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  1. Great Photo! It is Mt Shasta. Geri www.bcollies.com
  2. On a somewwhat commercial note, we have quite a few of the trial programs left over from the Finals which have the pedigees of all the dogs entered. If anyone would like a copy, please send $2 for postage to KBSDA, 3701 County Road 114, Tulelake, CA 96134. Thanks Geri www.bcollies.com
  3. It was great meeting you too, Mark. Thanks for all the help with the eye clinic. Sue, even though I was there, I didn't get to see much of the action or take time to appreciate the beauty so I am enjoying the photos too. There will be one more site with photos from the other professional photographers. I will post that location as soon as they have the pictures up. Geri www.bcollies.com
  4. Here are two sites with photos from the Finals: http://klamathbasincrisis.org/sheepdogs.htm http://www.pbase.com/herderdog/usbcha_nati...math_falls_2006 Geri
  5. The trial is all over - except for the miles of fence, etc. to tear down. I would like to thank the scads of volunteers who donated their time to make the event work. We had great people in hospitality, set out, pens, exhaust info booth, gate and every where else. We really could not do the event without you!!!! Both the Nursery Finals and the Open Finals had people on the edge of their seats with the outcome in doubt up until the very last second. Ray Crabtree and Rob Lewis did a terrific job educating the public and by the end of the trial, we had a very enthusiastic crowd, cheering on the handlers and groaning when a panel was missed or a shed group got back together. Thanks again to everyone. I am off to get a few hours of sleep tonight! Geri
  6. OK, that was weird. I posted a reply and it logged me in as Lana. Guess she used my computer to post when she was here visiting. The last message was from me, Geri, not Lana. Although Lana will be here building fence. Her dog isn't old, though. Geri Byrne
  7. When I went out to Soldier Hollow last year, I went through Reno as I had to pick up my Mom there and it only added about 50 miles to the trip and it was pretty good roads the whole way. Don't know how that equates to South Dakota though as geography was always one of my worst subjects! Geri
  8. Carolyn- We will be filming the event and will be producing a video. If you want to purchase your individual run, please let us know in advance so we make sure we get the run in its entirety. There will be an official photographer who will be selling prints. Thanks Geri
  9. This seemed like a good way to let people know what is going on for the Finals next month so thought I would post. I have also posted this elsewhere so no need to read if you have already read this. The web page for the event is www.sheepdogfinals.com and there you can find directions to the event, ticket prices, lodging and everything else you might want to know. We are getting calls from people looking for a place to stay and work dogs prior to the Finals so we have added a page with info for that. The pre-event publication goes to press next week so please contact me if you would like to have an ad included. This has a circulation of 30,000 and is distributed all over the western US. If you would like copies to put out in your location, please let me know. In addition, there will be a souvenir program at the Finals. The ad deadline for that is September 1st. The tshirts will be ready in 10 days so watch the web page for those. Caps are already available as well as tickets to Baxter Black and to the Finals. These can all be purchased on our web page or by calling me at 530-664-2168. The sheep are Coopworth and Coopworth crosses from Don Gnos of Albany, Oregon. These are from the same flock as 1997 and 2001. These are fun to work, respond well to dogs who treat them nicely but they make you pay for rash work. Camping onsite is limited to handlers, vendors, volunteers and VIP pass holders. Others can find RV camping on our web page under lodging. We are still looking for volunteers so please contact Amy Coapman at raynamy@sisqtel.net if you would like to help. It looks like we have people entered from 27 states and 4 provinces. Several of you coming may not have been here before so please contact us if you would like to know about more things to do in the area. We are setting up a tour of the Wildlife Refuge as well as having a bus going to Kla-mo-ya Casino. There will be great food and lots of fun places to shop at in our trade show. We have several extra activities planned for the weekend including a cow dog demo,a drug dog demo and agility and obedience demos. Baxter Black will be there signing books on Saturday as well as having a meet and greet reception Saturday evening followed by a great show. Please drop me an email or give me a call with any questions or suggestions. Thanks and hope to see everyone in a little over 6 weeks. Wow, guess I had better start working my dog! Geri
