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  1. Okay, thanks so much for the help!!! I was really worried about it.
  2. I would have guessed BC/ACD and maybe a little Staffy. Beautiful dog!
  3. Since all the doggers here have given me such excellent answers about all my BC-related questions... I've got one more. Maggie has recently-- just in the last two days-- started growling while playing with other dogs (wrestling, tug-of-war, etc.). The rest of the body language has remained playful-- play-bows, wagging tail, loose body language. I think it's something she learned from some of her friends at the dog park and she's imitating their behavior. In the past, she only growled when she felt threatened, and I didn't discourage it because it was her way of signaling that another dog
  4. Hey guys, sorry I haven't responded in a while. I got Maggie a new, larger crate last week and I've been feeding her in there. I'm leaving both crates available to her (one for familiarity, the other for newness, to see which she'll prefer) and seems to be comfortable eating and hanging out in them but still gets a little upset when I tell her it's crate time. I think the SA is the main problem but I'm continuing to work on it. Thanks for the help.
  5. Huh... That's an interesting possibility. Our fire alarm went off in the middle of the night a couple of weeks ago (we never figured out why) and I'm not sure, but that may have been the time that she started freaking out about the crate. I was half asleep and the first thing I did was make sure there was no fire anywhere, and it didn't really occur to me to make sure that Maggie wasn't panicking. She was probably really freaked out to hear such a strange sound and be confined to the crate when it happened. I wish I knew the exact time she started the crate avoidance, because that could defini
  6. When I adopted her, her spine and ribs were severely protruding, and we had her on a prescription weight-gain diet at the shelter, and I've kept feeding her almost double the recommended amount of puppy food. It had never even occurred to me that she was actually getting too fat at this point. I'm glad I saw this thread because I'll need to get her to lose some weight (or at least stop gaining).
  7. Huh. This thread has made me realize that my Maggie (11 months, 21 inches, 41 lbs) may actually be slightly overweight. I would have thought that your dogs were underweight because of how much abdominal tuck they have, but if that's expected in healthy BC and BC mixes, I may need to rethink what I thought Maggie's ideal weight was. She was extremely underweight when I got her so I've just been packing the pounds on her without realizing that I might be overdoing it!
  8. I volunteer at the shelter where she was surrendered. She was skin and bones and most of her fur had fallen out from malnutrition and anxiety-related fur-pulling. So, yeah, I know her background. I did post about her past and how I got her here: http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showtopic=35317 She's always had SA but for some reason she found the crate comforting enough that it more or less overrode it. She would still whine and whimper a little, but she'd get over it soon. I think that the combination of familiarity and denning instinct for some reason helped to calm her down.
  9. She's an abuse/neglect survivor so her level of separation anxiety doesn't surprise me.
  10. I change the bedding weekly and it's all fresh and clean now but that's not making a difference for her. I might start letting her sleep loose... She's done it a few times but the problem is that she gets REALLY excited about sleeping with me and my partner and wants to roll all over the bed and get in between us, and our bed isn't very big. XD And if she's in another room, she goes nuts with separation anxiety. Maybe I just need to deal with it and let her sleep with her mommies, even if she wants to roll all over the place and wake us up over and over again with kisses and tail wags. ^^
  11. Huh. I wonder if it's an age thing. Maggie has leaked a little urine a few times when I've pushed/leash-pulled her to the crate (I'm too weak to carry her). I think the much-larger crate might be in order. She might have negative associations with this one that she wouldn't have with another crate, especially if it were a different size or style.
  12. Maybe the OP means "Texas and German"?? And maybe by "papered" he means AKC? Are barbie collies more likely to be "hyper?"
  13. Not a stupid question! That's something that I can see how an owner could easily overlook. No, there's nothing in her crate that she'd be avoiding. It seems to be clearly related to separation anxiety because she now strongly associates "crate time" with "mommy is about to leave me by myself." I've started feeding her in her crate and "hiding" extra treats in the bedding in her crate... And I'm going to try to spend my next paycheck on a bigger one so it's a little less confining, since she no longer needs it for elimination-training purposes. Thank you for the help. Oh, and also, the
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