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  1. You can do it! I am currently training my dog for my Celiac Disease. He is doing really good! I am doing his obedience training with The Dog Wizard, and have done his scent training myself. No it is not for whimps, it takes a lot of time and patience if you plan to do it yourself. I know you can get books on how to train dogs for Diabetes, so maybe get some of those and use them to help. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  2. I cannot answer your questions but she is adorable!!!
  3. Yes, that is the only reason why I think Golden Retriever over Labrador Retriever or another kind of Retriever.
  4. Okay, I just posted another picture to help show you how big Frodo is. It is attached to my original post. My guess at this point is Golden Retriever/ GSD(maybe King or Shiloh)/ Leonberger - because Frodo just had another growth spurt and is now basically 25 inches from paw to shoulder.
  5. Thank you all for your input! I have wondered about Saint Bernard before. I have also wondered about the possibility of him having GSD and/or King Shepherd in him. But I was not even aware of the breed Leonberger - and after looking them up and looking at pictures - Oh, my some of them have just the same expressions as my Frodo does at times. And Frodo's eyes match up and so does his temperament. I could definitely see him having Leonberger in him! I have also realized that since I got Frodo his feathers have been getting longer and fuller and the hair around his neck has been getting fluffier too. I am also going to do some homework on the Shiloh Shepherd - as I have also not heard of them. I have to agree with all of you that I am thinking that he must have some kind of Giant breed in him. arf2184 - I did find that article interesting! Thank you for sharing it! Although how do you read it? Are the percentages what the dog is really supposed to have in it and the ones to the side a guess? And as for all of you with pictures of your dogs they are all adorable as well! Anyway, thank you all so much for you input!!
  6. Yes he is brindle. His hair is medium length and seems to be getting a little longer as he is growing. So the brindle is kind of running together.
  7. Can you not see the pictures that I posted? I went ahead and posted them on my original post. Please let me know if you can not see them.
  8. Okay more pics are up. Will they work or do I need to try getting more? Just let me know. He is a hard one to get to stand still, and if I have someone come and hold his leash he just wants to play and get loves - so that idea really did not work. I resorted to just snapping pictures when I could. He has a medium length coat and a feathered tail - not sure how much you can tell either of those things from the pics.
  9. Okay. Good idea. I will try to get one before the day is over. I tried posting some better pictures but they exceeded the limit for file size. I will definitely do my best to get some better pics, and try to get them up before the day is over. Thank you for your reply!!
  10. Hi! I signed into this board several months ago and asked about advice as to whether or not I should get a BC now or wait a while till I was established on my farm. I heeded your advice and have decided to wait to get a full breed BC. However I did deem it necessary to get myself a dog that could act as my protector. So I adopted a mut from a humane society type place. I was told at that time he would be a medium sized dog. They were wrong but I love my dog anyway and would not dream of parting with him. He is a one mans dog and is very devoted to me. I was wanting some opinions as to what breeds he might have in him. I know this is a BC board but thought that some of you might have some expertise ideas. I have put up a picture from about a month ago. He has grown quite a bit sense this picture. Currently he weighs in at 64 lbs and is 24 inches tall from paw to shoulder. He is 7 months old today. Any ideas what breed he might be? I was told that he had Golden Retriever in him. He is extremely intelligent and learns really quickly, but has a very short attention span. He has a high prey drive, and has also displayed some herding instincts. He also tires easily - what happens is he gives his all in what he does and therefore wears himself out quickly, his endurance is low- and is very clumsy. He is growing like a weed!!! Any ideas???
  11. Thank you all for your input! I am really thankful to have experienced people to talk to and get advice from! You have all been very very helpful! I feel like I can make a much wiser and more informed decision now!
  12. Okay, to answer some of your questions. We have a small inside dog and two cats (one lives outside one inside). I've grown up with animals all my life and can't imagine life without them. I do not have a dog daycare nearby but my mom is nearby - the small dog is hers, the outdoor cat is a family cat, and the inside cat is mine but pretty much keeps to herself. My mom would be around the house all day so could tend to my BC while I was gone. My BC would live outside in a large fenced area. I would like for my BC to bond to me, and if I would have to separate the two BC's in order for them to bond to me I think that I should just get one. Thank you for solving that piece of my puzzle. I hadn't thought about that. As far as energy after work... I am always full of energy even after a day at work and need something active to entertain. As far as excercising them when they are young - I had actually already read some stuff on this post warning against running and biking with puppies and advising to wait until they are grown (saying that I'll have plenty of chances to jog and bike with them when their bone structure is set). I plan to be very careful in the care of my BC, that is why I am learning all I can before I invest time and money into one. As of right now my farm has no farm animals on it. It does have deer and wild game on it though. Right now some of the land is cash rented for crops. When I move there I plan to get some farm animals which is part of the reason why I am wanting a BC, but am also wanting one as a guardian and best friend to spend time with. I hadn't thought about taking my B/C to work with me. I will have to do some checking but that may be a possibility. And as far as vehicle I have a truck and drive to work. I hadn't decided yet whether I would get a puppy or an adult. I hope this answers your questions and helps you be able to better understand my situation. Again thank you for replying!
  13. Hi! I am totally new to the Border Collie breed. All I know about them is what I have read (I've done tones of reading on them). I have a farm that I will be moving to a couple years down the road and I want to have a Border Collie when I move there. For right now I live at a place that also has tons of space for a dog to romp, and for me to play with, train, and exercise a BC. Plus I have a huge park just down the road about a mile and several other places I could take my BC if she/he got bored. I am a very energetic person (run,bike, spend tons of time outside) and so a border collie would be perfect for me. Right now I have a friend that I go and work out with and spend a lot of my extra time with. But my friend is going to be moving away before to long and I thought that it might be time to start considering getting myself a BC. My one concern right now is my job. I will be working 40 hours a week (might be able to work it so that this was broken up a little more if I knew far enough ahead of time to plan it that way) I don't want my BC going crazy while I am at work. I know when I am home I will be able to devote all time and energy to her/him, but I obviously could not while I was at work. So I guess my first question is.... How long is too long to leave a BC alone? Second, would you all recommend waiting till I moved to my farm in a couple years to get a BC or would you recommend me going ahead and getting one now? Would it be better to get two BC's so that the one was not lonely while I was at work? Or would getting two not fix the time at work issue? Thank you for answering my questions!
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