  10. I am trying to put some numbers together for a potential national sponsor for the Finals. Could people email me privately at geri@bordercollies.com if they have any of the following info? This could not only mean sponsorship for this year but for future years too. 1) To get an estimate of the number of trialers in the US and Canada, I thought I could add together club membership numbers from the regional clubs. If you have an estimate of one of the regional club membership numbers, can you please let me know? 2) Media exposure - If you know of a trial that has good media exposure can you please tell me what trial and what media exposure they have. Better yet, if you have copies of newspaper and/or magazine articles, can you please send them to me? 3) Big regionals or big trials such as the Bluegrass - How many spectators do you estimate attend these? How many handlers? Thanks Geri
  11. The special rate at the Shilo is supposed to be $99 a night. You need to ask for the KB Stockdog Association. I can't believe they put it under that! I have added that info to the web page. The Cimarron is an OK place that probably has the best place to walk dogs. Their phone number is 1-800-742-2648. The Red Lion is nicer and is across the street from the fairgrounds (good place to walk dogs). That number is 1-541-882-8864. We have added several other motels to the lodging page of www.sheepdogfinals.com. The best place to walk dogs is actually a small, older motel by Tulelake. It is closer to the field and has big farm ground behind it. That number is 530-667-5242. Feel free to email me at geri@bordercollies.com if anyone has any other questions. Geri
  12. I see entry forms are available for the 2006 Sheepdog Finals on the USBCHA website. That starts to panic me that it is rapidly approaching until I calm down and realize that there are still 117 days (but who's counting?) until the event. We are constantly putting up new things about the finals on our web page at http://www.sheepdogfinals.com. We have a place for Who's Hot? and we could sure use some short articles for this. So, rat out your 'big hat' friends and let us put them on the web page. I know there are lots of great writers on this forum so have at it. If you want to help the finals and promote your business or just have your dog help sponsor the finals, you can do either for $25 on the web page. There are souvenir caps (t-shirts and posters coming shortly) for sale as well as VIP passes and Baxter Black tickets. There are still vendor spaces available and you can download the vendor form on the web page. We do have several fun vendors already signed up to come. If you would like to volunteer to put on a dog training demo during the finals, please contact me at geri@bordercollies.com. If you would like to volunteer to help in any capacity at the Finals, please email Amy at raynamy@sisqtel.net. If you would like to buy an ad in the program please contact Mandy at mharley@heraldandnews.com. That's all the news from the Klamath Basin I have for now. Thanks for all everyone is doing to help and we look forward to seeing you in September!
  13. Tickets are now on sale for the Baxter Black show at the National Sheepdog Finals near Klamath Falls, Oregon this September. The Baxter Black show will be Saturday evening of the Finals (Sept. 30) at the trial site. Tickets are $18 pre sale or $20 at the door if any remain. In addition, we are selling VIP tickets for $100 which include a pre event reception with Baxter along with VIP seating. A combination VIP pass to the Finals and VIP tickets for Baxter Black can be purchased for $150. If you already hold a VIP pass to the Finals, you can purchase this VIP ticket for Baxter Black for an additional $50. Please go to http://www.sheepdogfinals.com/baxterblack.htm for more info or to purchase tickets. Thanks Geri
  14. I wondered why all of a sudden we were getting so many orders for this and then I tune in here and see why. The good news is that Denise sent me plenty. I agree she did a great job and what a terrific idea! Sorry, Joan, I can't prevent you from ordering but do appreciate it if that makes any difference and fooshuman, feel free to order it all. Thanks Geri
  15. We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting clinics and lessons with Derek Scrimgeour at our place on the California Oregon border in August. We had originally planned on having one regular cllinic and one Masters Clinic but the one Master's Clinic filled up overnight without even announcing it to the public so we are going to have two Master's Clinics and lessons inbetween. The Master?s Course is designed to further the understanding of Pro-Novice and Open handlers in competing at the Open level. Training, trialing and judging will all be included. The dates for the two Master's Clinics are August 19-21 (4 spots currently available) and August 25-27 (full already). There will be private lessons On August 22, 23 and 24. For more information on the clinics or lessons, you can email me at geri@bordercollies.com or call me at 1-800-833-0332. A $100 deposit will be required to hold a spot. You can call with a credit card or send a check. Sheep time will be available in the evenings to practice on. Continental breakfasts and lunches are included. Thanks Geri
  16. Melanie- I wouldn't lose heart too much because Fly couldn't lift the sheep at Zamora. I had a group with a fighter the first day of Open there and it took my dog a bit to lift the group. I figured out why when they came down the field and the old bitty was running out of the group and trying to attack him. We got around the course with the group but sacrificed a lot of line points trying to manage her. The sheep were for the most part pretty good, but you might have had a bunch with one of the 'cranky' ones.
