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  1. Thank you!!! You can check i'm just an amateur photographer. lol I think she's gonna be a tiny one definitely. She weights about 27lb (7 months old). How heavy do you think she's gonna be when she's adult? (sorry for my english..... again )
  2. Hi everyone!! She's already 7 months old. How fast she's growing up! :(
  3. On holiday with her little "cousin"! She loves water, as you can see!
  4. Really? in your opinion, what are those advantages? I think she'll be more agile than bigger dogs, which is good because i'm thinking of practising agility with her in the future. She's already obsessed with tennis balls.... and she's becoming obsessed with frisbees now. Maybe discdog would be a good choice too. what do you think? Evidence, lol
  5. New pictures! Happy 5 month birthday, little girl!!
  6. Rufftie, I'll be alert anyway. Flight tickets are currently very cheap. dsmbc, I've never been in the states before, but i'd love to visit your country someday. I have some online friends from there, because i like improving my english level with native speakers. It would be nice to have more friends to chat to about border collies though! so... any volunteers to help me?? Thank you for your comments!
  7. Thank you for your comments!! I think you all are very kind That video took me just half an hour. It is something simple. She has biggg ears. They're part of her charming Lol I agree with Gideon's girl, I reckon she's gonna be tall and slim, not stocky. Do you think that too? Scout, Spain is a nice place to live! I'm glad your daughter had a good time here. Some pictures of her:
  8. Hi everyone! I'm a new member in this awesome community. First of all, sorry for my english, i'll try my best. I'm from Spain and this is my first border collie. She's Yela, almost five months old. Her weight is 20lb so far. I hope you like her! Do you think she's gonna be too big? I don't think so, but you're miles experienced than me. Regards!!
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