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  1. I will be speaking with the vet dermatologist for help with an elimination diet. Thank you for the google tip!
  2. I am feeding Bravo Blends and Bravo Balance - the ingredients read as though there are real vegetables in them. I was speaking to a homeopathic vet tech recently who informed me that Bravo has been having "issues" as far as quality goes. I was contemplating a switch anyway. I think elimination will be my next step. Thanks, I just feel so bad for him. He grew up locked in cage, he finally has a good home and now he has to deal with allergies. He just can't get a break. Thanks! I will be reading more about this additive today.
  3. Oh wow - that sounds like a miracle drug. What side effects does your dog experience? I have gotten to the point where I do not care about cost, I will try anything to just make him ok!!!! I am glad you have a success story! What medicated shampoo do you use? I was given a lidocaine shampoo by the vet dermatologist and it seems to work for an hour or so - then back to the itching. Before my original vet dermatologist moved he told me about a sulfuric shampoo that is used weekly. I was going to speak to a new vet when I go back about the shampoos. Do you also frequently do water baths? Thanks!
  4. I will be asking the dermatologist for help with an elimination diet. When I first got Joey I was feeding him a chicken based kibble diet. I changed to raw and to beef thinking that he could possibly have a chicken allergy. After that we began the seeing a vet dermatologist, who was confident that his issues were a result of environmental allergies. I had also read previously that chicken was the most common source of allergies. The fact that it could be a "individual" protein is very overwhelming- however it also tells me that I need to at least TRY addressing diet ASAP. I do not use fabric softener, dryer sheets, etc. I use All non allergenic detergent. It does not help that the test show he is allergic to Cotton. Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it!
  5. Thank you so much for your response! I am using a board certified veterinary dermatologist. We did the skin testing, he is allergic to 39/71 items (multiple weeds, grasses, molds, and trees - not to mention "dust" and "dust mites" - indoors..AH). The dermatologist I was working with ended up moving to the west coast, and I have only met with another vet at the practice 1x. She did not seem to read my dog's file prior to meeting with me or seem very interested in answering my questions, so I am making another appointment and requesting a different dermatologist. The dermatologist that moved had told me he was extremely certain it was not a food allergy - he is my first dog so I guess I did not feel I should question an experts judgment. I will definitely be requesting an elimination diet at the next appoinment. He is an indoor dog unless we are walking, running, or at agility lessons. I have noticed that he avoids walking in grasses, if there is dirt or a wooden side to a building he will try to walk on that for example. If he is allergic to the staph on his own skin - how would that be addressed? I have been using generic Zyrtec, I did not consider that a different OTC antihistamine could make a difference. I will certainly try that! Thank you! I was never told that water baths would help. Thank you for the tip about Aveeno - do you wash it off after or leave it on? I use non allergenic detergent, no dryer sheets at all. I try to avoid scented sprays or things like febreeze in the house. How about glass/ceramic bowels? I have NEVER heard the regular vet or dermatologist speak about staph infections. I know he does not have any yeast. I will be speaking to them about this. You have been extremely helpful and I am very greatful. This is such great information.
  6. Hi Everyone, I was looking to get some feedback/advice/stories from others who have border collies with allergies. I adopted a border collie mix, Joey, 3 years ago and he is my best friend. He has what I would describe as severe allergies. We live in Virginia. He eats a pre-packaged Raw diet of Bravo Beef Patties (recommendation from my aunt). We completed allergy testing and began immunotherapy in June of 2014, no results thus far. He is on 4MG of Medrol/daily (methylprednisolone) and 20MG of Zyrtec/daily. I am currently weaning him off of the steroids, he has been on 2MG Medrol/daily since Monday. I can already tell he is scratching again. The steroids are awful. He has become compulsive at licking the carpet, seems to have anxiety, heavy panting, and eating anything he can get his mouth on (food, random things outside, etc). He has been on the steroids since June 2014. What prompted my decision to take him off of the streoids once and for all is that 2 weeks ago he had to have surgery to remove a bone he got outside that I could not pry from his mouth. While completing surgery the vet found a (human) hairball inside of his stomach the size of my fist; I believe this is from licking the carpet (we are all long haired people, I vacum 1x a week - bumped it up to daily now). I have also begun to muzzle him for our walks so he is unable to eat foreign objects, feces, etc. I am just at a loss right now. I have tried multiple topicals to assist with his itching. I just don't know what is worse - eating foreign objects or scratching himself raw. I have heard there is a sulfur shampoo? acupuncture? change diet? Thanks, Amy & Joey
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