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  1. You could hide items from him and send him to find them. When he’s a little older, you could teach him something useful, like finding your phone. I taught my dog to find my phone and my two-way radio. (They have lithium batteries, and dogs can smell them.) I put him in the bedroom and tell him to sit. I show him the phone and say “phone” a few times while I let him sniff it. Then, I shut the door and go hide the phone. After a few minutes, I tell him to go “find phone.” When he finds it, he gives me his alert, and I reward him. This has come in handy when I have lost my phone or radio. (
  2. I love living in Custer. I’ve lived here 8 1/2 years, and I like it better each year.
  3. I’m glad you recommended Patricia McConnell because her “Puppy Primer” book is the one I sent him. I really liked her book, “The Other End of the Leash,” so I searched to see if she had a puppy book. I bought the Kindle version for myself and started reading through it. It seemed like good, common sense, simple advice.
  4. Thank you both for your responses, your encouragement that it can work, and your warning about the 12-year-old. I probably am being unreasonably worried. I will encourage my son to join the boards as well. I am already bookmarking some recent threads that I can send to him if he asks me about various issues. I am just going to be hopeful and positive that it will all work out. I know he rushed into things once he got “puppy fever,” but I know he wants to do right by the dog. Sometimes, things that are not ideal can still work out to be great. I used to worry about the dog I got from a f
  5. I am looking for advice from the group in order to help my son. He's 24-years-old, lives in a townhouse in Oceanside, CA, and just bought an 8-week-old border collie pup. Pretty much everything he has done up to this point would fall under "what not to do" when you want a pup. But, I can't change any of that. I just want him to be successful with the pup he now has. We have a tri-color, working bred border collie named Roscoe who is almost eight years old now. He is my partner on our Search and Rescue team and is a great dog. My son graduated from the Naval Academy in 2019 and has
  6. In response to what do we do with our border collie, Roscoe is our companion, hiking buddy, skijoring partner, and a Search and Rescue dog-in-training. He loves chasing balls, catching frisbees, playing soccer, and swimming. He makes life more fun!
  7. Yes, Custer is a great town to call home, and Custer State Park is pretty awesome. It's great that they allow dogs to be off-leash in the park during the off-season. (I think it's October through March.) Of course, we don't do that in the areas where we're likely to run into buffalo. It's still weird to me when I go for a hike and come across buffalo. Thanks for the welcome.
  8. Marley Girl, I don't know a lot about training as my border collie, Roscoe, is the first dog I have actually trained myself. But, based on my observations with him, I think you have a lot of reason to be hopeful. I got Roscoe from a farm in Eastern South Dakota when he was 6 months old. He had never been away from the farm. The town I live near, Custer, SD, is not a very big town, but he was afraid of so many things in town for the first few months. Plastic bags, fire hydrants, construction barrels, rolling trash cans, lots of things. Pretty much if it wasn't a part of the natural en
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