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  1. Well, it passed the Assembly 41 to 38. Levine needed 41 votes and he did a lot of arm twisting to get those. We need to start targeting our State Senators early. For info on how your assemblyperson voted, go to http://petpac.net/news/releases/ab1634_passes_assembly/ . Welcome to California, where the legislature won't address the huge budget problem coming up, the infrastructure that's falling apart, the overcrowded prisons, and a looming water crisis but instead spend their time on birth control for our dogs and cats.
  2. Derek Scrimgeour's 'The Shepherd's Pup'. It was by far the most popular of all the training videos when I owned Border Collies in Action.
  3. Have you read the most recent bill analysis? In the pro part of the analysis it lists everything as cut and dried fact. In the opposition part it says opponents 'claim' and 'believe' such and such. San Francisco Animal Control actually had a surprisingly decent amendment suggestion, that of letting the local jurisdictions tailor the bill to fit their specific local needs. The authors say that such an amendment would, to an unacceptable extent, preempt efforts for the more stringent statewide standards of AB 1634. In other words, we need bigger, more controlling government because we can't possibly know at the local level what is 'best' for ourselves.
  4. We still have a couple of openings for the Serge and Ellen Van Der Zweep clinic June 1-4 in Northern California. This should be a really educational as well as a fun time. Steele Swamp is a very unique place, steeped in history. Serge is one of the top handlers in the world and as far as I know, this is the first time they have done a clinic here in the U.S. We will be holding a sanctioned nursery trial at the end of the clinic. For more info, please go to my web page at www.bcollies.com and click on clinics.
  5. We are having Serge and Ellen Van Der Zweep for a 4 day sheep camp and clinic June 1-4 in northern California. We have people coming from as far away as Colorado as I think this might be the first time Serge has given a clinic like this in the US. It won't be vaccinating, tagging sheep, etc but it will be an intensive 4 days of working your dogs. Everyone stays at our remote ranch and we feed you and when we arent working dogs we talk dogs from sunup until well after sundown. You can see details about the Van Der Zweeps and about the clinic on our web page at www.bcollies.com by clicking on clinics. We still have a couple of spots open.
  6. More taxes????? That reminds me of the old quote "If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." Why do we feel the need to penalize responsible breeders to make up for the irresponsible ones? Whether it is this speuter bill or taxing dogs, only the law abiding people are going to adhere to it and the ones causing the problems in the first place are still going to be causing the problem. They have found in several places where they have enacted mandatory spay and neuter that licensing of dogs goes down and rabies goes up as people don't get rabies vaccinations. California is a very big state and what is needed in Los Angeles County is very different than what is needed in Modoc County. This bill supposedly gives all enforcement, fees, penalties and decisions to the local jurisdiction. If that is true, then just leave it up to the locals entirely. If LA wants to pass a mandatory speuter bill then they can do that. Pass it in Modoc County where there are more cows than people and there are 2.6 people per square mile (LA county has 2344 per square mile) then you would be drummed out of office. With cattle ranching the major industry, people rely on their dogs day in and day out. Personally, we run cattle over a hundred square mile area in the summer time and could not do it without dogs. We have a line that works for us and should not be told that we can no longer carry on this line that we have bred and bred responsibly since the late 70s. And if this bill passes, that is what we would be told, as ranch dogs are not eligible for 'intact permits'. End of rant.
  7. Yes, we do, a way overused one. I am not sure we could win given the mindset of California voters, predominantly from the LA area and the Bay Area. It seems to be a way emotional process with millions spent on ballot propositions. Those living along the coast (more urban) just think completely differrent than those of us living inland (more rural).
  8. Julie, I agree wholeheartedly. California is fast becoming the nanny state and where California goes, unfortunately other states often follow. I found my new great quote online today when I was looking at links about secession. It is "There is no government regulation, no matter how plausible it initially appears, that will not eventually be applied by some bureaucrat in a way that defies common sense." Responsible pet ownership does not appear anywhere in the constitution, either state or federal. Government is not the solution but the problem. I agree that education is the answer not big brother.
