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  1. Hi everyone,great board- I love just perusing all the past threads for reading material. My husband and I have both owned and trained dogs for about 15 years for different disciplines but though we have always wanted to get into herding wehavent had the opportunity yet. Recently we adopted a three year old male intact bc from an interesting situation. He was a ranch dog but had zero training even of the most rudimentary kind. He herded the ranches cattle and after a few years they finally tired of it and decided to get rid of him. He was pretty durn close to feral but not in a scared or fearful way, just more of a dog left to his own devices for years who faithfully though Misguidedly "worked" every day, all day. Our question is,being so new to herding, is a dog who has worked alone off of his herding instinct is long going to be a problem to retrain to work with its person? He has no food or ball drive but nothing could entice him off his cattle, we had a time trying to catch him when we picked him up. He has already learned his recall,sit and down purely on desire to please his handler Andy bonding is going really really well. I guess my main question is, are there special considerations or things I should be on the lookout for or start differently in herding with this kind of a dog(with a herding instructor, obviously)?
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