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  1. Ok I'll look into it, I also talked to a co-worker who has a 3 yr old bc female and asked him for some advice. He just told me to ignore it and clean it up, and increase the treats he gets for peeing outside(which I already do and pet and say good boy) so not too much changing there other than ignoring it.
  2. I do want to listen Laurae, but I won't take the advice of just giving my dog away. The first couple of times he did it, yeah I was mad and brought it up in a post in a different thread. Now I made a new thread, venting my frustrations(but changed my actions with him and anger not directed towards him after getting advice that he can't control pee). Obviously you can't tell a dog " oh hey don't pee" but obviously "no" to let him know that it is not good to pee does not work so I was asking for further suggestions. The dog isn't being asked to do much when he does it, just a sit or lay down. A dog his age should have no problem doing this as you would know. The problem is the action itself is not right with me never mind the floor cleaning and dog washing. I'm just trying to understand what to do to instill confidence in this little guy. Because we bond fine but then he is scared.
  3. Thank you for your honest answer and one that reaffirmed me and maybe others here that it's not just me having a problem with a dog that isn't scared OF me but of random times.
  4. Also please don't take me as being too thick headed to take your advice on things or angry about what you have to say. It just bothers me you people seem to have the mentality of "oh well the dog don't mesh give him away". "Dog doesn't herd with the right confidence, give him away". No giving away is not a good answer to give a new dog owner, it isn't one way to make friends.
  5. Alright I've read EVERYONE's post. Like I said, I do not tolerate a dog snarling..I won't. It also means I'm not giving up on this dog so rehoming or returning is not an option for me. The dog has been babied to the max with treats when acting good etc. This is my first BC but not my first dog. I have identified him being scared but for what reason? I came home today took him out etc then I got on the floor with him asked him to lay down and he put his head on me and relaxed etc. The dog is not scared of me! He seems to be scared of taking commands that's it hands down. He does not like to be told what to do. So to go on...we were fine, played ball etc. Went to take him out and told him to sit at the front door(like I always do). He got into the corner kind of as I'm putting on his leash and he peed some on the shoe mat...I did not yell or do anything to him. I just took him out and that's that. Pee'd, pooped, we come back in. Told him to sit again, this time he laid down...What did he do, pee'd himself some. This time I told him nothing other than to go to his crate and he went. Shut the door and that's that. The dog is a puppy I understand, but he's not afraid of me, he comes to me when scared of strangers and when I'm at the computer doing things he'll come up and he won't come in my lap until told so and I pet him etc. There is way more behind this than just "oh he's scared" "you're being too hard on him". The dog is taken care of VERY well, 5 different kinds of treats for rewards, good food, a bunch of toys. Comes up stairs and sleeps with us some nights etc. The only thing I said I wouldn't tolerate was him biting my wife one like he got me. I'm willing to work with him because I can control him if he gets out of hand. But I asked for alternative ways to let him know something is not ok and all I got was give the dog away, give me a break. *Also I've seen other posts from frustrated BC pup owners through search in similar situations either aggression or fear and they got no where near the negative responses I've gotten it seems I'm a target because I refuse to tolerate snarling*
  6. He does that too...but literally just curls his tail up and lays over and pees on the lower side of his body. I'd love to ignore it but he will literally do this right after I take him out for a walk and he pee's multiple times. It's like he saves up ammo on purpose. Lately he has been getting extra benefits like sleeping on his bigger bed upstairs and having the full room of his crate downstairs while hanging out. But it's divided with the divider right now so it's big enough for him to lay down etc that's it. I guess he will be ignored when he does it but he's going to lose subliminal bonus's.
  7. I feel like it's both(the growling). But the peeing on himself is what gets him a harsher tone of voice vs a nice voice. Do I use a penny can instead? The breeder is known on here but I don't want to bring the name into this. I want to work this out with this dog but when I started to look into this breed. I was looking for a smart/loyal dog and I have a semi-listener/scared/sometimes aggressive dog. I'm not being hard on him as I'm being stern just like I was with my other puppies as a kid and they shaped up and listened. If scared by the tone of voice(not yelling or crazy voice) they did what they were told not pee them self and submit. It's like a catch 22 with this dog because I can't let the behavior go on but I also can't be washing him once every week and dealing with aggression.
