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  1. Megan, Thanks! That's the one I remember seeing for sure, though I thought there was one for CEA, TNS, etc. too. Maybe I'm mistaken...
  2. I agree that Border Collies don't make the best service dogs. I've seen some, but overall, the breed is much too sensitive and reactive to be used as a service dog. Also, most of the BCs(that I've seen anyway) are much to light boned to do mobility work.
  3. My girl used to be very uninterested in food, but making her work for every meal and using meat and other high value treats got her going great. Or if you use hot dogs, cheese, etc. that usually works too. I love using toys to train. However, I use food to lure and shape a behavior, and then the toy as a reward, usually a "jackpot" reward.
  4. Where can I find what number of Border Collies were affected/carriers of HD, CEA, etc.? I know I came across it one time, but I can't find it again.
  5. Here is what I just did and found it. The google search feature has been a lifesaver for me in tons of ways. Just enter the search term(s) and then site:whateversiteyouwant.com and it'll search the whole site for those keywords. The thread in question. http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showtopic=29596
  6. Among other things, I like to use the crazy man method. Basically, after he has started to grasp the concept of not pulling, when he forges out in front you just turn around and walk the other way. It'll take a long time and an ability to handle dizziness, but it's the best method I've found for getting the dog to realize that it needs to pay some sort of attention to you when out walking, because you may randomly change directions.
  7. With our barn cats over the years, we don't deworm unless their health started to decline from it. Poor coat, loss of weight, etc. As they get older, (7+) deworming spring and fall, our wettest times of the year, would work good. Like cattle, goats and sheep, we can create parasites that are resistant to dewormers by deworming too often when an animal doesn't need it. All outside animals naturally have parasites-most can deal with them on their own. For vaccines, we've sometimes had the vet do them when she comes out to look at a large animal, otherwise we just have to crate them and bring them in. We have them vaccinated with the five way as kittens and then just the rabies as required by law after that.
  8. I had somewhat of the same experience this week on Facebook.
  9. I had the same problem with my pup when she was younger. I trained her to pee on command, and had her empty out before we entered any (pet friendly) stores. That worked great. Now she's a year old, and seems to have outgrown it, as I don't tell her to pee anymore, and she doesn't have an accident when she meets the people in the store.
  10. Rmlilley, I have no advice for you, and don't know much about e-collars, but I will say that if you use an e-collar, you will get next to no help on these boards. A majority of the members here don't like 'em.
  11. I usually bath my dogs once every spring. Otherwise, a quick rinse gets the dirt off, if necessary. Most of them swim almost every day too, so that helps.
  12. If he's hungry, he'll be food motivated. Don't feed him free choice and make every crumb of his food come from training.
  13. AKC and KC herding dog trials are as distantly related to real working dogs as night and dark. Getting his health checked would be a good place to start. I don't know what your budget is, but you may need to do more than having a vet check him over. Blood work for thyroid problems, for example. Anyway, you may just have a low drive dog. I had one who's Mom was a very, very high drive working Border Collie. Nothing was known about his dad, though the pups looked like they had Lab in them. He was a lot like you are describing your dog. He was very smart and willing to work for food, but he didn't like active tricks, and preferred lazy tricks like sitting pretty, etc.
  14. I recommend the book "Control Unleashed" by Leslie McDevitt.
  15. If you mean Satus Stockdogs, they are great. They don't health test though.
  16. A vet on Youtube said that it lives in the intestines or something, so there is no danger unless they eat that part. Filets and such are fine.
  17. When my dogs walk right in front of me like that, I shuffle my feet so that I won't step on their paws, and run right into them. If I'm standing next to a wall and they try shoving or barreling between me and the wall when there is plenty of room on the other side, I stick my knee out right before or as they go past. They usually learn very quickly.
  18. Maybe it's a case of when a person has already made up their mind what they want, ask others for opinions, and then ends up using what they had originally decided regardless what advice they get.
  19. I've not had much experience in it. Duke was neutered at 2 years old, never had any issues before being neutered, and nothing changed after.
  20. How long have you had him? How old was he when you got him?
  21. Meet too. I know some breeders don't want people breeding a dog that, for whatever reason, isn't up to their standards, which is okay with me. Having no reason except to be able to get twice the money to allow breeding is ridiculous and I wouldn't buy an animal from them.
  22. Personally, whenever I hear about a child involved, I think that it is beyond the scope of internet advice and needs a professional trainer to get involved in person. He's beautiful though, and I love his merle eye!
  23. I had luck with training one of my dogs to stay home. I put an e-collar on her, and only used the beep setting, every time she crossed to property border. It is fenced-not dog proof fencing-so she was able to learn her boundaries. The collar was on for over a month, and after I took it off it lasted about a month. Otherwise, I've not had any luck at all. My dogs are kenneled or chained when not supervised. I thought I'd be able to graduate the dogs to "free" after they entered adulthood-it didn't work and I lost a dog back in December when he got hit by a car. A more immediate threat around here is being shot by the neighbors if our Border Collies decide to go "work" their stock.
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