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  1. Jack is adorable! Do you know how much he weighs? Atlas is just a week older than him (born May 1st) and is 16lbs. I really love his colour, he will be so gorgeous when grown and already is!
  2. The technology these days isn't easy for me either and I was raised with it! I need a computer so I can type
  3. I'm from the East Kootenays (and that's where I am right now), but I kind of float around BC. I'm a treeplanter haha, so the bottom of the forestry chain. I want to go to school for Forestry (at Selkirk College) but I really like my lifestyle for now! I will be planting pretty much year round this year. I had Atlas on the block a few days ago actually. He did great! Already walking on logs What do you do in forestry?
  4. I have no idea :S silly technology. I LOVE lurchers. Love, love, love. A lot of lurchers have BC in them too! I can't really get a lurcher in Western Canada though, and I would only rescue one. Atlas is doing really well, he's super spunky I can't wait for him to get bigger! We have already been hiking a bit, but he's still pretty young to do anything huge. I had him at work on a cutblock for a few days and he did incredible. He already balances on logs. Waiting for his vaccinations to be complete and then we will be doing even more socializing. He plays with my best friends 14 week old Great Pyrenees, they love each other.
  5. Woops! I mostly catch my autocorrect mistakes. "gators" is supposed to say "hairs".
  6. Here are some photos of Lucy, her nose is black and pink for sure. Sure also has some black gators through her back. I don't even know if she is pure Border Collie, my dad bought her off a lady for 50 dollars. In the litter there was her and another that looked like her, 4 blue merles, and a black and white. Her mother is a blue Merle, father unknown. She is really great, I love her a lot, but she is VERY headstrong.
  7. Those are all my instagram photos, I can't upload the ones straight from my phone as they are too big (I don't usually have computer access). Atlas is an incredible puppy so far. He's intelligent and very badly wants to learn and please me, so we are working hard on training. I'm using positive reinforcement the basis of my training and a clicker. I also wonder how big he will get, he was 13lbs at 9 weeks, but I have to weigh him again soon! I think his fur will get to maybe a medium length maybe? His hair is a bit wispy and fluffy behind his ears, so I think it will end up growing out a bit as he gets older. Does anyone have advice on neutering? I'm not sure when a good time to do it would be. My vet recommends 6 months of course, but I was wondering if there was any benefits of delaying that a little longer?
  8. Hi everyone, I would like to introduce Atlas and myself to this forum! I am almost 22 years old and live in British Columbia, Canada with Atlas the 10.5 week old Border Collie. He has been incredible so far, very smart, and has a lot of focus (for a puppy!). He is from working stock, a really awesome set of parents. I'm really looking forward to starting agility, flyball and who knows what else! I am a really outdoorsy person so I backcountry ski, hike, snowshoe, climb etc. Atlas will be joining me on my adventures. We went on our first roadtrip this weekend to Jasper National Park in Alberta. He slept 2 nights in the tent no problem and loved exploring. I think Atlas will love his life in the mountains. Here are a plethora of baby photos The last photo is of my other girl Remy (the Shepherd) and Lucy, my dad's 10 month old red and white smooth coat Border Collie (her eyes are stunning)
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