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  1. https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/national-international/Service-Dog-Gives-Birth-to-8-Puppies-at-Tampa-Airport-Gate-483735581.html
  2. Was it just not clarified that the dog was "in training" and not a "real service dog" yet? SDIT aren't wholly granted access in some/most states, but most businesses allow them anyway, at least in my experience. I also saw in the article that "Frontier say service animals are permitted on all flights, as long as they are certified and properly harnessed." When will the education spread far enough that business will stop saying "certified?" All it does is feed the online fake "certification" companies!
  3. I now trim belly hair and shave the inside of the thighs.
  4. I have done it. His coat grew back fine, but he was so ugly in the meantime that I'd never do it again. I didn't notice that it kept him any cooler either...
  5. Not directly related to the original post, but does anyone have any thoughts on this? http://www.mdr1-defekt.de/texte/Angela.pdf
  6. Carry some pepper spray or a big stick and get those dogs when they come at you.
  7. You can do a saliva swab and send it to Paw Print Genetics-IGS is a genetic trait that can be screened for in breeding dogs.
  8. I bet I was the one you read about on these boards. If so, I think all the symptoms and such were laid out in that thread. I had another pup last year who was having problems-this is going to be kind of long, but I am going to copy and paste what I had posted elsewhere when looking for advice, so that you can know what I was dealing with. "I have an almost 7 month old pup who has had intermittent diarrhea ever since I got her, at 8 weeks. So when I first brought her home, she pooped and puked in her crate just miles from the breeder's house. She appeared to be carsick because she drooled loads and loads the whole way home. Both the poop and puke looked like dog food that had been moistened for pups, the only difference being that the poop smelled more like, well, poop. She always laid cow pies after getting her home, with occasional diarrhea, and had been dewormed at the breeder's, but a fecal showed a lot of coccidia, so she got Albon for 5 days. Stool was firm for a few days, but then went back to runny, and after a week, a fecal showing a rise in worms, she got Safegard for 5 days, and to address giardia as well. Again, stool was firm for two days, and then diarrhea became more frequent. I then switched her to raw, and since then it's been all over the place. I treated again for giardia with a natural product that has worked wonders with our other pups before, but nothing changed. I found out that she gets incredibly sick if she eats eggs, and at the end of October chicken started bothering her too, but not as bad as eggs. I took her off of chicken, and the stools were firm for 2 weeks, and two weeks ago, she started losing weight and having a normal poop in the morning, and then a cow pie a little later. Last Friday, she had explosive, watery, greenish-black diarrhea all day, which contained undigested food. Since then, she has alternated between normal, firm stools, but she's been having accidents in her crate of the, what used to be occasional and is now daily, black smears-not water, but extremely loose. She has always been ravenous, and I've never seen her stop eating-not normal in my experience with this breed. She is now eating 2 pounds of meat a day, and still pretty skinny at 24 pounds. Her stool has never been a normal brown, but ranges from greenish-gray(mostly), greenish-black(once) and black(becoming more frequent). They range from odorless, to smelling like spit, to so nasty stinky that they stink up the entire car when we mailed one sample. I sent a sample to WADDL back in September, and they found no parasites or bacterial infections of any sort. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but I'm almost going out of my head with this dog. Help!" After ruling out EPI, IGS, Addisons, and more, we found out that she was allergic to the goat's milk that I give all my dogs. I've given goat's milk for so long to so many dogs that I never even considered that as being the problem, until the goats dried up last winter, and this pup's problem dried up along with it. She is still on grain free dog food, but I don't know that she was ever reacting to grain at all, or if it was just the dairy. Since taking out goat's milk, she no longer eats everything, that she can get her mouth on, whether edible or inedible, and doesn't inhale her food like she always did, and stools are normal. She has always acted normal with tons of energy etc. never turned down a meal, sometimes had mucus or blood, but not normally.
  9. I tried again and again to find out my error, and to no avail. It wasn't until I took a screen shot of both pages, and went down to compare them, that I realized that I was looking at the same page, which was listed twice, once in a different format than the first. Whoops! Thanks for pointing out my mistake.
  10. I dunno. I have a metal one, and it gets full of slobber and wants to fly out, or it drips out, or it makes the sound bubbly. I figured it was just because I'm just trying to figure out how to use it, and that it'll stop once I get the hang of it.
