doing some research on what to feed BCs and what to keep in mind with a breed that could be prone to hip displasia and have come to the conclusion that they should be fed a food with a low calcium and phosphorus %. So what brands fall into this category? How is Evo? Origen looks good but is not sold in my area. Suggestions?
  5. Ok so my boy just turned 1 and I've got the green light to let him run with me. I know how to ease him into it and slowly add miles. My question is how many times a week can I run him and how many miles?
  6. Tri?? My boy has the same colors though not as much. The brown on him is on his legs and tail and a little on his face. he has little brown eyebrows too. I totally know what you mean about people saying he couldn't be all BC! Most people tell me they think mine is BC and German Sheppard. He's all BC tho.
  7. I added a 9 week old to the family when the current BC will turn 1 in a couple days. I have never been so stressed as I have been for the last 3 weeks! The dogs get along but my house is a total zoo! I wish I had waited until the current BC is 3-4! I am considering contacting the breeder to return the pup. ):
  8. Ok I have come to the conclusion that I have the only BC that never sleeps! I'm thinking from the posts that part of the reason is because I myself never sit still so he follows me and has to keep an eye on me all the time. I sometimes make him nap or give him a :30 time out especially when we have just gotten back from a 6 mile run. I know he has got to be tired but needs to be taught to settle down!
  9. I am curious! My male BC'S 1 year old. On a daily basis he either goes on a 5 mile hike or a 5-6 mile run. He also does agility and I train him a few minutes a day. The question is he NEVER naps during the day. Is this common????? I feel I do enough to tire him out!
  10. Oh and my last dogs were 11 and 13 and they played to the very end.
  11. I completely agree. My house is my quiet snug house. My older dog knows the house rules. The younger one will learn them!!!!! Nothing like unwinding at the end of a long day in a peaceful home as opposed to the dogs running laps around the couch!
  12. Well the two of them were playing in the yard this AM! I put a couple toys out and off they went. It's hard to carve in just time with the new pup without my older dog wanting to be in the middle. He is such a Velcro dog! I am going to start short training play sessions with her while he has to have a little crate time.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I have been letting them in the yard to play especially when they start to get wound up in the house and so far every time we get to the yard, they stop playing and want to eat the yard or dig holes . Guess it will just take some more time. My boy gets a ton of exercise. He is my walking and running buddy- daily. And is starting agility. I love the bond I have with him so I am concerned about getting that bond with the new puppy.
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