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  1. Thanks all! I ended up keeping mainly skin, lungs and feet as my grandpa took the liver, heart, and gizzard. So I gave Duke a chicken foot and he gnaws on it for awhile and promptly swallows it whole. Hmmm.... Anyone know how I can prevent his doing that?
  2. Oh poor girl! Here's to hoping she continues to get well!
  3. I'm not sure if this belongs in this section so please move it mods, if it does not. We'll be butchering 23 meat chickens come Saturday and I was wondering what parts I can keep to feed to my dog as part of his raw food diet. So far I've heard the feet, liver, heart, and gizzard. Is that all I should keep? Or should I even be keeping these? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks everyone. I've found some good videos on training them to play with toys so I won't start the thread unless I run into trouble.
  5. I know nobody on here with agree with me but read up on Cesar Milan. I've raised all our dogs going by his standards and they are basically perfect dogs.
  6. One more thing. Except very rarely, when he's feeling really energetic, he does not have any interest whatsoever in toys. I find some of the stuff hard to do with food. Any help on this? Can you teach him to play with toys?
  7. Is this the book? http://www.amazon.com/Agility-Right-Start-ultimate-fastest-growing/dp/1890948411/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1376068395&sr=8-1&keywords=agility+right+from+the+start rlwzgd, he is only four months-I know about the growth plates. Thank you anyway though! ChantalB, I'm that way too but I don't think it'll work for this. She's worried I'll put to much money into it and then it goes on the shelf when the novelty wears off. Although with agility, I don't think that is going to happened.
  8. Yeah I know. I think of them as horses too but I realize according to their height, they are ponies. One of ours is 21 and still going like a colt. Tough little animals they are.
  9. We had a BC who wasn't raised with cats. and she chased them just about every chance she got. Now we have a BC who was raised with cats and he loves them. He's always licking them, trying to get them to play ect. He and my cat like teasing each other and pretend to hate each other-the cat swats him and runs and the dog chases her barking his head off. The next second they are best buds-it is soooo funny to watch!
  10. I agree! Actually, we have two icelandic ponies. They are such awesome horses.
  11. Thank you all! Is there anything free? I'm not yet 18 and there is no way my mom will let me pay that much..........
  12. I want to get started in agility as soon as I can. When I was first going to start, I figured you just teach your dog to jump over, go through, and weave through things then do it running along side them. It seems I couldn't be very much further from the truth. So can anyone help me get started? There are no training places within a reasonable distance.(At least not that I've found) Does anyone have a good training DVD? I'm going to be making all my own equipment. I actually won't be competing, but I still want to be doing things as I would have to if I were competing. I'm doing my foundation training based on this video.... And both parts of this one. Do you think they are good starting points? Any help would be awesome!
  13. From the litter. He replied to an ad that said something like this. "Border Collie puppies. 10 weeks, mom and dad good cow dogs. 5 males 2 females. Call-xxx-xxx-xxxx"
  14. I feed puppy food pretty much just because it is easier for them to chew as the bites are smaller. I'd really like to go to a raw food diet but it is too expensive for me. How is a puppy supposed to look weight wise? I've always thought roly-poly were good.
  15. Actually, he got very lucky. All he knew was that he wanted a BC. She was the only one left, so he took her. He ended up giving her to me because he couldn't give her the exercise she needed-I live on a farm with cows and interest in training and exercising her. She was the best dog I've ever owned.
  16. mum24dog, I know that and from what I found on the google search that is what I am doing. Just teaching him the obstacle names, and having him go to and/or through them. All the obstacles are on the ground-he doesn't have to jump, climb, or weave, just walk (or run if he wants) through them. And I only do it 3 times a week. But what I WAS doing that is bad, is going biking with him. I just read the thread on it this morning and yikes! I didn't realize that it was bad! I hope because I just started it that I didn't cause him any harm already. Sue R, he does know the basic skills. He's known come and his name since he was 9 weeks, knows sit, down etc. And because I am from a family of 13 children that love visiting, he is well socialized to adults and children alike. He doesn't have all his shots yet so has not met very many other dogs but the ones he has met, he did a good job with. I read the "Read it First" and I follow all those except getting them tested/x-rayed. What I found out after the fact was that the person I entrusted to feed my animals one night didn't confine her properly and she was out all night. Yeah, I know, original excuse, but that is exactly what happened and there is no way that would have happened had I been able to take feed them as is my responsibility. So yes it was my fault but not really. There are always times when you just can't be there.
