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  1. I'm so sorry! She's running free, now. And living it up, I'm sure.
  2. I've never heard that holistic can't be used with traditional... well ok, I've heard it, I just don't agree with it. We have a vet that does both, on the same dog, in one visit, depending on what is called for by the problem. I'm sorry you had that experience. At least he is getting the care he needs now and you're doing the right thing. I'd say look for a new holistic vet, if there's one in your area.
  3. l-theanine and rescue remedy works well. With Phia, we have a marker word so that she knows what is going on... When we start moving, we say "here we go". To turn left we say "lean right". To turn right we say "lean left". To stop we say "whoa"... She had been in cars quite a bit before going blind and knows that something awesome waits on the other side, so she wasn't stressed... Maybe adding words to the trip will help...
  4. Right, but is the fur stained because the urine is that color or just from the amount of time she's had trouble... I usually try to get my pups to pee on a surface (rock hard dirt, usually, or gravel) once a week so I can check the color. Maybe try something like that? Maybe I'm wrong, but TotW is about 370kcal/cup... You are only feeding her 500kcal/day? I think my guys eat more than that, but they also play with each other quite a bit. I understood your first post to mean that you only fed raw chicken parts, too. Given that you meant in addition to kibble, it's probably fine, though bone every day is taxing on them (constipating + a lot of calcium). It's been years since I did research. I think I remember too much calcium causing stones, but I'd have to go back and check. I settled on no more than 10% bone, ground into the meat and haven't changed it since. We do supplement with the occasional whole egg (shell and all) and antlers as the nutritionist I used to speak with wasn't convinced they were getting enough calcium. He was happy with 2 additional egg shells/week. Other than that, we rotate protein weekly, whatever I can find as variety is key...
  5. I don't know, they put up with me... Julie has been extremely helpful in getting my dog started on sheep and put up with some really ridiculous questions without ever getting rude. Anyone I've contacted through the boards has been equally helpful. FWIW, my best SAR dog came from a puppy life of being dumped on the side of the road. I doubt he was exposed to ens, but this guy was bomb proof... I've been biting my tongue and simply reading, so I'm hoping this comment is well received. If you think of everything a trialing stock dog goes through, they have to be pretty stable, as well... If it's not your standards, hopefully one of the other breeders will work out... You could also consider doing something between the 8-12 week mark.
  6. The first thing I thought was beagle cross, too... Very cute girl. Beagle would explain her roundness.
  7. Border collies come with all coat lengths... Gret is short hair and all BC.
  8. You're absolutely right, and I'm sure the dinosaur (who's remains are discussed above) was given to many vaccines, too.
  9. Gret is a smidge over 22, she looks good at 34lbs, but her frame is very delicate. Such a wide range!
  10. Eileen, I have a tangent question - how do you change a dog's registered name when changing the registered owner? I've heard that you just include a note with an additional fee, but I wasn't sure... Thanks!
  11. I'm so sorry! I was hoping for great news... Thoughts and prayers are with you!
  12. Is it an infection smell or distinctly metallic and just general off?
  13. I've read that Sevin dust is terrible - I think it's a carcinogenic in CA (along with everything else in the world). Have you checked with your vet? We had to switch to Parastar, not sure if the active ingredients in Frontline changed or if a resistance is building...
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