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  1. Thank you Teresa and I agree She is who she is and I love her for it. I'm just curious to see if there is something I could be doing to slowly nudge her temperament in a different direction. Honestly I've already half resigned myself to having a dog who just doesn't know how to play with her own species.
  2. Hi everyone I signed up about four years ago when I got my Willow. Best damn dog I ever had. I guess you can call me a Collie convert. Before her I've only had a late childhood cocker, Shadow. That dumb dog was dumb as rocks by comparison, but I miss her still and always will. In the beginning, before I got willow, I found this site very helpful. I had decided I wanted to raise a dog properly, and OBEDIENTLY. Naturally, I had many questions and needed much advise. This community helped me train an amazing dog with one small niggle that grew from slight to somewhat aggressive, to some
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