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  1. Yeah, I have had someone ask me if she was a cattle dog before, I also got pitbull a couple of times, but I really can't see that at all.
  2. So I rescued my puppy about 3 months ago making her around 6 months old. They said she was around 3 when we got her and she recently lost all her teeth and her adult teeth have almost grown in completely, so I'm assuming she's around 6 months. Whenever I go on walks or to the dog park a lot of people ask if she's a border collie, but asks what she's mixed with. Other people don't see border collie at all. I only see border collie, but see the confusion with the shorter hair. She's around 40lbs, give or take. What do you guys think? I don't really have good pictures of her standing up, but
  3. Thank you! We're working on leave it but she only does it during training sessions and not really during real life. She's getting very good at let go though now and will let go without my holding out my hand (although that doesn't really help my situation). And I don't see pitbul either, my mom just thinks she's abnormally huge and is mixed with a bulky dog although she is very lean.
  4. Thanks! Her eyes were definately one of the selling points. To me she was the most attractive dog in the shelter. It wasn't until we got home and I started to spend time with her and do a ton of border collie research that I realized what I had gotten myself into and how happy I was that I did it. She's such a sweet dog and a ton of fun, if you overlook her constant need to eat and chew everything
  5. So I guess this is where people introduce their pups so I guess I'll hop on the bandwagon. About a month and a half ago I rescued a 3 month old from a local shelter. We named her Daenerys because I'm a huge nerd and a Game of Thrones fan and I just love Daenerys Targaryen (we call her Dani btw). Since she's from a shelter we are unsure of her background, thinking she she could be mixed with anything especially since she didn't look like the average border collie with her two blue eyes, short fur, and ticking. The more research my sister and I started to do, the more we felt she was primar
  6. I like Captain Jack but would call him Cap instead of Jack because Jack is too common of a name, for me at least. I also like Nova and you could do Supernova as the full name.
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