  17. Thank you! This video is awesome! I didn't know people actually did it. I doubt she'll ever be that good.
  18. Hi all! I'm from Washington and I have a 3 month old BC puppy named Duke. He is out of my BC Riika, who died of a tragic accident when the pups were 6 weeks old. She was supposed to have been bred to a BC, (he was here and all) but I don't know if she "took". I think a different dog somehow snuck in too. Two looked lab, one looked lab/boxer, one looked border collie/boxer, and the last, Duke, looks pure BC. So I think that the sire of 4 was a lab/boxer and I'm thinking Duke is pure. Judging by the pictures, what do you think? Anyway, I starting Duke in agility. I really wanted to do herding but so far he hasn't shown any instinct for it so....... Here is a video from yesterday-just about all he knows to do in agility so far. Feel free to give me advice at any time as Duke and I are going to be learning together. That crazy cat is Addie and we are training her for agility too as every time we get out the tunnel she is in it. She knows how to run through it now. LOL P.S. We also have a 10 year old lab/husky whose name is Sadie. Riika With puppies As a puppy Sadie Duke (Two essential things for a water loving dog. Water and dirt. UGH!) One puppy
  19. I agree with the above post. ^^ Also what I have found to work sometimes is throw the ball, and when he grabs it call him over to you. If he brings the ball, he really gets the praise, pettings, and treats. If he doesn't bring the ball, still congratulate him but not so excitedly. Of course he'll have to bring the ball to figure out that he gets more attention if he does, but usually eventually they happen to bring it and then they figure it out. Just my two cents.
  20. LOL. That does make more sense. I'll have to remember that. Actually the "customer" was my brother and that's what the guy said so....... And on the other hand, I do raise papered goats and no we do not milk the papers.
  21. I have and will continue to buy dogs from regular farmers. My brother bought a 10 week old female BC for $50. She was just as good or better than all those fancy dogs with papers and awesome bloodlines. Smart, no genetic problems, very heavy herding instincts, etc. I will not buy dogs with papers. I see no reason to buy a dog and have to pay $500+ basically just because he has papers. Or course, if I was going to show them but I am not. I only want them for farm work and companionship. Around here, people breed purebred, high quality dogs WITHOUT papers or x-rays or whatever some people do. As I said, you get just as much or more of a dog for hundreds less dollars. As one horse seller said when questioned by the customer if he had papers, "You don't eat the papers." That's just how I think.
  22. I asked about this awhile back on a different dog forum. The best answer I got was a warning that the cows in the video are dog broke already. Although I will get it if/when my puppy starts showing to instinct, I would be very careful for the reason that I guess the cows can spook if they aren't used to dogs. Although, here is my story of my current puppy's dam. She was herding chickens at 2 months and at 6 months moved to our 2 year old steers, and "dog broke" them herself. No, we never tried anything with her-she'd ALWAYS be in there and would keep them in the corner of the pen. They couldn't move to eat or drink or anything. We actually tried for months to get her to stop and finally had to start tying her up. When she was about 1.5 years old, I started trying to train her to actually herd them but I really had no idea what I was doing. One day, the cows broke out of the pasture and I was on horseback trying to herd them up. They would just stand and look at me even if I smacked them, but I didn't have a rope or anything to whip them with, so it was only my hand. Riika was with me and she dove right in and sent them on their way. And we're talking big momma's with calves at their sides and not "dog broke." So....... I think it depends on the instincts and age of the dog.
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