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  1. 2015 AAC REGIONAL! We qualified for nationals Finished 9th place on her height!
  2. Yea totally my fault -.- I assumed that she's gonna take it, thats why i did not say my cue for the A-frame.
  3. Yup! There is a times that you really need to blind cross, but I usually pick not to, i dont know its just weird for me doing blind crosses, i feel like tripping every time or me being on the way of my dog lol but I'm practicing, my agility trainer LOVES blind crosses lol
  4. It went pretty well, other than she was not running her usual speed, but not bad for our first time
  5. Hello guys! Me and my 2 yrs old BC will be in our very first agility trial tomorrow. I just want to know what to bring and can someone describe how is the atmosphere gonna be like? We attended fun matches before, but i dont know how different its gonna be like from that. Thanks!
  6. I have two border collies and they are both very different. One i can run with her without saying much, but my other one who is blazing fast.... I have to have a verbal command. I think i will go with 'push' thanks for everyones suggestions though.
  7. I have a very fast border collie and I really need to use verbal commands. 'Push' is a good suggestion.
  8. What Q do you guys use for them to take the back side of the jump? I cant use back or out. i use it so often that it wont make sense to them.
  9. We attended an agility fun match earlier today and we had a blast It was not perfect, but they're still awesome! Just want to share some of their runs Bella (23 months old) Cayley (16 months old)
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