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  1. interesting responses thanks. Could immunizations also cause auto immune problems that cause allergies? this is probably something to consider since that wouldn't necessarily be genetic right?
  2. Are/Can seasonal allergies be genetic? Is this something that would prompt you not to breed a great working dog?
  3. thanks. so then boots it is i guess. Anyone have a doggy boot recommendation? Long lasting?
  4. doubt we will get an answer now... *sigh* lighten up people!!
  5. Couldnt have said it better myself!! thanks. Aer.
  6. and why does this product work better than others? I have heard of it but it just seems like all the others ive tried... please let me know if im wrong. but specifically WHY or HOW is it better? Aer.
  7. One of my BC's chronically rips her pads. They are just not strong. Especially the tips of her toe pads (ALWAYS frayed...) She is about 6 yrs old now. She has lived outside and worked stock for many years of her life before I got her and has always had this problem (partly the reason she was offered to me). So its not a matter of conditioning her feet to rough ground. Its to the point where I dont even take her out to play or run much any more because she rips them so often She can only handle about once or twice a week of short herding sessions. She is healthy other wise and does not have a thyroid issue or yeasty pads... So my question is... what is the BEST product out there for avoiding ripped pads? Ive tried many creams from feed stores and tuff foot type of sprays. It helps to heal the pad faster but does not seem to actually prevent the ripping. Are boots my only option? and if so, what are the best and strongest on the market if im going to use them while she works sheep and cattle? Also i should mention im in california so she works on tough dirt with rocks etc. no grass whatsoever lol. Is she a hopeless case?? Thanks! Aer.
  8. lol wow! thats neat! I think part of my girl's problem is the doors are so close. practically touching. so scents are not far apart but still.... who knows!
  9. LOL! One of my Bc's does the same thing but with doors! We live in a complex with many doors to other apartments side by side pretty much and she always seems to chose a nearby door but only sometimes its the right one.. She'll stand at the neighbors door and wag her tail and wait for me to let her in. Sometimes they leave their door open and she will run right in... *sigh*
  10. Like i said in the original post. It's complete curiosity. I'm very interested in genetics in general so these quirky features of border collies get my scientific wheels turning. Just totally for fun guys!! I could care less what my border collie ends up looking like from a working stand point. But like i said genetics are fun to think about.
  11. Anyone seen it? Thinking of buying it. Is it all it claims to be? http://www.theperfectstockdog.com/Videos.htm
  12. And what line would that be? I love, love the McCallum lines.
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