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  1. Thank you so much! It's nice to hear I'm doing a lot of things right! I guess it's just natural for a first time "mom" to second guess themself haha a couple clarifications in case any body else chimes in and is wondering too. -she's crated when I'm not home so the issue is just that I'm always running to the window to stop her. We live on the second floor and we are going to move our couch soon but even then she's tall enough to see the street. maybe ill invest in one of those blinds that covers the bottom half of the window! thank you so much for the idea. -as for the alpha dog at ot
  2. Hello fellow Border Collie lovers! I'm just going to start by apologizing that I'm another newbie who's going to post asking for advice, but I have read through so many threads that now I feel like I have too many competing ideas floating around my head. I am 22 and Addison is my first dog on my own. I know a Border Collie is a bold choice for a first dog, but I have a lot of time to devote to her, previous experience with dogs, and the commitment to work with her. Plus I found her on craigslist and felt responsible for taking care of her so she didn't end up with someone less capable!
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