  8. I have my 5 mo old bc pup he is an awesome dog 95% of the time. The thing is he does not like to be scolded when he does something wrong and goes into 100% fear mode instead of just knocking it off and cooling off. The word "no" "down"(if he jumps up), hey!(when outside and I want his attention). I understand he is still a little guy but I am forced to give him a bath every time because he tends to lay down..roll over and pee himself. I have to give him a bath if not he smells like stale urine which his is very strong smelling(like if you had taken a lot of multi vitamins). I understand they are sensitive and he is a puppy but I will not, not tell him no or inform him something is wrong. I have explained in another thread how when I got him he was very fearful to begin with at 3 1/2 mo old. I've been rewarding him for the good stuff and he goes into his crate easy etc. The bath time is getting frustrating too because he will snarl really bad which I do not tolerate. I love this little guy but his fear is totally ruining him and my attitude towards him when I've been rewarding him, wearing him out with walks etc. I've been nipped myself hard for putting his leash on out of no where one day which also is a major problem. If he bites my wife like he bit me he will be gone. So any advice helps. *the reasons why bathtime is a problem is because of the over washing him mainly but also the aggressiveness.*
  9. Yeah physically he is doing better but mentally is a whole other story. I had posted somewhere else about him peeing himself when being called by me in my normal voice but in a higher pitch he is ok. He gets under the chairs in the kitchen and doesn't want to listen to commands and goes in this panic attack mode. Today I got him out only because it was food time and when he came out I made him sit before eating. He wouldn't look at me or my general direction at all so I sat with him and pet him for a bit to relax him then made him look at me and he was in like total fear over nothing. Eyes dilated and body was very tense. I don't know what his deal is, I try to ignore his nervousness but it frustrates me he acts that way. It's a little annoying that he is fearful of my normal voice but little man voice he's fine with. But in his panic modes he doesn't listen at all. He lays down and wags tail and flops over etc. Even when I first met him as at 3 mo old he was ridiculously shy compared to his brother. If he could have dug any farther into a corner to get away he would have when I first picked him up.
  10. *update* It's been a week and after icing his foot some and had it wrapped for two days with crate rest he's almost 100%. I'm 90% sure it was that joint near his foot that he sprained and was bothering him. He's crazy as ever the past two days.
  11. Yeah he is a very different pup. He is a lazy bum these days, sleeps a lot. Is not a very hyper puppy. The breeder even told me that before I got him that his brother was a nut case and he was more timid. But he's a very loving and loyal dog. I couldn't ask for a better first BC, plus I baby him hardcore. The only reason why he hasn't been to a vet was because he was putting some weight on it and seemed to be better, plus the last time I went they were trying to sell me on everything they could. And a normal visit just to say hello to them is $53. Granted I put my dogs health before money in all cases, I felt he would be ok with some rest.
  12. Also another question! He hit his foot on the tub(my fault for taking my eyes off him for two seconds) on Friday. That night he was fine, no limping, crying etc. The next morning he was hopping around like a three legged dog. He would put some pressure on the leg so I'm assuming nothing is broken. I made him crate rest Sat&Sunday as well as iced it for him a couple times a day and today he seems to walk normal other than if he picks up speed a bit its still sore. I'm assuming he just sprained his joint near his foot. Still no crying and grabs my hand with his mouth nicely no matter what foot I touch never mind the hurt one.
  13. My pup Rocky has been having a decent amount of eye discharge lately. Nothing too serious but every couple of hours I feel like there is a little glob I clean off. I currently feed him blue buffalo. (http://bluebuffalo.com/dog-food/lp-puppy-lamb?pf=1&brand=lifeprotection&animal=dog) I haven't seen any recalls or anything but could it be possible he is having an allergic reaction even though there are supposed to be no grains in this food? I am used to seeing eyes dripping in middle age and older dogs but have never seen it too much on puppies. Maybe I'm just over reacting but I just want others opinions. He is 5 mo old purebred BC from working lines.
  14. I apprectaie the feedback, even though your last sentence seemed harsh torwards me ha ha. He hasn't pee'd in fear again. He has gained a lot of confidence actually. I think he was just going through a weird funk for a couple of days. The past two days it seems he found his bark/growl when the trash truck comes by or a noise he doesn't know perks his interest. I've noticed he's been whining a lot lately too which I take as I want attention or I need to go out which is usually the case. We're moving soon so he'll have a bigger yard to play in which will be nice. I just hope he can acclimate to the new place well or has no problems at all.
  15. A little bit of smoke but I had long stopped grilling, and he watched me the whole time and was fine so I don't think it was the smoke. And Julie I didn't put his face in it. I've never done that to him . I only told him no when he did it, and didn't use his name either. That's something I've been working on is not using his name when I tell him no or something. Obviously I knew it was a scared pee, just didn't know how to really react until now. I wasn't really mad it was more of a..gee I got to reprimand him for nervous peeing. I believe it was like Gideon's girl said. The water noise through the house/shower noise. He seemed to spazz out, when I started to hear it on myself. He was better when I came home, got a bath to clean off the pee and went out for a run at the local obstacle course area and stuff. He has a major problem giving me his attention to listen outside as well as recall inside and out. It's in the work's with him but very frustrating. I've come from a total lab family and having a puppy who doesn't listen too good or even give you the eye contact can drive you nuts. I know Rocky is a smart fellow but very thick headed.
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