  11. She wasn't the only one that sold for $30,000. The buyer of Gurdy also bought a male for a little over $3,000-a thought that runs through my head is, "Are you gonna breed that female to a male that is "worth" 10xs less than your female?" The person who bought the other female, Rose, for $30,000, also bought two geldings for $30,000 a piece. I think someone just came to the sale with a lot of money to spend...
  12. Teach him to wink, with left eye/right eye commands. Teach him to flick his ears, wrinkle his nose in a snarl, etc. It'll be time consuming but it sounds like you have plenty of that!
  13. If city law requires that she wear a leash than I guess I can't say anything there, except that I don't like leashes on my dogs either. You said if the dog is low energy there isn't a problem. Her snapping at higher energy dogs that bounce around and get in her face is totally normal, and in my view, totally appropriate behavior from a dog. I have a dog like this, and to protect myself, I keep her on leash. I try to prevent dogs and owners from coming up to her, but off leash dogs sometimes make it before I notice. Her cringing against my legs is sometimes when I notice, and chase it off. She has snapped a couple times, but never made contact. As long as my dog is on leash, if another dog gets bit it's the owner's fault for letting their dog invade my dog's personal space. She isn't a berserk, lunging barking thing, but only reacts of the dog is actually sniffing noses with her.
  14. Kate is 18 months old, and it was only the other week that she started taking naps on her own, when there are other things to do, instead of always being busy. My dogs have never gone into their crates without being told, with the exception of one dog who didn't want the other dog going in his crate so went in and hunkered down to not let her in.
  15. I would buy a merle if I knew it worked good. What I meant was, I'll do more research into the breeder, whether or not they register with the AKC, what other offspring the parents have produced, the bloodlines, etc. to make sure that the dog was bred for work and not color. More than I would do for a normal colored one, yes, but I won't eliminate the possibility of a merle just because it's merle.
  16. I agree-I'm always a bit skeptical about merles, and they have to be put under the microscope more than normal colored dogs. Merles aren't looked down upon in the sporting world, but definitely in the herding world, outside of the AKC. They have to prove their worth, alright. That said, both litters sound pretty good, though I'd see videos or in person of the parents working before deciding. I'm curious-whereabouts are you? I'm not terribly far for the Close's, and had been researching them when looking for my last pup.
  17. My favorite way to teach a come is to hide a toy behind my back and call her. When she comes, I show her the toy and we play tug for awhile. If she's reluctant to come, often running away from her will encourage her to come. I don't show her the toy until she actually comes, to prevent her from checking whether or not I have the toy and making her decision based on that.
  18. I don't recommend a Border Collie to someone based on how much they will exercise it every day, or them having a farm that the dog can roam and get his own exercise. For point 1, it's because they need more mental exercise than physical, though physical is very important too. Number 2, is that I have yet to see a dog that will exercise itself when left outside and not get into trouble or start chasing/killing livestock-your's or the neighbor's. Apartment living can be just fine for a Border Collie, provided you will give him the mental stimulation that he needs. Being alone for 4-5 hours a day is fine too, but I'd recommend an adult, not a puppy, though puppies can be left that long too, if properly managed. As Teresa said, what is your level of commitment? It appears that you are young-so am I. At least for myself, I can get impulsive and be all into something for a few weeks, and then it wears off, so you should take that into consideration, especially if you will be the main caretaker of the dog, as it sounds. (I haven't been this way with dogs though.) I hope you find my reply helpful, and good luck on your search for a dog, regardless what breed! IMO, Border Collies are the best, but they aren't for everyone.
  19. It finally worked! The lighting makes it hard to differentiate between the sun bleaching and the tan stripe... She used to have some inside her ears as well, but those hairs disappeared.
  20. Anyway, her brown started showing up on her back legs at around 7 months. I was told she was a ghost tri, though they didn't know the genetic implications of that, without testing her. Her dam did the same thing, and also has a little on her checks.
  21. I would show you a picture of mine but the stupid uploader won't let me. No matter how much I resize the photo, it still says it's too big, which is rubbish.
  22. I agree. The only reason I popped in with my two cents on tiring the dog out, is because I took it that she was looking for ideas to do so. None of these things are going to fix the daycare thing-just take her out of daycare.
  23. If scent boxes are too easy for her, work up to having her find something in the whole room, house, etc.
  24. As far as tiring her brain out-the best things I've found for that are scent work and free shaping. Works every time.
  25. Oh wait, I see some of those on there too.
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