  9. It now goes before a finance committee and then the full assembly. If it passes the full assembly then it starts the process over in the state senate. If it passes the senate then it goes to the governor for his signature. This was passed out of committee entirely on party lines and unfortunately there are way more D'd than there are R's in the state so it will probably pass. Our only hope is probably getting the governor to veto it. He has said that he won't sign the bill over the objections of Farm Bureau and Cattlemen's and has told the author that he needed to fix the stock dog and livestock guardian dog problem but the author thinks he has fixed it by 'allowing' dogs that are competing for 'titles' in herding to apply for an intact permit. It will be our job to educate both branches of the legislature and ultimately the governor that this is not a workable bill and will injure the working dogs of California and those who depend on them. California's legislature is out of control and with the gerrymandered districts (set by the legislators themselves) there is no solution to the problem. With the state’s structural budget deficit, crumbling infrastructure, declining public education, and public-pension funding crises, you would think they would have more important things to deal with than doggie birth control, types of light bulbs allowed and paper or plastic at the grocery store. Think I will go google secession papers and how to start the process.
  10. The new amendments are out to this bill and they still haven't taken care of the concerns of the stockdog world. There is still no way for a ranch dog to legally remain intact and you still have to be competing towards a' title' to qualify for an intact permit which we don't have in the legitimate sheepdog trial world!!! Livestock Guardian dog? Forget it. No way to raise any more of those. In addition to sheepdog trialing, our main use for the dogs is on our cattle ranch. We could not get the work done without them. We have a line that we have been breeding for many years and if this bill passes we will no longer be able to continue this line. They are registered but my husband's ranch dogs do not compete as he and they are too busy working. The committee vote on this bill is April 24th. They will not take any more testimony at the hearing. Objections to this bill had to be received by yesterday and the amendments came out today. I have heard people from other states saying that this is too ridiculous to pass but this is California and a good portion of the state is crazy!!!
  11. My take on the hearing is not as optimistic as the article quoted. I read an earlier article of his and he did not have his facts right so I am a bit suspicious. I spoke with someone who testified at the hearing and she said it was to be continued on April 24th but was worried that it would pass out of committee then. There are 7 democrats on the committee of 10 and since it was introduced by a democrat, the other members feel like they need to support his bill whether they totally agreed with it or not. Hopefully they will get bombarded with letters to the contrary, especially by voting members of their districts and barring changing their minds, hopefully there will be amendments which we can live with. I would urge everyone to write another round of letters before the April 24th hearing. You can find info on the bill and contacts for the committee members at www.saveourdogs.net . People outside California think this could never pass but they underestimate the craziness of our legislature and Californians in general. (I live at the very northern end of the state and try to pretend I don't live in California!)
  12. Below is what the side pushing this bill has to say to its supporters. We need to be there to show our opposition. My husband just suggested our own rally with a Border Collie working sheep and announcing that this dog and it's kind will need to be neutered under this law and it will create a hardship on working ranch dogs which will ultimately lead to less taxes being paid to the state. As posted on the http://cahealthypets.com website: "AB 1634 California Healthy Pets Act is scheduled to be heard in the Business and Professions Committee Hearing on Tuesday, April 10, 2007 at the State Capitol, Room 447. Please help by attending the hearing. The hearing starts at 9 am and lasts until approximately 1:30 pm. If possible be at the room by 8am to get a seat. We won’t know what time our bill will be heard, we simply show up and wait. We should be done by 1:30, but it could go later. If you are coming just for the day, get to Sacramento early, and leave sometime early evening, just to be safe. Everyone that attends will be able to stand at the microphone, state their name (& group if applicable), where they are from and that they support the bill." It’s very important that we fill the hearing room! So please invite everyone who will come and support this very important legislation.
