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  1. I received an email from Vicky at Possum Hollow Farm. She referred me to the memorial on their website and said Lanky was the best dog she ever had. That made my smile even bigger. I replied and asked her where I could find the article about him and told her my story. I hope I hear something back. Gail
  2. Thanks Julie. I'll try emailing Vickie again. I'm learning bits here and there. I guess I'm just a typical border collie mom who thinks her girl is awesome. At any rate, it's nice learning more about her background. Gail
  3. Hi Borg Queen She was actually being bred for conformation. Her father is a champion but didn't go beyond that due to a chipped or missing tooth (pretty silly, huh?) Her mother is a grand champion. The kennel she came from is a small kennel with 2 or 3 litters a year. But there are sports dogs in her background (their father or grandfather being Lanky). I'm interested in how good Lanky was. I know he was featured in An article in Stockdog Magazine but it appears that the magazine was short lived and maybe even just getting started when he was in it. Not sure but maybe that's why I can't
  4. I can't find him and I've done multiple searches. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Thanks for the information on him. That's something I didn't know. Gail
  5. Hello again. I posted on this board several months ago when I was looking for a border collie. I finally rescued a sweet border collie from a nearby shelter. The only problem was, she didn't know she was a border collie. She was very much a couch potato who just wanted to be loved. My daughter fell in love with her and she went to live with her and her family and is one very happy dog. I then started the search again. I couldn't find anybody with a working line puppy so I ended up getting an AKC puppy. Her name is Jazz. Jazz is now 10 months old and to me looks more like she's from w
  6. Pics (if it works) file://localhost/Users/gailherring/Desktop/IMG_0078.jpg file://localhost/Users/gailherring/Desktop/IMG_0079.jpg file://localhost/Users/gailherring/Desktop/IMG_0075.jpg
  7. Thanks for the advice. I've actually saw a little of that come out today. She's still pretty laid back but she barked at joggers going by, got very excited when a friend came by (followed her everywhere for a while, which gave me a little break, lol), actually chewed on her ball for a few minutes, and ran around the house at lightning speed for a minute, although she will not do it outside. She still will not have anything to do with her other toys, not even the flirt stick, but I haven't tried her Kong yet. This is like having a new small child around. She actually slept in her cra
  8. Thanks guys. I must have the most laid back BC EVER!!! She just follows me around now untethered. The only time I leash her is outside. She sits still every time. I've not once heard her whimper, growl or bark! She won't even go after a ball! I think she's a hound in border collie clothing. The neighbor sometimes lets their pooch (sorta small, brown short hair) run loose. Well, she was in our back yard today when she went out and there was a stalemate. The other pooch stood very still looking in every direction possible. My pooch stood still but stared at her like a laser
  9. She's home now and very sweet. She has one brown eye and one blue eye. She's peed and pooed outside every time (I've taken her out frequently) and never even started to in the house. I have her tethered to me. It makes me wonder if she was previously house trained. She almost stopped pulling on a leash as I just stop when she tries. I still couldn't get her to eat the prepared treats so I broke down and gave her very small pieces of hotdog. She about knocked me over to get to them. After using that as training treats for a while she even started eating the other treats. I th
  10. Thanks for the replies. As far as walks while at the humane society, I think that happened approximately once a week when volunteers came. Pretty sad life for any dog but better than the alternative I guess. I can use toys for rewards and yesterday bought several. I guess I just preferred the treat method. I hope she was just excited. I've read a lot about Patricia Connell's book, and I'll get a copy. The picture from the link doesn't do her justice. I think she is very pretty. I just couldn't understand why she hadn't been adopted in three months. OK guys, wish me lu
  11. Hello again guys. I started a topic called "Breeder" around 3 weeks ago and everyone was so helpful. I found a what seemed to be PB BC at a shelter about 59 minutes where I live and went to visit her today. I wasn't expecting much as her pic on PetFinder wasn't very pretty. But I decided to go anyway. She is just beautiful (to me, anyway). When I called earlier I was told she was laid back. That I didn't see. We put her on leash and took her outside. She was pretty excited and jumping up all over us. She was loving though and laid her head on the humane society employee's lap.
  12. On the above post I just copied and pasted the link. I don't know how the video came up like that. I hope I didn't break any rules. Gail
  13. Reading the post about yawning reminded me of a video I watched on you tube recently. kikopup appears to be well respected and I love her obedience training videos on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgnLgHFRJu4
  14. Thanks Julie. I guess that really tells the whole story. So sad for the pups. Gail
  15. God bless you, Angie. Poor "Cody" and all the others. He probably didn't know what a jackpot he won once he went from that hell to your home. Thanks for telling me to search for those idiots. Gail
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