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  1. I just wanted to let anyone out there who may remember my Riverdog ( aka Rivendell) that she passed away today at age 16+. She was my best friend and my sweet old girl. She passed away very comfortably of old age :-)
  2. Just wanted to let anyone out there who may remember Rivendell - Riverdog the Border Collie/Golden Retriever, that she passed away today at age 16+ here in Boise. I adopted her 8 years ago. She was my heart, my bestie, my love
  3. Hello there! I adopted "Rivendell" from the Idaho Humane Society about 5 weeks ago. I am convinced that she is the same dog discussed above with the Dogster account. I read the Dogster's former owner's description of tricks that her dog could do, and when I asked my new dog to find the remote, she did it with aplomb. I realize that that might not really be an obscure trick, but she can also wave and jump and shake and recycle. She has obviously been very well trained and loved. My boyfriend and I adopted her the day before she was scheduled to be euthanized (as she had been at the shelter for 6 months and was considered to be a senior), and we re-named her "Riverdog". She had a bad case of kennel cough, and so we had to keep her quarantined for a couple of weeks. She is a fantastic dog. She is very well-behaved and is deferential to our one-eyed cat (whom we adopted from the shelter in February), and we spend every day walking in the water ditches and canals that criss-cross Boise. She is a definitely a water dog and we want her to spend all of her days in happiness. If she is the same dog as the one in the Dogster account, she must have experienced the loss of her person, and subsequently spent 6 months in a kennel. We only strive to make her comfortable and at ease.
  4. I think "Fable" is great. What a nice little white "hankie" he has around his neck, very attractive.
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