  13. They have made the proposed law even worse. Go to http://saveourdogs.net/ab1634.html to see what they have changed.
  14. It is a long drive to the trial no matter where you stay. It is about an hour from Klamath Falls and probably the same from Merrill. In Klamath Falls, the Cimarron is dog friendly and reasonably priced. The phone number there is 541-882-4601. The red Lion is a bit nicer but also a bit more money. The number there is 541-882-8864. Both are dog friendly.
  15. No, I won it two or three years ago with Ted, but it was a small class. I think Ted is trying to officially retire himself as I laid him up for a few weeks with a torn muscle and now the dog that has always been the perfect listener is ignoring me half the time. Don't you hate it when they get old???
  16. Chris, thanks for the vote of confidence but reasonably expect to win my next open trial- obviously you haven't seen me run! :-) I did pay close attention to how Suzy ran Will at Diaz's as my new bitch is fast and pushy like Will. Hopefully I learned something from watching her. She makes it look so easy! Geri
  17. I know Kathy Hoffer won the Open and Suzy Applegate was second. Don't remember the rest of the placings but I was 7th which earned me a whopping .6 points! It was a fun trial, the grass was green and the sun was shining. Rusty said he would be putting up the results on NCWSA so just keep checking. Geri
  18. I have contacted my Assemblyman, the California Farm Bureau and posted comments opposing this insane legislation. Why does the California legislature feel they need to regulate every aspect of our lives? Perhaps they could spend the time and energy curbing crime, fixing roads and doing the other things we elected them to do. This is crazy over reaching legislation which will do little or nothing to curb irresponsible breeding, just punish responsible breeders. At the very least it needs a working dog exemption. Under this bill, since the ABCA is not an included registry, the dogs working on ranches across California would have to be spayed or neutered and there would be no way to produce more quality working dogs. Please write your Assemblyman today to register your complaints. If you don't know who your Assemblyman is, go to www.vote-smart.org and put in your zip code and it will tell you along with contact info.
  19. We are pleased to announce that we will be having a clinic with Serge and Ellen Van Der Zweep June 1-4, 2007. The clinic will taqke place at Steele Swamp, CA (between Tulelake and Alturas). For more details please see http://www.bcollies.com/clinics.htm. This will be a camp at our remote Steele Swamp ranch where we will feed you all your meals and you can either bring a trailer or stay in our rustic lodging. We have had a clinic here once before and it was loads of fun. Call or email for more details.
  20. We don't have any snow on the ground but could sure use some. It has been a very dry winter which isn't good for this summer's irrigation outlook. I just got back from a big sheep dog trial in Zamora, California and the hills were green and it was in the 70's. It was a big, big course up big, big hills and the dogs that ran in the afternoons got too hot. We even shaded up on Saturday afternoon. Very weird. I am back home and it is 20 degrees. What a change for only 280 miles away. Geri
  21. Suyz Applegate is in Plymouth, Bill Berhow is in Zamora, Tony Diaz is in Dixon, Francesca Canfield is in Galt, Tom and Lisann Spencer are in Elk Grove. I apologize in advance to anyone I might be forgetting. If you need any contact info you can email me privately at gbyrne@cot.net.
  22. Sorry to bother the list, but did anyone take any photos at the Sheepdog Finals in Klamath Falls of the cow dog demo or the falconry exhibition? You can email me privately at gbyrne@cot.net. Thanks in advance Geri
  23. I am working on it. It will be at least a month. It will be available at my web page of www.bcollies.com or at Border Collies in Action at www.bordercollies.com. So far, all we have for sale are the top 2 runs.
  24. Here is one more site of photos from the Finals. http://homepage.mac.com/marroni_photo/USBCHAfinals/ Thanks Geri
  25. This won't answer all your questions but this site http://www.bcdb.info/ has some very interesting statistics about key dogs, number of pups, etc.
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