  17. I haven't seen it posted here anywhere and thought all of Diane Pagel's online friends would want to know. She had a bad barn fire last night. All of the dogs survived but she did lose some sheep, hay, vehicles, saddles, etc. Here is the link to the news article. <http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/loca...arnfire20e.html My thoughts go out to her! Geri
  18. We have finalized the field location and the dates for the 2006 National Sheepdog Finals. The trial will be at the beautiful Kerr Ranch on Lower Klamath Lake Rd, south of Klamath Falls. This is the same ranch that the 1997 Finals was at but this time it will be on the south side of the road. The dates are September 26- October 1 and Nursery and Open will run simultaneously on adjacent fields. We are pleased to announce that we are offering a combination VIP pass/ Handler Sponsor program for the 2006 National Sheepdog Finals with a bit of a fun twist. $100 gets you free admission at the trial, admission to the VIP tent, VIP parking (closer to the field), a photo of your handler and a chance to win cash and prizes if your handler wins or places. We will be offering chances each day of the trial to win along with your handler. As a special incentive, anyone purchasing a VIP pass prior to January 1, 2006, can purchase the handler of their choice. First come, first serve. After January 1st, VIP pass holders will be randomly assigned handlers. If you think you know who will do well, purchase them right away before someone else snatches them up. If the handler you purchase is not able to attend, you will have a choice of a different handler or your money back. You can either call in your order to 1-800-833-0332 with a credit card or order at www.bordercollies.com by clicking on National Sheepdog Finals and clicking on VIP Passes. For more information or to volunteer to help, please contact myself, Amy Coapman or Dee Samson
  19. Sportsmen's Insurance PO Box 799 Cape Vincent, NY 13618 phone 315-654-2068
  20. Not sure this is the right topic to put this under but as we organize next year's finals, we would like to keep people posted on what is happening and solicit suggestions for improvement. We have put up a page on my web site (www.bordercollies.com) and will be filling in details as they become available. It will move to its own address soon but for now, this is where it will be. We plan on copying a bit what Meeker did with handler sponsors but combining it with the VIP pass like we have had in the past. We will sell sponsorship on each handler, something like $100, which will entitle the sponsor to a free pass for the entire trial, access to the VIP tent, a photo with his or her handler and a cash award or prize if their handler wins or places. Sponsorship will be randomly assigned but you may be able to request a handler from a certain state or area. We are still working out the details. We are working on getting Baxter Black to the Klamath Basin during the event so stay tuned for details. He puts on a terrific show and comes to the area every few years to do so. We are hoping to make it coincide with the Finals. We will be in need of masses numbers of volunteers so if you are interested in helping, please either contact me or Amy Coapman to volunteer. Volunteers get several perks along with our gratitude. If anyone has suggestions on things they would like to see changed or added to the event, please let us know. Also let us know what you have liked about past events. You can post your suggestions here or email us privately. Thanks for 'listening' and for helping out!
  21. I just want to add my thanks to Amy's for everyone who came and helped, who entered or who came and watched. The weather was a bit nasty on Saturday but everyone managed to keep in good spirits and despite the weather, some good runs were turned in. A special thanks to Amy for all she did - she was the course director, announcer, volunteer director and general fire putter outer. I was very pleased to make it to the final day. It was my first double lift and although we did not complete the course, I had fun and was pleased with parts of my run. Those who watched will definitely know which parts I wasn't pleased with! My dog was behaving very studly and I was fingering the knife in my pocket at the turn of the post but then he got his act back together. The regionals was a dress rehearsal for next year's finals and it helped us to figure out what works and what we need to fix. Geri
  22. Hey Melanie, hope you made it home OK. Thanks for all the help this weekend. Everyone enjoyed meeting you! Melanie became a westerner in a hurry. We put her right to work. She got to see first hand some evil western range ewes but didn't have to run on them. After I saw how hard they were for Open, I went and got my sheep for pro novice. They were perhaps a bit too easy but the others would have been a nightmare for the young dogs. We got to keep these ewes for an extra couple of days so we have been doing some up close and personal schooling on them. It would be great to have fresh sheep like these to train on since we see sheep like these at quite a few trials. If I just kept them and worked them non stop, maybe my dog would eventually learn to bite. No, probably not.
  23. Melanie, this isn't far for out here. I drove to SFO and back the same day one time to pick someone up. Looking forward to the wine! Sam, this gal never does anything normal so of course she had 11 pups! Just to test me, I think. The mother and pups looks good but it is only day 2.
  24. Since this is the topic for the California handler's tent and California is famous for it's wine, I thought I would whine here. Everybody went off to a fun arena fair trial and I had to stay home because my bitch whelped today and had 11 pups. Really 10-1/2 because one was really small. She had the first six fine, from 1:30 AM to 7 AM and then she quit trying and I could still feel puppies so I took her to the vet. They gave her oxytocin and she had 3 more and then they had to take the last 2 by c-section as she just wouldn't try. They are all home and nursing and 2 hours after her surgery, you would not even have known she had one. Amazing. 11 pups is a lot in the whelping box! The good thing is I have a waiting list that long but I have never raised this big of a litter. Has anyone else? Anyhow, I thought I had better stay home with her and the pups so I am having some wine and whining, all at the same time! Can you tell I am exhausted after being up all night???
  25. Pep talk? Hey, you are already conscripted. You didn't think this was a volunteer army did you??? Geri
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