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  1. As Marilyn Monroe once said "I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." It does seem to be a bit of a gamble, a puppy that is, but I'm fairly positive that it is a risk I am willing to take. I think.
  2. I will definitely do some talking once I find a breeder(s). I agree very much that it depends on the individual dog and as you mentioned, any good breeder will know what they're dogs can or can't handle.
  3. I see... I don't exactly live in the craziness of downtown Manhattan, I live on the upper, upper westside, but I suppose that doesn't make much of a difference. Truthfully, I am trying to get a BC because of their athletic ability as well as their mixed blessing intelligence. I love to run and hike, but my current dog does not fit the bill. I do hope I can find a breeder who won't mind his/her dog living in an urban environment as long as the same BC mental/physical stimulation is met and it is not too stressful for the dog.
  4. Now, I believe that this varies greatly and to each his own, but I like going through the 'puppyhood' stages. Again, this is a personal choice, for instance I like chocolate and someone else likes vanilla, but I have a lot of fun watching puppies develop and mature into the dogs they will become. I would really appreciate it if I could find a good, reputable breeder on the East Coast (any ideas?), however I am wondering now if a BC breeder would allow me to have one of their puppies since I have never owned one before...? I also don't exactly have a BC's dream living conditions. I would be able to provide multiple runs (at least an hour each) as well as ample amounts of play time, obedience, and agility a day, but I most certainly do not have a farm. He/she would only be alone 1-2 hours max a day (grocery shopping, other errands). I suppose, as previously mentioned, that it matters more what you do with he/she than it matters about how much space you have, but I am still mildly concerned that a breeder may see this as an orange/red flag...
  5. I have been thinking about the structure because I do love competing... But, I suppose an active/companion wouldn't be the end of the world. I only currently have one dog, however I'm not sure packing three dogs into a 2,000 sq/ft apt would go over very well
  6. I have never spayed a dog. My current dog is not spayed, nor do I plan on spaying her. She does go into heat, but it is not such a huge deal. She goes into heat about once every eight months for two weeks give or take a couple days. It can be difficult to keep her away from other dogs because she's oh so social. As for the blood...I have a dog 'diaper.' I cut up part of a pantyliner and put half in. I change it 1-2 times a day and I switch off on diapers giving each one a wash between uses. It's really not that terrible and after she gets used to being in the diaper she behaves like her normal self.
  7. I am considering a mix, but I am leaning more towards the purebred side because I like their high activity level and because I would love to compete in agility with him/her. I also want to be sure what I am getting...I mean, I already have a pet/companion dog, so now I am looking forward to having an active/high energy/sporty dog. If I know what the rescue is mixed with (e.g. border collie/collie mix) I will sort of know how the dog will turn out, but if I have no clue what the dog is mixed with I might end up with a borderhuahua (border collie/chihuahua mix).
  8. I probably shouldn't have said "in my area" as that is a bit deceiving. I should have said that I am willing to take a week or two to drive somewhere for the right dog. I have driven up and down the east coast just recently with my family for about two weeks and I know that I would definitely do it again especially if I was choosing the right dog. My goal is to find a dog that will suit my lifestyle and that loves to run and play, so if that means driving for a couple days to find that dog its okay with me and I am willing to do it.
  9. No offense taken, I do not fully know what I am getting myself into because I have not yet owned a BC yet. I do have experience with Aussies, but I have been told that they tend to be less intense or extreme than a BC, but still similar. I do not really want a pet since I have another dog that is perfect for that. I am more looking for a running, swimming, hiking buddy that my current dog can't give me. I would also be really excited to try agility, but my dog doesn't really 'take' to the sport. I'll see if I can meet some Border Collies in person before I make any decisions, but I will most likely be looking at breeders more than rescues.
  10. I know there are a lot of variables for this question, but would a rescue BC puppy or a BC puppy from a breeder be better for a first time Border Collie owner? Or, does it not make much of a difference if the dog is well socialized/not aggressive? There are about an equal amount of Border Collie shelters and breeders around my area, so that doesn't make much of a difference. Are your dogs rescues or from a breeder? -B
  11. I know that it is a hard breed to keep mentally and physically active especially in NYC... But i would be able to give her and my other dog as much attention as possible throughout the day except for three hours a day Mon-Fri. I'm currently looking at the blog that you attached in your reply and it seems to have some good information.
  12. Okay, thanks. I guess a lot is based on the individual. I would be a getting a puppy from a breeder. I live in a big apartment (two bedroom, two bathroom, living room, kitchen dining room, maids room), so unfortunately my Border Collie wouldn't have a yard to play in... And I I read a lot that when they get bored they chew on EVERYTHING so i would want to make sure that doesn't happen.
  13. I'm not world's biggest cat lover, but that's not too bad.
  14. I need to know what treats I should feed a BC, what food I should feed a BC, if two hours of rigorous work is enough for a BC or if more is needed, I need to know if a harness or collar is better, do most BCs love swimming?, do most of them not get carsick?, are they more motivated by food, praise, or play?, would one agility lesson a week and several agility practices a week be good for a BC?, I'm having a hard time finding breeders in the NY, NJ, CT area does anybody know of some breeders close to me? More questions to follow, when I think of them I'm sorry I'm asking a lot of random questions, but I really need to get a LOT of information on BCs... So thanks!!
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