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  1. My four year old male is the same way with dogs he doesn't know. If we're out in an open field playing fetch his focus is on the ball, not play with other dogs he doesn't know. He's fine with strange dogs that approach him slow and soft but if they come at him fast he'll flash his teeth or snap. This I believe comes from a place of fear, not confidence so I do my best to protect and keep him distanced from dogs he doesn't already know. You might need to do the same.
  2. this past weekend I got a letter from Chewy saying that something I ordered previously from them (Natural Planet kibble) "has decided to no longer make their products available at Chewy. To help make the right choice for your pet, we want to offer you a 50% discount on your next three orders of pet food". So when I logged in and chose a sack of kibble, sure 'nuff, the discount shows in the cart (the $2.99 toy was added to avoid $4.95 shipping on orders under $49.00). To each their own but I'm not mounting a high horse to override the great prices and customer service Chewy continues to provide me.
  3. Welcome lucaslavia and congrats on the sweet looking pup! One thing I would add to your schedule is potty training. Get yourself and Bob in the routine of taking him out after each meal (08:00 and 20:00) or around the time he daily gets the urges. Consistency is key so again, work towards getting his potty breaks routine.
  4. If you tell me the same is true for humans it will just be another gender behavior I've been blissfully unaware of
  5. "no, she's not neutered". There's something I don't hear everyday Do bitches really hump?
  6. I've bought about five or six times from Chewy online and very satisfied each time. Every order I've gotten delivery the day after ordering and there is no charge (over $49) for shipping and no tax. But of course, if your local feed store stocks or can get everything you want and need at competitive prices, obviously that's the way to go. I've found that my local Petcos and PetSmarts are waaaaaaay overpriced compared to online and even my local dog/cat stores that specialize in quality feeds beat them on price. And the quality feed stores have very friendly and helpful staff in addition to the points programs they have that you can redeem (your region probably has their own chains, I like http://allthebestpetcare.com/about/). But if I can't find what I need there I will usually find it at Chewy and as I mentioned, they are fast, easy and competitive.
  7. I bought a bark collar that sprays citronella in my BC's face when he barks. I saw right away it was effective and thought I hit it out of the park with this thing since it was giving me what was needed without shocking him. But it didn't take him long to figure out that the small reservoir would empty after only five or six barks
  8. Agree and the only thing I'll add is consider each dog's personality and their level of adaptability. For instance, if your dog is pulling for fearful reasons such as cars and zooming by, other dogs are in site or making noise then kicking them in the ass will most likely just send them over threshhold and get them biting your foot and/or leg in reaction.
  9. If they had the oblivious "color" commentator Buck Laughlin, I'd watch the National Dog Show everyday and twice on Sunday
  10. ...but she is very rarely in a fight with other dogs because she does not send mixed messages to other dogs. I have a 3 1/2 yr male who is okay with other off leash dogs but fear aggressive at the one's he doesn't know who approach him too manically. Like shandula's BC he will lunge at them snapping. He's never actually been in a fight but from what I can see is the aggressive snapping should send a pretty strong message. Yet some dogs act as if he's playing and continue instigating the snapping and before they eventually run off. I understand this from puppies who are too young and haven't (yet) been taught the world isn't their personal playground but I'm always amazed at the dogs that no matter how many times my dog snaps at them, acts like its a game. Me, I'm terrified so I do my best to avoid the contact.
  11. I've never seen a roughie that didn't have feathering on their legs. But that's just me. Welcome, your Marco looks like a winner!
  12. Right on cue with the witch hunt cliche http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showtopic=39306&p=510229
  13. I get Cosequin at Costco. Normally $39 (180 count) and I usually wait until they advertise it in their flyers for 5 or 6 dollars off of that price when I buy. It's chewible and they always look forward to me throwing a tablet at them to catch right after breakfast. http://www.costco.com/Cosequin%C2%AE-DS-Plus-MSM-Joint-Health-Supplement-for-Dogs-180-count-2-pack.product.11529852.html
  14. I recently took my 12 yr heeler mix to the vet for his annual. I normally skip the annuals unless something comes up but I noticed he had some discoloration with his back set. The vet looked at one upper molar that she said it looked chipped and the only way to know if it could be/get infected is a dental exam. And for that they have to go under. I was told to monitor it, check for redness or swelling and see if anything develops. Other than that we were sent home with clean bill of health.
  15. My boy is a real water weenie. He'll wade in the shoreline but never goes in past his belly. There's an open field near our house I take him too and on hot days so we try and get there while the sprinklers are on. There's four going at once that circulate so I chuck the ball where I think Sammy will get the most water sprinkled on him. He actually gives an effort to go around the sprinkler when retrieving so not to get wet! But he loves fetching the ball too much so I do manage to get him pretty wet on his back side. It's a hot day, what's a little water falling gonna hurt?!
  16. I can almost smell wet dog just looking at this photo of your Beach Bum
  17. Agree with what others have said about neutering. But it does seem that people want to believe all the bad hype with keeping a dog intact. Here's a sign at my local dog park, where it associates fighting and aggression to neutering in three different bullet points:
  18. It was 93 degrees here just yesterday, lol! (but that's the exception, not the rule). Still, took the BC out for a fetch. I called it sooner than the usual (he'll go until he collapses if I allow it) and Sammy was panting hard when I put the ball away, eyes shut panting.
  19. I'm told that where I live, Western WA has similar weather to Great Britain. And I've also noticed the same effect on the people here who complain regularly when the thermometer surpasses 75 degrees! It doesn't help that most residents don't have AC or swimming pools. As for the dogs, both my roughies prefer cooler temps and don't tolerate heat too well. Definitely notice them slowing down as the temps rise. I don't think we could/would survive triple digit weather.
  20. Yes, I'm also curious to see what a black shedding mop looks like
  21. I have two dogs, one (heeler mix) would be ideal for daycare as he's confident and very well mannered. He goes with the flow, the only issue might be he's not inclined to share and that's really all I'd feel the need to tell the daycare. The Border Collie on the other hand would be a nightmare. He's a sweet dog that is not as confident around new/stranger dogs but otherwise very well mannered. That is until other not-well-mannered dogs invade his space and he gets snappy. He'd do fine with other well mannered dogs but that expectation at a doggie daycare is unrealistic. The things to look for when stranger dogs interact with my BC would be pretty extensive and I don't reckon the daycare staff are trained to look for such things or have the time to invest in that kind of effort.
  22. How many pounds are your adult BCs that an eagle is big enough to get airborne with them in their talons?
  23. A question for the experienced BC/stockdog breeders (and I simply ask because I'I'm curious): The scenario is you have a youngish BC that excels working sheep at such a high level, it consistently outshines all your other top performing stock dogs. But... It also has the familiar but undesirable BC traits...x2. For instance, when not focused on work the dog is highly fixed on motion and re-active with little impulse control. Do you breed this dog?
  24. Wow, that's even worse than NOT asking. How can you put a dog owner on quarantine and not have a care in the world if it has had its rabies vax? Just when you think she can't be any more neglectful of her own job responsibilities she goes and doubles down on it
  25. So she refused to even ask the attack dog's owner for proof of rabies vac (per your request) and then turns to you and asks you? Insanity. If the attack dog sunk his teeth into your dog's flesh then you have every right to know if rabies are a possibility! There's no logic in ignoring it and a clear dereliction of duty on her part to blow it off.
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