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  1. Honestly, if he’s peeing every 30 minutes while he’s awake, take him out every 25. He’s very young yet and it does take time. Of my two, they were both quite reliable around 6 months old. My girl was able to hold it for an hour, and no more, when she was tiny. While our male pup was often ready to go out again every 20 minutes. They are all different and it takes lots of successful repetitions, plus maturity to be able to hold it longer and learn how to alert you they need to go outside. Hang in there! They grow so fast and he will catch on.
  2. LOL rushdoggie's advice works for my Miss Barkypants too who loves to alert to all those things all the time, and thinks being thanked about it means to keep on doing it, and louder. I am curious about the Click to Calm though, I may check that out as well!
  3. Penny, almost 3 years old, Novice Brought her home at 8 weeks 1. Toilet Trained - 6 months old 2. Freedom in the house alone for at least an hour - around a year to 18 months, but she still gets crated if we are leaving the house fully and not just working outside 3. 80% successful recall with distractions - 6 months old 4. Close to 100% successful recall with distractions - around a year 5. Loose leash walking with distractions - around a year 6. Staying for at least one minute with distractions - 6 months, although I don't practice this very often anymore for duration 7. Acceptable greetings - she was about 90% with not jumping up from around a year (excited puppy likes to give kisses to everybody, OMG) but this improved a lot once I taught a "go to your mat" when the doorbell rings
  4. We're in Ontario as well, cold today isn't it!! I find Penny does the same thing with her paws, and will do it quite quickly outside when the temp nears -20. We bought her boots last winter for those colder days, and they help a great deal! I think the ones we bought were called Hot Doggers, they're made by Muttluks and are only about $15.
  5. I've never noticed wearing the wet coat causing Penny to be smelly after.... but then again she still smells pretty good even after getting caught in the rain lol so maybe that's just her. She doesn't notice any added weight either (if any). She runs around and plays the same with it on or off. The coat itself is very lightweight and doesn't feel heavy to me when handling it. You are supposed to squeeze them out after wetting so they're wet but not sopping and drippy, if that makes sense.
  6. I bought the Ruffwear Swamp Cooler (http://www.ruffwear.com/Swamp-Cooler-Dog-Cooling-Vest-Sun-Protection-Prevents-Canine-Heat-Exhaustion-from-Ruffwear) for Penny this summer, and it really does make a big difference on keeping her cooler on hot days. You do have to soak it in water though.
  7. Ourwully - just a thought, but how well does Juno know an "off" or "leave it" command? When it comes to critter chasing, I usually have better success with a recall if I call an off! (Or leave it, whichever you use) before I recall Penny. It seems to get through to her excited brain enough that I then have her attention for the recall. I've also used "Ball!" once or twice when it was urgent and that worked wonders. Not that I'm really experienced and I wouldn't say we have a 100% recall yet either in all situations, but just wondering if working a lot on the self control with the leave it would help you with Juno's recall. Oh, and I also do use verbal corrections in the form of "eh eh" or "No" with Penny, in the spirit of the behaviour conversation as per the original discussion, I do find she takes it in stride and if often helps communicate what I don't want quite well. Now if anyone has any tips on the stopping alert barking at everything that goes by, after I've said Quiet.... I'm all ears lol. I've tried both the rewarding for being quiet and a verbal correction, and not had great success unless I get up and stand in front of the window and tell her that's enough and to go settle.
  8. Another thought on the second issue, for the longest time my Penny would start to "check out" about an hour or so into class. Maybe 90 min of a two hour class, on a good day. She would get very mentally tired and not very interested in taking her turn near the end of class. Which looks a lot like being bored lol. Our classes sound the same as yours, with there being a lot of waiting while everyone takes a turn on the course. This has really improved as she matures. We started training agility when she was a year old, and now at 2 it hardly ever happens. Agility training and all the stimulus of the other dogs working around her, and working on being calm, can be quite mentally tiring. I also found with her it works a lot better if I focus more on keeping her moving through the course, instead of trying to get her to do it perfectly. She loses interest during training if I try to insist she not skip that jump, for example, but if I keep her moving through it and continue on it actually builds her interest and drive and she becomes more consistent and likely to nail it the next time. It may not be the same for your dog, and other agility trainers may disagree, but this is what works for Penny and was what our trainer had encouraged.
  9. There are probably child-proofing latches you can buy for the dishwasher, if that might help keep it closed!
  10. Penny answers to Penny, Pen Pen, Pen, Penny-Pen... Not very original lol. Though she also gets called Prancey Pants, sweetie, baby, goofus, cutie pie, things like that. The cat however.... Precious is often called Pookie, Bald Bellykins, Stinker McStinkerson, and sometimes Poopy Pants
  11. You are correct, Sue! My Canadian brain immediately thought of Canadian Kennel Club when I saw the initials CKC, and I didn't think that could be right. How confusing it all gets!
  12. CKC is the Canadian equivalent of AKC.... no better or worse. Is this the correct registry she's registered with? My BC is CBCA registered, which is the ABCA equivalent here in Canada. I honestly have no idea on the answers for your questions, but I would imagine there would be many options in the US where a Canadian registered dog could participate, as we do here for AAC events (Agility Association of Canada). ETA Oops, didn't realize there was also a Continental Kennel Club. Nevermind
  13. #1 - Kong Squeez Jel animals... Especially the koala and the hippo. Penny loves these so much they only come out at lunchtime and have to get put away after dinner. Unfortunately they seem to be discontinued, probably because the squeakers don't hold up well at all. Penny still loves them just as much after I've pulled the broken squeaker bottom off. #2 - A tie between chuck-it balls and the flying squirrel. Tho we usually only play with flying squirrel in the winter as it doesn't get lost in the snow. #3 - I'd have to say the super long braided fleece tug rope we bought at the sheepdog trials this past summer for $5. "Tuggy" gets dragged around the house a lot for impromptu tug games. She seems like it more than her Holee Roller, which is close in the running for third.
  14. There was another discussion about this very recently here http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showtopic=37774 We had similar problems with pee accidents until around 6 months with our Penny. Just some thoughts, I would try taking her out more often and see if that makes the difference. We were taking Penny out every hour until she stopped having accidents, and I think even around 8 months, we were taking her out every 1.5 to maybe 2 hours. This was only during the day when she wasn't crated, she was also fine overnight and in her crate. It took Penny a long time to learn to ask to go outside, and it really helped once she did. Maybe try training Maisey to ring a bell on the door when she has to go? I tried it and didn't have much success, but I've heard a lot of dogs do great with this. One thought for the pooping downstairs, what is your weather like right now? The trainers at our doggie school have mentioned it can be common for a dog to be reluctant to go outside in really cold weather and they may have an accident. Just a thought! We've had really cold temps this winter so far (days where it's below -20 Celsius) and I've had to put booties on Penny when I take her out or she has a hard time pooping while trying to hold her poor cold paws up in the air.
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