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  1. One of the best ways to learn handling techniques is to volunteer at agility trials. Sit in the ring as a jump sitter and you'll get to see and evaluate them in person.
  2. Lots of good advice. In the ten years that I've been competing in agility (and before that in obedience) I have seen this problem several times. Don't give up. I have never seen a dog act like this that was not high drive. I have also seen them become champions. Nipping is part of herding. Barking nonstop comes with an Aussie. We get used to it. One of my friends bought all of his clothes for training from Old Navy because they were inexpensive. His pup frequently tore them. The dog no longer nips him and is a champion. The key is to calm the dog, and let the dog know that this is not appropriate behavior. A common technique is to put the dog on a down stay, and leave the course. Play time is over. Crate time it is. Remember you are working with a highly intelligent dog. They do learn. Be patient and consistent. Please also keep in mind that your dog is an individual. What works with one dog does not always work with the next. There are no absolutes in dog agility training, however, there are quiet a few know it alls. Hang in there. You'll have a blast!
  3. I've seen more than one devoted novice rescuer rehab a dog with the help of an experienced coach. Fortunately we have several such wonderful people at our local kennel club. It takes patience but I wouldn't just assume the worst. The BC I currently run in agility was four months old when I took him. The breeder had four, four month old males, and was desperately looking for homes. Most went to farms. He was scared of everything. Not interested in toys, low prey drive. As a trainer I was stumped. He's now nine, an agility champion, has more titles than I had ever dreamed of having on a dog, and because of his gentle temperament has many fans. Patience, perseverance and love will get you there.
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